If you have a car, you probably want to keep your car perfect for a comfortable and joyful drive. Few elements can increase the joy and fun of the journey; listening to music is one example.

Your car should have some suitable music components if you are a music lover. 

There are many brands and different types of music speakers in the market, so it becomes hard to decide which are the latest, best, affordable, and suitable for you.

So, for your convenience, we have researched and brought you the ten best 6.5 component speakers for under $200 in 2022.

Which are the best 6.5″ Component Speakers under $200?

1. Rockford Fosgate P165-SI Punch

  • Power range: 50 – 60W
  • Frequency response: 44Hz – 20KHz
  • Type: Component system


Rockford Fosgate brings a P165-SI punch 6.5-inch component speaker with exceptional performance and features.

This 2-way component speaker system contains a pair of 5.5 inches midrange speakers and a pair of one-inch tweeters

It includes P165-SI 4-Ohm black speakers and tweeters, and both components come as a pair that provides very accurate sound.

The speakers and tweeters have a power handling of 60W RMS / 120 W. This speaker system can be a better alternative to the speakers in your car stock.

The quality of these speakers is good enough. For your certainty, the Rockford Fosgate gives you a 1-year warranty on the product.


These components are built with an injection-molded mineral-filled polypropylene cone. Santoprene rubber is used in the surroundings to produce high and accurate frequency reproduction.

The vertical attach surround technique also expands the cone area, which gives you a better bass response. Though the bass might be heavy, the dome tweeter always provides clear, high, and full-range sound.

Other Features

You will get some speaker system components, including a pair of woofers with grilles, tweeters of 1″, and front and rear flushes.

Also, mount brackets, angled surface mounting housings, and two tweeter trim rings are included. Apart from those wires, a few pairs of machine screws and bolts are also there.

Rockford Fosgate’s P165-SI has many features, including a PEI dome tweeter and a built-in crossover concealed in the speaker basket that hides the crossover inside.

It makes sure that the frequency is sent to its proper driver. Its power ranges from 5 to 60 watts RMS, and its frequency response ranges from 43-20000 Hz.

Its sensitivity is 88 dB, impedance is 4 ohms, mounting diameter is 6.10″, and full mound depth is 1.93″. The look is immaculate, and the system is straightforward to install.

Great sound quality
Easy to install
Great mid and high end
The price is a little bit high

2. JBL GTO609C

  • Power range: 5 – 200W
  • Frequency response: 53Hz – 21KHz
  • Type: Component system


JBL has always been one of the best sound component manufacturers so far. And GTO609C speaker is one of the hot-selling products of JBL.

The GTO609C speaker is designed to produce the best quality clear sound from the head unit and amplifier. The amplifier of this system can deliver a power of 270 watts.

And this is why this component speaker is ideal for such techniques powered with head-unit or factory amplifier power levels.

The speaker can keep up with systems with one or more subwoofers and provide the best high-end audio to enthusiast listeners looking to upgrade the driving experience.

It comes with carbon-injected cones that increase the overall area of the speaker cone. The more the size of the cone, the more air will be radiated.

Due to that, carbon-injected cone material produces low-frequency important sound notes, and people connect it with prominent speakers.

And the rubber surrounds generate smooth response and durability. This sound component is elementary to install.

They are designed for any harsh environment outside of today’s automobiles. It can fit your need if you want an upgrade or replacement of speakers.


Durable and flexible Polyurethane material provides maximum flexibility, which is extremely important for the long life of the speaker.

The speaker can be easily operated in high temperatures and is capable of fatigue properties that will enhance the performance of heavy-duty play-time.

The rubber can endure exposure to many kinds of weather fronts. Rubber is also used in many other applications, including surrounding the speakers to connect the cone.

It also has excellent power handling capability, which ensures its reliability over the speaker’s lifetime.

Other Features

You will get a 19 mm edge-driven dome tweeter to install the vehicle’s interior, providing flexibility in the placement.

You will also have a Patented I-Mount tweeter mounting system that allows easy installation of tweeters and flush mounting to blend with the interior.

It can fit all 6″, 6-1/2″, and 6-3/4″, and an adapter is also given. It has a silk dome tweeter which sounds very soft, unlike metallic tweeters.

