Extreme weather conditions cause car batteries to lose strength considerably.

Most of you would be struggling to start your cars because 35-60% of the battery’s power is lost in freezing temperatures.

And this essentially means that your car’s battery is in grave danger during cold weather. But certain things can be done to avoid all these struggles and save your car battery from the menace of cold weather.

Batteries with a higher CCA (Cold-cranking Amps) rating and a higher RC (Reserve Capacity) number tend to perform well during cold conditions

That being said, I’ll take you through our selection of the 7 best car batteries for cold weather. These batteries help to eliminate cold start and freezing issues of vehicles to a great extent, so make sure to check them out!

Which are the best Batteries For Cold Weather?

1. OPTIMA Battery 8020-164 35

  • CCA Capacity: 720 Amps
  • C20 Capacity: 44Ah
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Warranty: 36 months

This battery by Optima is built for superior performance with a powerful burst of ignition that makes sure your car is started effortlessly every single time.

For use in SUVs, trucks, vehicles, and other automotive applications, it is a dependable solution. 
This battery houses two plates made of 99.99% pure lead that are spirally wound to form a series of individual cells responsible for powering up the battery.

Compared to conventional flat plate AGM batteries, they offer superior vibration resistance and more efficient output. 

It is encased in a robust, spill-proof material that is sealed by precise plastic welding and is power-packed with pure lead, ensuring that no pollutants may enter and harm the battery. The cylindrical coils ensure greater strength in the battery so that you can trust it during extreme weather.

In addition, the battery has a 720 CCA rating which suggests an excellent capacity to start the engine during extreme cold.

Also, the battery boasts a reserve capacity of 90 minutes. So this battery is something to think about if you live somewhere chilly.

Mountable in any position
Easy to install
Excellent amperage potential
Not very long lasting

2. XS POWER D3400 XS Series

  • CCA Capacity: 1000 Amps
  • C20 Capacity: 65Ah
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Warranty: 36 months

This battery will work fantastically in place of your stock battery. The powerhouse XS battery gives your car amazing performance even when it’s cold outside.

It is a fantastic audiophile option and will quickly give your sound system a considerable increase.

This battery provides outstanding power for starting the engine without being impacted by the temperature, making it your car’s best friend in cold weather.

In addition, the cranking amps rating of this battery is 1000, which means that it can easily withstand freezing temperatures.

It is a sealed lead-acid battery and can be easily mounted in odd positions because of its complete spillproof design. The battery resists vibrations really well.

It also includes M6 bolts so you can mount it right away. I admit that it is pricey, but this battery’s performance makes it worthwhile.

A high CCA rating ensures excellent performance
Can withstand heavy sound system and lights
Doesn’t come with battery posts

3. OPTIMA Batteries 8014-045

  • CCA Capacity: 750 Amps
  • C20 Capacity: 55Ah
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Warranty: 36 months

An additional battery from Optima can be used as a deep-cycle battery and a starting battery.

So if your vehicle has a lot of power-demanding processes going on, this battery will be able to handle all of them without breaking a sweat.

It is an AGM battery which means it will need little to no maintenance. The battery has a 720 amp cranking capacity, which is rather remarkable and effective for use in cold conditions.

Additionally, spirally wound cells are used in their construction to increase both their efficiency and robustness. The battery is built to last and is effectively sealed to prevent electrolyte leakage.

The reserve capacity of the battery is yet another thing that is worth mentioning. It has a reserve capacity of 120 minutes that ensures a power flow for a longer time.

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Saltwater resistant
Low self-discharge rate
Resistant to vibrations

4. Odyssey battery 34R PC1500

  • CCA Capacity: 850 Amps
  • C20 Capacity: 62Ah
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Warranty: 48 months

This battery is capable of providing all the power that your vehicle needs. It is one of the best automotive batteries out there as it carries enough fire to power all the things up without much effort.

It is powered by pure lead, which is why it offers greater strength than conventional batteries that contain lead alloy.

In addition, the lead is packed in plates with a greater surface area and hence, delivers 2x power.

The battery has a CCA rating of 850 which means that you’ll be able to crank up your vehicle in the coldest of weather.

Also, the reserve capacity is 135 minutes which gives a more extended and consistent function battery.

It is both a starting battery and a deep cycle battery that’ll sufficiently power up all your car accessories and electronics.

Offers mounting flexibility
Fast recharging
Can power multiple things simultaneously
Warranty support isn’t great

5. Optima Batteries 8006-06

  • CCA Capacity: 800 Amps
  • C20 Capacity: 50Ah
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Warranty: 36 months

The Optima blue top battery is recommended for marine applications or RVs.

But one notable thing is the fact that it should only be used as a starting battery and shouldn’t be used as a long-term battery. 

This battery will eliminate any starting issues since it offers strong cranking power. And ensure an effortless start of the vehicle every time.

In addition, it is a maintenance-free source of power for boats and RVs. 

There will essentially be no trouble starting the engines even during harsh colds, thanks to the high CCA capacity. Additionally, the 100-minute reserve capacity is pretty impressive. 

