If you require loud but fantastic music in your vehicle, an upgraded factory system is the best solution to the problem.

Having an advanced sound system in your car is achieved by installing an upgraded factory system. These systems comprise the best amplifier and sound processors that are custom designed for your vehicle.

Without breaking a 4-channeling a robust 4-channel amplifier is the perfect way to change your car’s sound system without making changes to your speakers and factory stereo.

The best 4 Channel amp for door speakers will bring you both the rear-fill and the strong front-stage music in your car hence exhibiting a front-to-rear system

In this review, we have compiled some of the best 4-channel amps for door speakers out in the market and their pros and cons.

Also, this review will guide you on the factors to observe when getting an amplifier for your car.

Which Amps are the best 4 Channel Amps for Door Speakers?

1. Skar Audio RP-75.4AB 500 Watt Full-Range

Skar Audio is among the leading manufacturers of audio speakers in the world.

Whichever option you will be going for, you will get absolute performance since the company produces a wide range of amplifiers that fits almost every vehicle in the market. 

Skar audio RP-75.4AB is an absolute amplifier for your vehicle. The clarity design of this class A/B makes the audio signals amplified maximally for an efficient and precise result

For a high current flow in the system, the RP-75.4AB exhibits a ground input connection and 8 gauge power. The amplifier traps a wide area of sound signals.

It is a full-bodied amplifier having 4-way circuitry, advanced internal components, and a high-speed MOSFET supply for a lengthy safe operation and performance.

The adjustable user controls like the HFP, gain, LFP, Bass EQ, and crossover allows the amplifier to be used in several applications.

Skar Audio RP-75.4AB is an efficient, reliable, and robust class AB four-channel car amplifier. The strength of the amplifier can power the whole upgraded speaker system and brings life to the music in the car.

A legit one-year warranty
An effective sound-noise ratio

2. BOSS Audio Systems R1100M

The BOSS Audio System R1100M steps up your musical experience to another level making it a must-have device for your vehicle.

This is an excellent amplifier with a great noise ratio to ensure that you have a loud and clear sound while driving.  

It exhibits a high-level input system typically used to connect the aftermarket speaker or factory radio for excellent system excellent efficiency.

Furthermore, the low pass filter help eradicate the unwanted notes under the frequency setting. It is primarily used to maintain the high notes on the speakers and subwoofers.

This amplifier comes with an easy installation manual. The power is usually connected to the vehicle’s chassis keeping the ground wire at most 100cm in length.

Following this manual, you can efficiently perform the installation yourself, but you should look for certification in Electronics for safety purposes.

The powerful and speedy MOSFET power makes BOSS Audio System R1100 an ultimate amplifier to accommodate your vehicle.

The mighty MOSFET power allows you to operate the devices for a more extended period without any malfunctions. 

The device functions at 2 ohms with 1100 Watt power output in one channel and 4 Ohms with a 550 Watt power output. This features the power that your subwoofer requires to deliver fully.

3. CT Sounds 80.4D

CT Sounds is a well-established company manufacturing super-strong amplifiers.

The CT- 80.4 class D amplifier is engineered with a complete range quality fitting almost anywhere in the vehicle.

It has a subsonic filter and an advanced low pass filter that ensures that you get the exact content you need to hear from the amplifier.

Also, the heat dissipation design and the powerful MOSFET supply ensure that it runs and operates for even long demanding playlists. 

Moreover, the powerhouse amplifier exhibits small footprints and a small compact chassis making the installation of the CT amplifier in any vehicle audio application.

With an incredible RMS power of 4 x 120 W, the amplifiers allow a smooth and efficient flow of current through the system.

CT- 80.4D indeed improves the sound produced by the speakers.

It is highly protected from any damage by outstanding protection circuitry engineered with high-temperature protection, low voltage, high voltage, and over current.

This feature ensures that your amplifier is kept in superb condition.

4. Planet Audio AC2400.4

Class A/B amplifiers are known for their power to give a quality sound system while operating more efficiently than the typical Class A amplifiers

The Planet Audio AC2400.4 is engineered with a unique linear circuitry that helps minimize distortion while improving both the power output and quality of sound.

It has an amazing MOSFET which is an ideal amplifier for any vehicle. MOSFET is an abbreviation for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect transistor.

MOSFETs are essential in your car because they are usually used to amplify the sound signals for a better outcome or switch. 