Versatile tweeting systems are available. It has a two-way crossover with a tweeter-level adjustment. Its peak power handling is 270W, and its power handling is 90W RMS.

The RMS power range of the recommended amplifier is around 5W-200W, with a frequency response of 53Hz-21KHz. Its sensitivity is 93dB, and its impedance is 3ohms.

Clear sound
High volume with no distortions
Difficult to install

3. Alpine S-S65C

  • Power range: 80W RMS & 240W peak
  • Frequency response: 70-22 KkHzType: Component system


Alpine has been manufacturing the best sound components for decades. Alpine S-S65C is an exceptional product of the Alpine S series.

In this sound system, tweeters are separate from the woofers and the basket to give you better imaging.

It includes a one-inch silk dome tweeter with an in-line crossover. Silk is an excellent material for speakers, especially for tweeters, as it gives you smooth battery sound on high frequencies.

Woofers are made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic and good quality rubber surrounds to make them durable.

They can last long in your car and sound crystal clear with good bass. But if you can give them a little more power with the amplifier, they will sound even better.

These will be a good choice if you want to replace the speakers in your car to get better sound.


Alpine’s S series speakers are redesigned and upgraded with better cone material and a better voice coil to provide better sound quality.

This is a new version of type ‘S’; CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) is used in the S series speaker.

Though it is a very lightweight but very rigid material used during the molding process to make substantial the area of the cone.

As a result, the speaker provides an accurate and efficient performance.

The ‘S’ series is also surrounded by high amplitude multi-roll (HAMR), increasing accuracy and linearity.

Other Features

Alpine S-S65C comes up with some decent features that ensure excellent sound performance.

You will get two woofers with brackets and two tweeters, each with a 29″ length of wire attached as the components.

Flush mount retention rings, stealth brackets, self-adhesive foam pads, and rings are also included. Apart from that, screws and clips will also be in the box.

The component speaker can handle up to 80 watts, a frequency response of 70-22000 Hz, and 88 dB. The woofer mounting depth is 2-5/16.

They are strongly built.
It sounds exceptional even with an amplifier
Great bass response
Sometimes it may produce a crackling sound
Quality can decrease a bit on their cones after excessive usage.

4. Skar Audio TX65C

  • Power range: 100W RMS & 200W peak
  • Frequency response: 50 – 25000Hz
  • Type: Component system


The TX65C component speaker belongs to the Skar series.

It provides the maximum possible sound production in vehicles. The speaker is efficient and designed to deliver unbeatable sound with perfection at the highest power level.

It contains a high-temperature copper voice coil and premium ferrite magnet, making the performance matchless.

The cone is made up of glass fiber coupled with the TPE surround of the mid-range woofer, making the speaker very responsive across a wide range of frequencies.

The frequency splits perfectly and transfers to its appropriate driver, which makes the listening experience tremendous.


The speaker looks a bit oversized; it is cumbersome for the size and has a good-sized magnet on it. It plays decent high and low notes. However, it is best known for its bass sound production.

Other Features

This component system includes two speakers with an RMS power of 100W and a peak power of 200W.

It has a 4-ohm impedance and a one-inch-high quality silk dome tweeter. Also, there is a frequency response ranging from 50Hz to 25000Hz with a sensitivity of 89dB.

It is equipped with a powerful ferrite magnet with a 1.2″ KSV copper voice coil, making this sound system perfect for vehicles.

You will also be provided with mounting hardware. This system has two crossover networks, a few tweeters, and midrange speakers.

Loud and clean tweeter
The sound is full, rich, and warm
Decent low-end size
Sound doesn’t handle mid-range in some cases

5. JBL CLUB6500C

  • Power range: 60W RMS and 180W Peak
  • Frequency response: 55-20KHz
  • Type: Component system


This JBL club series car speaker is some of the best sounding and most versatile car speakers. JBL CLUB 6500c is counted as one of the high-quality speakers.

It is designed to improve the sound system and quality of your car.

If you are looking for a perfect replacement for your factory speakers, it is efficient enough to provide you with better sound quality.


Moreover, one woofer cone is used in this sound system. Each speaker utilizes a more oversized cone compared to the cones of other speakers.

Its unique 6.5-inch polypropylene plus cone provides you with more outstanding bass and better sound quality than others. This speaker can also perform well in icy weather conditions.

