Vehicles usually have a compromised stereo system.

However, the good thing is that you can always upgrade it with suitable audio devices such as the subwoofers widely available in the market. 

There are countless options to choose from, but not every other subwoofer is worth your investment.

We have cherry-picked every subwoofer in this list, and none of them will disappoint you in any way. 

The best thing about these 6.5-inch subwoofers is that they take up less space and render great practicality.

There is no going back once you get the hang of a subwoofer. You will notice a significant difference in the sound with these best 6.5-inch subwoofers

According to GC Audio, “Subwoofers not only extend the bass response of your system but also lower the distortion.”

If you’re looking to amp up the so good me of your vehicle, then look no further.

We are here with the 10tenest 6.5-inch subwoofer boost boost boost boost an incredible band increase the overall richness of the sound.

We’ve mentioned what we like and what we do not appreciate about each of this equipment. 

Which are the Best 6.5 Inch Subwoofers?

1. Skar Audio EVL 65

This tiny subwoofer by Skardio is an adoption that provides beastly acoustics. You can enhance your listening experience by adding this speaker to your vehicle’s sound system.

Skar Audio EVL is a monster in boosting the bass of even a below-average sounding system. This subwoofer is the base model of the EVL series.

However, it didn’t let us down in terms of quality. Each speaker supports a continuous power output of 200 watts, and the peak power goes up to 400 watts. It is highly responsive, powerful, and efficient.

Don’t let its size fool you; it is packed with great render and crazy bass. Moreover, it is much a lot more than their size, which is why this subwoofer is our number one pick.

This dual ohm subwoofer is very versatile in that it can fit almost any place in your vehicle. The subwoofers come in a pair of 2 and compact designs featuring an all-black body. They consist of a 2-inch pure copper voice coil, and we can safely say that these 6.5-inch surfers do deliver a beastly sound.

On top of that, it is equipped with a cooling system that eliminates excess heat up strong mighty vibrations. The bass boost delivered by this subwoofer is definitely like no other.

Besides, the sound delivered by this sub who vibrantly rich, and elaborate. The midbass frequency rivaled. It features a pressed paper cone surrounded by high-quality foam, enabling this subwoofer to perform long-term.

Phenomenal bass boost
Compact design
The wiring could have been better

2. Rockville W65K9D2

These are some of the subwoofers in the market. Brace yourselves for a hard-hitting bass experience with this subwoofer. 

The peak power handling of this subwoofer is around 1000 watts while the average program power is 500 Watts. This dual ohm subwoofer features an OFC wi2-inch and a 2-inch 4-layer ASV voice coil. These high-quality coil windings have been manufactured in the USA.

The voice is unique and amazing in temperature resistance and remains stable up to 180 degrees Celsius. This 6.5-inch subwoofer will have little negligible space in your ande and render a remarkable listening experience.

The cast aluminum basket of this subwoofer boasts a black sanded finish. The two chrome-plated binding terminals featured in this subwoofer are some of the best in the market. The stiff paper is durable and strong, allowing and allow the subwoofer to exhibit max power.

Moreover, the subwoofer is further surrounded by premium quality thick foam, ensuring incredible sound without distortion. The speaker also has a vented hole on the T yoke that helps it to dissipate excessive heat. You are bound to get a lot of compliments on your sounding system with this subwoofer.

A vented system allows heat dissipation
Ergonomic design
Temperature Resistant
A high-end amp is needed for it

3. Memphis Audio PRX6D2

This Memphis audio PRX6D2 delivers an exceptional listening experience. This subwoofer’s richness in the sound will make you repeatedly choose it.

You will get an incredible bass boost in your vehicle with this small subwoofer. The RMS power is 150 watts, and the peak power jumps to 300 watts.

This subwoofer is the best in terms of its performance and reliability. It is manufactured conveniently and allows you to place it anywhere in your vehicle.

Moreover, like the previously mentioned subwoofers, this dual ohm subwoofer exhibits a powerful performance. The heavy bass tunes delivered by it are worth all the praise. Also, the compact design allows it to be mounted in a 4-inch deep space.

The subwoofer features treated paper cones surrounded by rubber lining to provide maximum performance and durability. The rubber lining also aids in minimizing the distortion of the sound.

A high-quality 1.4-inch 2-ohm voice coil renders excellent performance. The efficiency and performance of the sub are multiplied due to the high-quality voice coils.

You can take your stereo system to the next level with this subwoofer. Moreover, the double-stitched butyl rubber surround with spider shoulders provides the utmost protection for the subwoofer. Overall, this subwoofer is the best bang for the buck.