Unlike other FETs, MOSFETs operate at a lower current, making them a suitable amplifier for a car sound system.

The robust powerhouse amplifier also exhibits a thermal protection circuit system that turns the amplifier off and on when it gets hot.

It protects your amplifier from distortion by cooling it before turning it on again.

This amp will not stress distortion, the protection circuit in the amp will cut the output if any problem arises and maintains that condition.

It accepts a minimum impedance of up to 2 Ohms.

5. Taramps DS1200

Tramps features among the leading companies in the manufacture of car audio systems across the globe. The DS 1200X4 2 Ohm is uniquely engineered with high performance and advanced technology for all car audio systems. 

The high technology behind this amplifier makes it a perfect device for your car.

Moreover, the amplifier captures higher frequency signals and brings the best and clears sounds.

The powerful DS 1200X4 2 Ohm amplifier exhibits a thermal protection circuit system that turns the amplifier off and on when it gets hot. It protects your amplifier from distortion by cooling it before turning it on again. 

Furthermore, when the speaker stops functioning due to an electric shock, the protection circuit in the amp will cut the output until the condition is solved.

The >88dB sound-to-noise ratio clarifies the clarity you are looking for in the music. This amplifier will ensure that your driving experience is brought to life through a great sound system.

The sturdy amplifier comprises an excellent built-in bass boost which helps add flavor to the music when you are in the driving model. 

It is modeled with the latest advanced technologies to ensure that you have an entertaining and transformed listening experience with an astonishing degree of clarity and power.

6. Blaupunkt 1500W

The Blaupunkt 1500W 4-Channel has a slim structure to fit in any vehicle perfectly. Its slim structure allows you to connect the amplifier to any stereo system.

With an excellent signal-to-noise ratio of less than or equal to 90dB, the amplifier will ensure no interference from the background noise.

It has maximum power output; An optimized RMS of 1500 Watts and 150 Watts respectively provides your sound system with an excellent boost in power, giving the driver and passengers a lovely road trip. 

Also, the amplifier boasts a minimal Total Harmonic Distortion of 0.05 % allowing the music to be more precise.

Moreover, the lightweight amplifier exhibits small footprints and a small compact chassis making it an easy-to-install machine.

With a maximum output power of 4 x 1500W, it supplies power to all four channels sufficiently throughout the whole sound system.

Furthermore, it also exhibits robust protection circuitry that protects the entire system from electric shock.

7. Crunch PX1000

Crunch PX1000.4 consists of quality RCA materials that minimize distortion and interference in the signal and, hence, better sound quality. 

Moreover, minimal distortion is attained by connecting the amplifier to a maximum low voltage passing through the amplifier at low voltage.

These features give you loud but clear sound music for a comfortable ride. It has a uniquely modified heat sink that protects your amp from overheating.

Moreover, the thermal dispersion technology in the amplifier ensures that the heat sink maintains its excellent operating condition with very minimal distortion.

This fantastic amplifier operates in multiple operation modes known as dual stereo bridged, bridged mono, the four channels, and stereo.

This amplifier will provide you with an enjoyable driving condition flavored with incredible music.

Besides, it is highly protected from any damage by outstanding protection circuitry engineered with high-temperature protection, low voltage, high voltage, and over current.

8. JBL Stage A6004

JBL proves to be a monster in the music industry as far as amplifiers are concerned.

Finding an appropriate location for an amplifier has been a major problem for most people trying to purchase amplifiers. But Stage A6004 4-Channel has a small compact design making it more versatile.

Stage sound system consists of onboard circuitry that helps protect the entire body from high temperature, shorts, under-voltage, and overvoltage.

It also includes an excellent LED indicator included in all the models, letting you know when any problem occurs. Furthermore, it has adjustable low levels and high levels.

When operating with a low-level input, the control system adjusts the sensitivity automatically between 0.2- 6 Vrms. 

On the other hand, when the amplifier operates with high-level inputs, the control adjusts sensitivity between 500mVrms to 15Vrms.

Besides, the lower pass filter crossover will allow you to change the sound considering the environment or application.

9. KICKER DXA 250.4

Through a superb feature called differential-balanced inputs, which eliminates extraneous noise and stops audio interferences from entering the system, the KICKER DXA provides you with a faultless and noise-free driving experience.

Additionally, the little amp has separate settings for the front and back channels. It is able to control a range of discrete subs or speakers thanks to this wonderful function.

