Matthew Dan has been a mechanical engineer and writer for four years, specializing in automotive accessories. He has worked as a chief mechanic in some of the best automotive garage firms and is passionate about cars, and loves sharing his knowledge with the readers to buy the best product for their vehicle.


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The idea for Vehicle Sprout was born when Matthew and his friends came with the thought that there’s gotta be something better than wading through all this information online!” The site has helped customers everywhere pick up new ideas to make their lifestyle more exciting and comfortable at home, as well as driving around town without any worries!

Why Trust Our Reviews?

We’re tired of seeing all the generic junk on automotive blogs these days, so we decided to create our blog. We love reviewing automotive accessories and writing about them because they are an integral part of many people’s lives – but not just any old review will do! You deserve quality content that is informative as well as entertaining.

We scour over sites like Consumer Reports to make sure you get honest reviews for your new product. We collect data straight from users, so not only do they review their experience but also tell others what it looks like before purchasing any product at all; this way, everyone gets an unbiased opinion through personal experiences alone.