Delivers amazing bass-heavy tunes
Minimal distortion of the sound
Can fix most power stroke issues, but not all
Not 100% efficient in extreme weather conditions

4. DS18 Store Elite Z6

Another subwoofer fulfills its promise to deliver a phenomenal sound experience. You can expect beastly sound from this tiny power-packed subwoofer.

It is one of our best recommendations and the best choice for all the bass lovers out there. The elite z6 has an RMS power of 300 watts and a maximum of 600 Watts of maximum power. It is designed to handle all the power-thirsty features of your amplifier.

This subwoofer gives an excellent bass boost; it delivers so much more than its size. It is a dual 4-ohm subwoofer with 1.5-inch dual voice coils. These high-quality dual voice coils enable you to get the most out of your sound system.

The subwoofer renders an excellent low frequency; apart from that, it is always ready for high-power applications. In our opinion, this should be the go-to option for an everyday bass lover.

It is excellent for low frequencies and delivers clear, crisp sound with highly defined tones.

The deep low sound delivered by this subwoofer is like no other. It will handle absolutely anything you throw at it and render sound that subs usually provide twice its price. The bass it delivers is clear and tight with obvious sound notes.

This 6.5-inch subwoofer has a reinforced carbon fiberglass dust cap and foam edges that make its quality exceptional, apart from its performance. Also, the double-stack ferrite magnets provide a more comprehensive range of tones.

Also, the mounting depth is 3.89 inches, and the overall design is compact. All in all, this subwoofer is a monster that you need for a fantastic car cruise with your favorite beats.

Highly defined low notes
The dual voice coil system
Ferrite magnets render a greater range of tones
Cut out and terminals too close to OD terminals

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5. JL Audio 6W3V3-4

This 6.5-inch subwoofer by JL Audio is a master in delivering an overwhelming low-end bass. It is all you need to complement your full-range sounding system.

The subwoofer delivers crisp highs and solid lows. The depth and richness of sound are not compromised for a single moment. It works with low frequencies flawlessly and can leave anyone in awe. For a moment, you will be surprised at the firepower of this tiny thing.

This 4-ohm sub has an RMS power of 150 Watts, which never fails to deliver a remarkable performance. JL Audio subwoofers are one of the most technologically advanced subwoofers in the market. 

This subwoofer features an elevated frame cooling system that strikes cool air to the voice coils. It allows the subwoofer to operate at its best. The sound quality remains at equilibrium.

Moreover, the cooling system aids in the minimization of dynamic parameter shifts. Also, the vented collar minimizes stress on the spider material at peak excursions. 

The floating core attach method maintains an appropriate surround geometry and a dynamic coil alignment. It also helps to ensure the concentricity of the surround, spider, and voice coil.

This subwoofer has been manufactured meticulously as it features an insert molded coil. So this feature renders a more precisely built lock. Not only that, but also it causes a more mechanically loudspeaker.

The subwoofer maintains a highly linear, stable, and dynamic loudspeaker motor system due to the dynamic motor analysis of the JL Audio.

Solid lows and crisp highs
Elevated frame cooling system
Low end bass is unrivaled
Works better in sealed enclosures only

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6. Kicker CompRT

The Kicker CompRT is our absolute favorite. This subwoofer features a surround sound system that yields a rich and crisp sound.

The kicker CompRT is known for its booming bass. It delivers a sound enriched with much-defined low tones and amplifies the mid-low frequencies. This 2-ohm subwoofer has 150 Watt RMS power while the maximum power goes up to 300 Watt.

The instrumentals and mid-tones are clear and hit quite hard. Any average sound system will outperform this little partner. The sound will get way better than you may imagine. The thunder of the bass might not be as elaborate to the outside world, but the subwoofer does absolute justice to smaller spaces.

Also, the subwoofer sits in a relatively small enclosure, unlike the traditional subs. The shallow mount design gives it the ability to fit in small spaces. The high-temperature voice coils perform excellent stability at all temperatures and provide an unbelievable bass for a 6.5-inch subwoofer.

Furthermore, another promising feature of this subwoofer is its weather resistance. It is designed to perform in all kinds of weather, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected rain during your journey. Your subwoofer will continue its booming no matter what.

The rubber surround gives the ultimate subwoofer protection to exhibit a powerful performance for a long time. Also, the sensitivity rating of this subwoofer is quite low at 87.1 dB. However, the incredible low-frequency boosts make up for this drawback. This subwoofer is designed to give you a humongous bass in a small space!

Rubber surround provides extra protection
Stable sound quality at all temperatures
Heavier than the competitor subs
Low sensitivity rating

7. Sundown Audio SA Series

This sundown subwoofer delivers a rich sound quality with defined low and high notes. The sundown SA series is designed with great ergonomics and lives up to the expectations of its users.