Overall, the battery performs great for the price. It shows lots of resistance to vibrations and is more compact than regular lead-acid batteries. And it is an amazing choice for marine applications.

Long shelf life
Offers superior cranking power
Tough and sturdy
Lacks installation hardware

6. Odyssey 34M-PC1500ST-M

  • CCA Capacity: 880 Amps
  • C20 Capacity: 68Ah
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Warranty: 48 months

Another powerful battery is recommended for marine applications, but this one is a dual-purpose battery. It can function both as a starting battery as well as offering great deep cycling capability. 

It can withstand depths of discharge without much loss of power, so it can offer two times more power than regular batteries.

In addition, the battery exhibits a robust starting power even during cold conditions thanks to the high CA capacity of the battery. 

It is constructed with virgin lead plates with an AGM design that makes it spillproof. The build battery is sturdy and features high-quality, corrosion-resistant terminals.

The battery offers a sure start every time and has enough ability to power all the electronic accessories in the vehicle.

Robust starting power during cold
Good reserve capacity
Excellent performance
Durability issues

7. Optima Batteries 8071-167

  • CCA Capacity: 450 Amps
  • C20 Capacity: 38Ah
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Warranty: 36 months

This yellow top battery by optima is a reliable option for starting and deep cycle power for high-demand or commercial vehicles.

It offers unstoppable power and is an amazing option for accessory-loaded vehicles.

This AGM battery is maintenance-free and works well in cold conditions. If you’re living in freezing conditions, then the previously mentioned batteries will be a better option.

But for moderately cold environments, this battery is capable enough with a CCA rating of 450 amps.

The battery has a 66-minute reserve capacity. It works great for powering up demanding sound systems as well as multiple other electronic accessories.

The battery houses spirally coiled pure lead cells that enhance its strength. All the contents of the battery are sealed in a polypropylene case and are spill-free.

Overall, the battery is an excellent option if you’re looking for ultimate power and performance.

Ensures effortless startup every time
Less self-discharge rate
A good option for seasonal use
Short service life

Best Car Battery For Cold Weather: Buying Guide

When you have a severe cold, your car battery will be giving you a lot more trouble. Chilly mornings where your car has cold start issues are no less than a nightmare.

Therefore, there are several things you should examine twice before buying a car battery, especially if you live in a colder climate. The ones that are most significant have been listed below.

Cold Cranking Amps

If you want a battery to endure the cold, this is the first and most important attribute to look for. The number of amps that a battery can provide at absolute zero is indicated by its CCA rating.

By delivering enough amps to start the engine in cold weather, a higher rating indicates better performance.

Maintenance Free

AGM batteries are generally referred to as maintenance-free batteries. The AGM plates work by absorbing the battery’s electrolyte, which completely eliminates the possibility of spillage

This offers great mounting flexibility. In addition to that, AGM batteries tend to perform better in cold weather than standard batteries.

This is due to the fact that they have lower rates of self-discharge and higher CCA ratings. And both are necessary for a battery to function properly in the bitter cold.

Reserve Capacity

A battery’s reserve capacity is crucial for any situation where the vehicle’s charging system or alternators malfunction.

It describes the maximum current a fully charged battery can produce at 25 amps before the voltage drops to 10.5 volts.

Therefore, this aspect shouldn’t be disregarded because it will be in charge of satisfying a car’s electronic requirements when necessary.

In amp-hours, a battery’s reserve capacity is expressed, and a greater rating is preferable.


Always get your car battery from reputable companies who support their goods, provide long-lasting batteries, and are ready to provide replacements under warranty.

Optima and Odyssey are two of the most well-known and dependable brands of automotive batteries. They produce safe, secure, and long-lasting batteries for your automobiles and offer a dependable service.


What kind of automobile battery performs best in cold climates?

The ideal car batteries for cold weather are those with greater CCA ratings and reserve capacity.

Generally, AGM batteries tend to perform exceptionally well in chilly environments because they offer better cranking amps and have a low self-discharge rate.

And so they provide a robust starting power even during the coldest weather.

What car battery has the most cranking amps?

It is now generally accepted that a battery with a higher CA rating performs better in cold climates.

XS POWER D3400 XS Series, which has a 1000 CCA rating, and Odyssey 34M-PC1500ST-M, which has an 880 CCA capacity, are the automobile batteries with the highest cold cranking amps.

In cold temperatures, what should the car battery voltage be?

A good battery provides 12.4V or more when it is at rest. Cold climates benefit greatly from this voltage.

Keep in mind that the majority of your battery’s capacity will be lost throughout the winter if you don’t keep it charged.

How can I prevent my car battery from freezing throughout the winter?

Cold weather wreaks havoc on car batteries, and we all know that.

Checking your car battery before winter sets in is the easiest method to prevent it from dying. Try to leave your car in a garage or somewhere with a warmer climate.

If you can, get your battery a warm blanket. Most importantly, go for a daily drive that lasts at least 20 minutes.

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