How to fix dashboard cracks: Everything you need to know (2022)

Cracks appearing in the dashboard are not just an unpleasant issue. In addition to this, it demonstrates very plainly that the car is already quite old and has reached the center of its useful life span. But there is no necessity for this to take place. Your goal should always be to keep your dashboard as clean as possible because

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How to fight rust in the car? Step by step guide (2022)

Since the dawn of the automobile industry, rust has been an unavoidable aspect of vehicle ownership. Even though there has been more than a century of research into corrosion protection, prevention, and methods to stop this gradual destruction, the answer has not yet been found. Any automobile component made of iron and steel will rust at some point in time.

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Why is it advisable to use car dashcams and rearview cameras? (2022)

Dashcams are unquestionably at the vanguard of the automotive accessory trend if there is such a thing. However, the use of these substances is not yet clearly regulated in Spain. But it does not appear that this affects how popular they are. In Russia, the small additional cameras on the windshield achieved enormous popularity because these minor, incorruptible witnesses finally

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How to Charge Car Battery Using Home Electricity

The battery turned dead all of a sudden? Anyone who hears that is unlucky, of course. A battery can die for a variety of causes, but let's avoid getting into

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