The SA series subwoofer has been tried and tested for delivering maximum performance for an everyday bass boost. This 6.5-inch subwoofer has been manufactured with integrated cooling channels.

They keep the temperature balanced and hence, promote a better function of the subwoofer. This dual ohm sundown woofer has an RMS power of 200 Watts.

Sundown maintains its solid reputation of manufacturing high-quality audio products with this 6.5″ subwoofer as well.

It has a 1.5-inch coil with a 1-inch winding length that provides balanced movements and vibrations in the cones and emanates a bass-boosted sound.

The sound quality is very satisfactory. Or we can even say that it outperforms at this price. Also, it is very convenient to install, and setting it up in a vehicle is a breeze.

The large bumpers of the subwoofer add a good amount of resilience, and the magnetic control cuts down distortions in the sound.

Another thing that we truly appreciate about this subwoofer is that it doesn’t need an enclosure or mounting. You can make it sit anywhere, and it will function at its best.

Integrated cooling channels
Do not require enclosure or mounting
Magnetic control cuts down sound distortion
Input leads require some head scratching
Not powerful

8. American Bass 6.5″ VFL

American Bass 6.5" VFL

This subwoofer is a solid option for all bass enthusiasts. It will not disappoint you in any way; the design, build quality, and performance; everything is up to the mark. It maintains its structure for a long time and delivers a stable sound quality throughout its life.

American bass VFL is a good option because of its rock-solid structure that delivers a clean power output. Anybody that listens to this beast is bound to be amazed because of the clear and crisp tones it delivers.

The low frequencies are bass boosted, and the high notes hit the sky. The RMS power of this 6.5-inch subwoofer is 300 Watts while the maximum power performance can reach up to 600 Watts.

Moreover, the dual 4-ohm subwoofer features double-stacked high-grade magnets with 2 inches 4-layered voice coil. This internal mechanism creates a remarkable bass-boosted sound system.

The amplification of the bass by this little thing is almost unreal. The dual ohm subwoofer is a sturdy build with a hi-foam roll surround that provides added protection to the subwoofer.

Besides, the overall performance of this subwoofer is undeniably good. You get one subwoofer for 90 bucks which is not quite bad. The quality and performance of the subwoofer do absolute justice to the price.

This high-power subwoofer features a high-quality diecast basket with a black powder finish. It makes the appearance very promising. This subwoofer will bring any vehicle to life with a Kevlar woven dust cap and distortion-proof material.

Rock solid structure
Exceptional excursion
Gives it a high end feel
Slightly expensive

9. Audio Legion Store S2506D2

Audio Legion Store S2506D2

This is a top-of-the-range 6.5-inch subwoofer from Audio Legion Store, and it is certainly worth a shot. The subwoofer delivers an above-average sounding experience making every car trip memorable. Any other subwoofer does not stand a chance in front of this monster.

This subwoofer has an RMS power of 200 watts, and it sports a maximum power of 400 Watts. It will provide your vehicle with the extra thump that it needs. Like every other subwoofer on our list, this one also does not fail to deliver an exceptional listening experience

The sound quality is very rich and very low, and the high note is amplified with bass. It delivers more than its competitors in the market.

This subwoofer is loaded with the maximum power a 6.5 can support. It has been designed to deliver the most bass for a 6.5-inch. So expect strong thuds and thunders in your vehicle with this terrific sub.

It features a 2-inch voice coil that can survive high temperatures without breaking a sweat. Also, it delivers a balanced bass and a decent amount of vibrations with minimal disruption. The high flux ferrite magnetic system of this subwoofer aids in further enhancement of the audio quality.

The rubber and foam padding protects the surface of the subwoofer and also helps to minimize sound distortions. The subwoofer features pressed paper cones and a carbon fiber dust cap that lend these woofers their long life and durability. 

We recommend this subwoofer to all audiophiles out there as the bass, and that extra thump of this subwoofer is what you need!

Provides maximum bass in a 6.5″
Ferrite magnet system
Very durable
A bit of distortion is faced

10. Pyle Store PDMW6

Lastly, we have a subwoofer from Pyle Store that renders a fantastic sound. This subwoofer can provide a full range of stereo sound production, and we consider this subwoofer a must-buy.

The peak power of this subwoofer is 250 Watts while the RMS capacity is 125 Watts. It produces an intense sound enriched with bass and the right amount of treble. The crisp high, and low notes are incredible.

It is truly a midbass woofer with an 8-ohm impedance. This subwoofer has been designed with great attention to detail. It is made suitable for amplifying every vehicle to its best. The internal components are designed ergonomically.