Other Features

JBL CLUB 6500c sound component consists of two woofers, two tweeters, and two crossovers.

It has a ¾-inch edge-driven PEI tweeter that allows the speaker to expand the frequency range. Increment in the frequency range can make you get more audio clarity, and you can enjoy your drive.

This sound component of JBL can handle power up to 60W RMS, while the peak power of 180W improves credibility and capability.

It also has low impedance like other models of 3 ohms, which draws the energy from the vehicle’s stereo.

You will also get grilles responsible for passing the sound through while protecting the speaker’s interior and drivers from dirt or external objects.

The speaker system’s frequency response is 55-20KHz, its sensitivity is 92dB, and the woofer top-mount depth is 1-3/4 inch.

High sensitivity
Sound is rich and well defined
Great mid-bass and high notes
Difficult to install
Sometimes woofer sounds very distorted

6. Memphis Audio SRXP62

  • Power range: 125W RMS and 250W Peak
  • Frequency response: Hits all frequencies
  • Type: Component system


Enhance the sound quality of your car with an exceptional piece of Memphis Audio 6.5-inch speaker component.

This 6.5-inch speaker is designed to provide a boom to the bass, tweeters, and crossovers. They work together and hit all frequencies to get maximum performance.

It can handle 250-watt max power and 125-watt RMS power. A Voice coil of 1.5-inch improves the competence of work alongside the magnet of 22 ounces for ideal performance.

Memphis audio will take your car’s sound to the next level and provide the best audio performance for clear and powerful sound.


This speaker is built with a paper cone and cloth-treated surround for high sound production. It is designed to produce loud sounds that can also last longer.

Memphis components speakers come up with a massive sound capability.

If you are a fan of mids and highs that screams over, the Memphis SR pro component speaker could be the best option for you.

Other Features

The speaker is 6.5 inches long, 6.5 inches wide, and has 2.44 inches of mounting depth.

The center phase plug of the speaker improves the high-frequency response, which makes this even better to produce high-frequency notes loud and clear.

This system can handle a massive peak power of around 500W; its sensitivity is 94dB.

Loud and crisp sound
The sound is excellent
Impressive mid-bass
Sometimes face amplifier issue
Don’t sound as expected in some cases

7. JBL GX600C

  • Power range: 210W Peak
  • Frequency response: 50Hz – 21KHz
  • Type: Component system


If you want to improve the sound in your car, the first thing you need to do is upgrade your factory speakers.

The JBL’s GX600C is an excellent choice for a vehicle, whether you want to keep using your factory radio or build a system with an aftermarket amplifier and subs.

This speaker is very efficient; they perform even better with a factory radio.

It can also handle a wide range of power, making the speaker capable of sounding even better when powered by an aftermarket head unit of an aftermarket amplifier.

And no matter what, it will make your system sing. So, if you are looking for an entry-level factory replacement, this is a great option.


It has a plus-one design, which provides more surface area to the woofer cone than other speakers of the same size.

This feature offers higher sensitivity, high-quality mid-bass, low-frequency output, and detailed musical character.

Its edge-driven soft dome tweeter expands the high-frequency range.

It gives you a smooth high-frequency response and more fantastic power handling for high and mid notes, which allows you to hear every detail of your music.

Additionally, it includes three-ohm DCR voice coils that pull more power from the amplifier, resulting in clean and rich sound.

This helps direct the sound from the door toward your ear.

Other Features

You will get one pair of woofers, tweeters, crossovers, woofer grilles, and plastic adapter brackets.

Flush-mount cups, threaded flush-mount adapters, plastic locking nuts, and surface-mount cups are also included.

This sound system has a sensitivity of 92dB, an impedance of 6.1-ohm, its power ranges between 2-70 W RMS (210W peak), and frequency response varies 50Hz-21kHz.

Very detailed sound
It doesn’t need an amplifier
The woofer cone is much bigger than the others
Bass and mids are less
Create sound problem after a bit of use because of power

8. Kenwood KFC-P710PS

  • Power range: 280W Peak
  • Frequency response: 63Hz-24KHz
  • Type: Component system


Kenwood is known for designing the best sound systems to provide high-quality output. Kenwood’s KFC P710PS provides clear lows, starling highs, clean vocals, and all those aspects required to provide good sound quality. Kenwood has been incorporating many technologies into these components to achieve excellence.