For a successfully powered subwoofer with an RMS of 125 Watts, the front channel on the KICKER DXA 250.4 can power the back channels collectively.

The fully-equipped amplifier has fail-safe integration technology that enables you to connect the factory speaker of your car to the amplifier’s input signal wirings.

The advanced integrated feature is only attributed to amplifiers of great quality such as KICKER DXA 250.4.

Additionally, if your automobile only has one stereo, DXA 250.4 can achieve 4-channel play by applying signals to other channels.

At 30 Watts RMS in each speaker, the KICKER DXA 250.4 will provide you with some great-sounding music.

The RMS is an appropriate amplifier for any car because it is placed in a small-footprint chassis. The powerful KICKER is capable of delivering three times what an ordinary factory system can give.

The sound system in the speaker is given the utmost punch and clarity by the amplifier there.

The device functions at 2 ohms with 1100 Watt power output in one channel and 4 Ohms with a 550 Watt power output. This has the power your subwoofer needs to function properly.

Being compact makes it simple to use.
It doesn’t require onboard fuses
2-year warranty
Heats up fast


10. JBL GX-A604 435W

For over seven decades, the GX-A604 has boasted of bringing life to music. By providing the finest to its clients, it has flourished in the music business.

Each of your front and back speakers may receive a 60 Watts RMS of power from this amplifier. The power it sends to all the channels is almost five times what most ordinary factory speakers can provide.

Additionally, the amp’s distinctive speaker-level inputs allow increasing the factory system’s power. The GX-A604, unlike other amplifiers, can also be used in 3-channel mode, allowing you to reduce the sound system’s volume. 

Additionally, it has a high-pass filter that helps remove the low bass from typically modest full-range speakers if you don’t enjoy loud music.

Your speaker can play music louder and cleaner with this option enabled. Moreover, while using a subwoofer, the rear filter can be changed to low-pass.

It provides you with terrific and livelier driving conditions and has a great built-in bass boost that adds flavor to the music while you’re driving.

To ensure that you have an engaging and changed listening experience with an amazing level of clarity and power, JBL has combined some of the most cutting-edge modern technology in the amplifier.

GX-604 has you covered whether you want to upgrade the sound system in your factory or bring it up to professional standards.

Buying Guide for the Best 4-Channel Amp for Door Speakers


The majority of consumers often like amplifiers that let you connect practically all suitable devices.

You should carefully observe whether the amplifier you are paying for has enough input for different plug-ins.

All of them should be able to fit in the amplifier. The whirling electrons inside an amplifier produce some noise that is always present in the signal-to-noise ratio.

An effective amplifier’s primary goal is to make the noise undetectable. This suggests that you hear more music and less background noise.

Therefore, the more significant the ratio, the better! Power output is relatively equal to how loud you can play the music, but generally, you don’t require more energy than you expect.

A perfect amplifier produces twice the power of the speaker. For instance, a speaker operating at 8 ohms and 350 W programs will require a 700 W amplifier for the same 8 ohms load.

As a result, if an amplifier with a lower or higher amplification is used with 8 ohms, sound amplification will not be perfect.


Which side of the stage the performer is standing on and where the instruments are placed may be seen. Crosstalk is the estimate of how much the unwanted left signal mixes with the correct output.

For clean sounds, crosstalk should be as minimal as feasible. Every amplifier has its frequency range.

Before getting an amplifier, you should look for extensive frequency ranges for a broad scope of sound signals.

Why 4 channel amplifier?

Your sound system will be loud but clear thanks to amplifiers. Amplifiers can provide you with a loud musical experience in your car.

Furthermore, they will provide a more defined and more precise sound system at different volume levels in your speaker. 

They produce sound at volumes that let you enjoy yourself without disturbing other revelers. Upgraded speakers require relatively higher power to operate to their capabilities.

The necessary power for these top-notch speakers may not be provided by an in-dash receiver or factory system.

Therefore, amplifiers are so essential since it gives high power to the speaker for its peak performance.

Consequently, the powering subwoofer also requires equally higher power than only a separate amplifier can provide.

If you require louder music, the 4 Channel amplifiers always let you add another sound drive. Most of these amplifiers are placed strategically in the car, mainly under the passenger seat for accessibility.

This makes the driver efficiently operate the amplifiers without any disturbance driving.

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