The voice coil of this subwoofer is made from aluminum which produces a much-defined bass. Your sound system will be the loudest it has ever been with this subwoofer. The frequency response of this subwoofer ranges from 70Hz to 9 kHz which makes it indeed a full-fledged stereo system.

The 6.5-inch paper cone of this subwoofer is a standard size in most car sound systems. You can play your tracks as loud as you want with this terrific monster of a subwoofer. Also, not to forget, the cost is unbeatable.

Such a powerhouse for 20 bucks only; you wouldn’t want to miss it. Just don’t forget to buy two of them because the package does not come in a pair.

8-ohm impedance
Incredible midbass woofer
Full-range stereo sound production
Does not come in a pair
Slight distortion at very high volumes

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Best 6.5 Inch Subwoofers: Buying Guide

Before investing in a 6.5-inch sub:

  1. Decide what you exactly want from it.
  2. Before making a purchase, take measurements of the available space.
  3. Decide where you want to place your subwoofer and then make a purchase according to it. 

There is no doubt that a good subwoofer can make your vehicle’s sounding system from drab to fab. So there are things that should be taken into account before you purchase your subwoofer

Available Space

We mentioned this before, but we are stressing over it again as the amount of available space should be considered before anything else. Subwoofers are three-dimensional, and they are not going to lay flat.

So get yourself a measuring tool and begin to analyze the space that you can accord to the subwoofer. Consider the amount of mounting depth that will be required for it. Take care of every measurement and then move on to the next step; find a subwoofer according to the space available.

Single or Pair?

Most subwoofers are available as single pieces while others come in pairs. It is highly likely that a single piece will not be enough for most people.

So before making a purchase, check if the price you’re paying is meant for a pair or a single piece. Then, decide if you want more than 2 pieces for a fully bass-boosted system and place your order accordingly.

Mounting or no mounting?

Most of the subwoofers will require mounting as they are built without an enclosure. So you can have some fun building an enclosure for your subwoofer or buy a mounting bracket.

A few subwoofers do not need an enclosure, and they are designed to work just fine without it. Most people find such subwoofers more convenient, however, getting a mounting bracket for your subwoofer isn’t much of a task. Just keep it as simple as possible!

Weather Proofing

This feature is not necessary, but if you’re purchasing a subwoofer for ruggedized use all year round then, it is better to choose the one that is weather-resistant.

The Kicker CompRT in our list is a weatherproof option. It can stand rain and other challenging weather types. So if you are looking for an outdoor subwoofer, this has to be the one.

Material Type

Subwoofers are available in a variety of material types. The best 6.5-inch subwoofers, in our opinion, are those manufactured with paper, silk, or silicone cones. They are good for high-frequency sounds.

The best material for surrounds is rubber, while foam and cloth can also work well. The copper or aluminum coils should be sturdy, and the overall material of the subwoofer should be stiff to withstand powerful performances.

Power Rating

Always check the RMS rating of the subwoofer before buying it, for it will determine its compatibility with your amplifier. A higher RMS value means that the subwoofer can handle more power.

The RMS value determines the amount of power that is continuously used by the woofer. The maximum or peak power of most subwoofers is also mentioned. So don’t forget to check the RMS value no matter what.


A subwoofer is installed directly into the vehicle, so it needs to be a durable device. Not only that, it should be future-proof to an extent as well so it can be compatible with any future vehicle stereo system.

Also, it has to stand the vibration and all the thumps due to the bass, so heavy-duty housing and construction are necessary for longer durability.


There is a wide range of options for subwoofers available in the market within different price ranges. If you’re looking for affordable options, you can get some decent subwoofers within 20 to 50 dollars.

However, if you are a serious audiophile, you can find some great options within 60 to 150 dollars. We have added options to our list considering all these price ranges.

You can easily choose any of them according to your requirement. In conclusion, before purchasing a 6.5-inch subwoofer, give good thought to the functions that you want from it.

Don’t buy just for the sake of getting a subwoofer. Deicide what you actually need and then make a selection based on your budget.

It is not sane to waste those extra bucks on a subwoofer with high-end functions which are useless for you. If you will not use a subwoofer’s ‘so and so’ function, then why do you think you should pay for it? So don’t resort to overbuying and make a wise decision according to your needs.

6.5-inch subs are the best option for upgrading the stereo system of any vehicle. They are easy to install with no elaborate modifications required.

Always buy from manufacturers with good customer reviews and don’t compromise on the quality of a few pennies. We are happy to assist you in choosing the best 6.5-inch subwoofer, and we hope that you have found the right one from our favorite picks!

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