This speaker provides clean, loud, and rich sound because of its well-built design and features. The central part of the component is the polypropylene woofer cone that increases the surface strength to improve the bass response and minimize distortion.

It has rubber in the surrounding, which is responsible for providing durability and consistency. A 1″ soft dome tweeter fills out the system; it offers high-frequency with perfection.

And Kenwood provides the in-line crossover into the tweeters, not needing to worry about mounting a bulky crossover module.

Other Features

You will get a pair of woofers, woofer grilles, plastic grilles rings, and multi-application woofer mounting rings.

You will also get Flush mount retaining clips, OEM tweeter mounting brackets, and 30″ tweeter wires with in-line crossover. To scale well, you will get a few pairs of screws, nuts, and hooks.

The 2-way component system has a frequency response of 63Hz-24KHz; it can handle up to 280W of peak power (80W RMS). Its sensitivity is 86dB, with an in-line crossover network.

Clear and clean sound
The Head unit performs very well if amplified well
The bass is too good
Sometimes tweeter fails to perform as expected
Few people face factory fitting issues

9. Pioneer TS-A652C

  • Power range: 80W RMS & 350W peak
  • Frequency response: 34Hz-49KHz
  • Type: 2-way Component system


TS-A652C component speaker from Pioneer is a ½-inch component package speaker that includes a pair of 6.5″ mid-bass drivers.

The low pass filter is attached to the mid-bass driver. The carbon and mica-reinforced injection-molded polypropylene woofer cones are solid and rigid yet light.

The amplifier can control the woofer cone’s motion for excellent power handling capability and sound quality.

Two 6.5″ multi-fit adapters are made of high-density resin to reduce vibration in the mounting area. 

The polyamide tweeters are highly rigid domes that deliver high frequencies with comprehensive dispersion characteristics, providing excellent sound from many different installation locations.


This 6.5″ speaker includes a pair of multi-fit adapters that ensure an easy installation process. These multi-fit adapters can easily be modified to fit a variety of applications. 

It will help isolate the speaker from the door, vibrating more minor and rattling less, and you’ll get better sound quality.

This component speaker shares the same tweeter and great mounting hardware in each box. Each package has a pair of 20 mm polyamide hard dome tweeters.

The tweeter can be surface mounted or flush-mounted with the included bounce system. The tweeters can also be mounted behind a factory grill with the customizable multi-fit adapter.  The tweeter has its own in-line high pass filter on the speaker wire harness.

The wire harness can run from the tweeter to the mid-bass driver and onto the OE speaker wires or external amplifier.

Other Features

Additionally, it features a mid-bass driver and a component tweeter in the system. It has a peak power handling capability of 350 watts and a nominal power handling capacity of 80.

The frequency response ranges from 34Hz to 49KH, the impedance is 4 ohm, and the sensitivity is 85 dB.

Easy to install
Great sound quality
Decent highs and lows
Low bass power
Frequencies are not balanced


  • Power range: 50W RMS & 120W peak
  • Frequency response: 60Hz to 20kHz
  • Type: Component system


Recoil brings REM65 echo series 6.5-inch component speaker to provide better sound quality in your vehicle.

The cones are designed of lightweight thermal polypropylene material that offers a faster and eccentric mid-range response. 

It utilizes oversized voice coils on the silk soft-dome tweeters that allow higher heat dissipation and handles the higher powers. It will provide you with smooth and clean highs.


Butyl rubber surrounds a long life and improves the bass quality as well.

The cone coupling uses a strong adhesive to ensure that the cone and surround do not detach, no matter how high power is applied or how intense the component is used.

The mounting process is easy and flexible; you can either flush or surface mount the tweeters.

Speaker arrangements can be imperfect, so to compensate for it, recoils presents a triple-level tweeter volume adjustment that helps to adjust the placement and can be set according to your listening preferences and favorite genre.

The ferrite magnet motor is small enough to fit all applications, and Ferrite magnet motors create some solid magnetic fields.

Other Features

The Recoil’s REM65 has a power rating of 50W RMS and 120W peak. The frequency response is 60Hz-20KHz and 12dB crossover with a small footprint and a three-position tweeter to dial in your highs. 

It produces a fantastic bass response; its silk dome tweeter is constructed so well to provide every detail of the sound.

It allows three options for mounting the tweeter, and the NBR rubber in surrounds helps with an accurate linear excursion.

Clear sound
Great mid-bass
Tweeter sound spectacular
Crossover needs to be better
Sound quality can decrease with the use of an amplifier

Buyer’s Guide

One of the first things you should consider is whether the speakers will fit and suit your car.

Many websites like Amazon and Crutchfield are there where you can add your vehicle details and be guided accordingly.

But that’s not enough; there are a lot of other steps to consider and other things to know about the speakers; let’s check them out.

You should know what exactly you want.

Do you wish to replace a blown speaker, or do you want to build an excellent sound quality system?

Whatever the case, you should be looking for a couple of things in your speaker:

Sensitivity & Power

The speaker must have high efficiency; this is the sensitivity rating. Generally, high sensitivity is around 90dB and up range.

Those speakers will do much with less power, which is essential as your factory radio doesn’t have a lot of energy.

So higher efficiency speakers will sound better than lower efficiency ones when using a factory radio.

Power handling of your speakers

You don’t need a speaker that can handle a lot of power; you should go with a speaker that can work without taking heavy control.

If the speakers you’re looking at have a power range given, look for a meager number. Sometimes there are even multiple sizes that can fit your vehicle’s exact location.

That’s because of speaker brackets and the ability to put smaller speakers into a large opening.

Always go with the most prominent speakers that will fit in any particular location in your car to get a better-quality sound.

Even in the case of tweeters and woofers, you should always go with the most prominent driver.

Frequency response measures a particular speaker’s reproduction; the lowest number is bass, which shows how common it can go.

If you’re looking for the speakers with the most bass, go with the most prominent speakers with the lowest frequency response. And on the high end, you’ll see some speakers go up to 20kHz.

Coaxial vs. Component

system speakers with tweeters and mid-ranges built into the basket, and woofers are coaxial speakers. While speakers that have a separate tweeter are components.

They are different when it comes to the installation process. They are also called two-way and three-way speakers; coaxial speakers are a bit easier to install.


Many component speakers come with a separate passive crossover network, usually a box. There are many coils and capacitors inside that box, and that’s where all your speaker connections are made.

The job of crossover is to send the high frequencies to the tweeter and the low frequencies to the woofer.


Tweeters are responsible for the highest frequencies, and they are sent to the tweeters. Tweeter’s performance is based on the material used in it.

The silk or cloth tweeter will typically sound warm and musical. While ceramic or metallic tweeters usually display a more crisp, sharp, and precise sound.

Upgrade you wants something above and beyond a simple speaker replacement, you need to look at a couple of different things.

You can get a better speaker made of better materials; they’ll also handle more power. This provides a bigger amplifier, like an aftermarket radio or a separate amplifier.

When you have extra power for your speaker, you don’t need to be concerned about the sensitivity rating.


The woofer is the most significant part of the speakers; it is responsible for the lowest frequencies that go down to the bass and up into the mid-range.

Woofer materials also have many variations, like the tweeter. Materials like paper, plastic, polypropylene, and flax are used in the woofers.

Around the outside edge of the woofer cone is called the surround. This is part of the speaker’s suspension system. It connects the woofer cone to the frame and allows the woofer cone to move in and out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best component car speakers?

Many manufacturers make car component speakers.

Everyone claims they are the best manufacturer. However, JBL, Rockford, and Kenwood are the best among all.

Who makes the best 6.5 car speakers?

Every company that manufactures the 6.5″ car speaker has a vital area; some manufacturers produce speakers with the best bass.

While some speakers have the best crossovers, and some are known for their highs and lows. So, everyone is good at their substantial area.

But after researching a lot, we have found a few overall best manufacturers that are impressing their customers in every field.

Are component speakers worth it?

Component speakers are undoubtedly worth it because they provide better sound quality than other speakers.

Though they are a little tough to install and costly, they are worth the money if you prefer quality.

Do 6.5 speakers have good bass?

Yes, many 6.5″ speakers provide great bass; in this post, you’ve seen a list of the top 10 6.5-inch component speakers under $200 in 2022 that offer a good quality bass sound.

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