11 Best Car Seat Covers 2021 – Ultimate Guide

Spilled something on your brand new car’s seat and it’s not coming off? Or bored with the usual old seat covers installed in your car? Seat covers not only spice up the interior of your car but also help you to get rid of mud or spilled drinks on your seat covers.

Yet most people get the best car seat covers as soon as they get a new car. You would be wondering which seat cover size would be the best one for you. Though most of the best car seat covers have a universal size yet some car owners experience fitting issues. Thus to solve this problem we’ve stated the compatible cars with the car seat cover reviews

Before you move further into the in-depth review, let me tell you the type of materials for the best seat covers 2021. It will make it easy for you to choose the best one. The main types of material used in seat covers are leather, faux leather, microfiber, and neoprene.

So let’s not wait and jump into the reviews for the best car seat covers 2021. We have covered the in-depth reviews of each of the 11 best car seat covers along with their features, and pros and cons.

Our top pick for the best car seat covers 2021 is the premium PU205102 car seat cover. The seat cover is made by a very well-known company called the FH group.

So this car seat cover comes with high-quality faux leather, which is not only comfortable but also durable. The faux leather is covered with high-density foam and non-slip silicone. Thus you don’t need to worry about any slipping on this car seat cover. The design is top-notch with great stitching all over the car seat cover.

Moreover, it is backed with a sideless design which allows the airbags to open without any issue. The whole package of his best car seat cover includes 2 backrest cushions, 2 bottom seat cover for the front seat, and 2 headrest cover.

Note: This package only includes seat covers for front seats.

So the material, the faux leathers works perfectly well with preventing any water or coffee drains, if spilled over. Its dual-color design gives the interior of your car an extravagant look, and amazingly it this ultimate seat cover has 7 colors in total. You can choose any color that suits your car. This car seat cover acts just like a permanent seat cover that is fitted in your car already.

Unfortunately, this car seat cover is not foldable, which also has a reason. It’s because the seat cover includes 10mm thick foam racking to prevent any quality issues in it. That holds the cover’s shape to prevent it from reshaping. Besides, its four corners elastic design makes it quite easy for you to install. Thus with the adjustable straps, the car seat cover can be fitted tightly.

Thus if you are looking for a high-quality car seat cover, this might be the one for you. Though its price is a bit high from other best car seat covers this one ensures the best quality with a thick design. Don’t forget it’s completely different from other cheap seat covers out there. At last, don’t worry about the size; it has a universal fit which is perfect for all cars.

  • High Quality
  • Heavy design
  • Very Comfortable
  • 100% waterproof
  • Sometimes causes sweaty and warm back

2. Gorla Waterproof Car Seat Cover Best for Workout Enthusiasts.

Another option we have in our best car seat cover rundown is this Gorla amazing seat covers. Made with high-quality neoprene material, this best car seat cover gives the perfect look to your car. With ensuring comfort and durability, these best car seat covers 2021 stand out in the market.

This Gorla Car seat cover is the best one for you if you want a 100% waterproof and sweatproof seat cover. After testing it by spilling water on the car seat cover, we have come to the result that not even a single drop of water was penetrating from this seat cover.

Moreover, this cover would be ideal for you if you have any pets. This car seat cover has amazing durability, which means that this seat cover won’t even get a scratch because of dogs or cat’s nails.

Even if your dog or cat is dirty, the seat cover can be washed or cleaned with a cloth right away. Like most high-end car seat covers, this one doesn’t slip back. It is equipped with an amazing anti-slip backing feature that completely eliminates slipping.

Along with that, if you are also a workout enthusiast like me, you would need this best car seat cover. It features a non-stick nylon surface with a 3mm neoprene base which won’t ever stick sweat, whether it is hot or cold. So you don’t need to worry about the stickiness of this best car seat cover, it is even more comfortable than a towel cover.

Furthermore, the company GORLA provides a gift for you if you get this seat cover, a seat belt cover. Isn’t this surprising? You’re getting the two best car accessories at only an affordable cost. This seat cover measures 54 inches long and 21.25 inches wide. Thus choose according to your seat dimensions. Besides, it has an option for 3 colors so you can choose one that suits the best for your car.

This Gorla seat cover is very easy to install, you only need to open it and place it on the car seat. So the company provides a slipcover that takes the grip of the headrest. You won’t even have to take care of it if the seat cover gets dirty; just clean it with mild detergents. At last, this car seat cover has been bought by 1200 people worldwide! It stands out with 90% positive reviews. Don’t waste your time to get one right away.

  • Very affordable Price
  • They offer a 100% money-back guarantee
  • Very comfortable
  • Soak all the moisture completely
  • Comes in a cool packet
  • Not Suitable with heated seats
  • A bit difficult to use if you have Honda

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3. Black Panther Car Seat Cover

These Panther car seat covers are the best if you have a high budget. However, it doesn’t lack any features. Made by the famous Black Panther, this car seat cover stands out in the market.

This seat covers feature unique diamond pattern embroidery with delicacy perforations. It not only makes the sear covers breathable but also comfortable than ever. This durable seat cover protects your stock car seats from any kind of stains or scratches. These are 100% waterproof seats, making them the perfect one for you.

This best car seat cover is made from rubber granule fabric. Besides, a non-slip material helps you remain seated without any problem. It contains 2 pockets on the front so you can put your phone, charger or anything you want too. If you have a car with black seats and an interior, this one will be the best one for you. It matches the rear seat covers of your car completely.

Furthermore, the side edges of this seat cover are backed with a smooth line which gives a very sleek look and feels if you sit on it. These side edges don’t even affect the use of airbags. It means that they are totally compatible with airbags. without having any malfunction.

This car seat cover is only suitable for 95% of cars. Although it has a universal fit, it works perfectly with cars such as Ford, Toyota, SUV, Mercedes, and Chevrolet. Besides, some people think that the price is a bit high for one seat cover.

These Black Panther car seat covers have 4 colors, giving you a wide variety to buy according to your car’s interior. Along with that, these seat covers are very easy to install. They have 13.1 x 11.3 x 3.9 inches of dimension, which means you can check the size of your car seat and buy it accordingly. So the front seat cover is equipped with a quick buckle and elastic bands on the top. These two things are given to prevent any displacement of the seat covers.

  • Cushion Fit is very comfortable
  • Protects the seat from wear & tear in warm areas.
  • Scratchless material
  • Fitting is very tight
  • Installation guide isn’t provided

4. Elantrip Dual Front Seat Covers

Next, off we have these best Elantrip car seat covers with us. I must say Elantrip has amazed me with their all-new seat cover; previously they have made quite good car products.

The main feature of this seat cover is the dual waterproofing. It has a 3 layer coating which totally prevents any kind of stains or dirt from being put on the original seats. on the top of the seat, there’s a flat water-resistant cloth which is very comfortable. After that, 2mm neoprene waterproof sheets are there and the last layer is the mesh waterproof cloth.

If you drop anything on the seat cover, it can easily be cleaned with a cloth. Also, the company has given you various color options to get according to your needs. Guess what? They have also included a 12-month warranty.

Other than that, the material of this car seat cover is 100% anti-slip, which means you don’t have to adjust it whenever you sit in your car. It is backed up with the universal fit, which can easily fit most cars, trucks, or jeeps. It is also equipped with 360degree protection.

Moving on to the compatibility, this best car seat cover is completely airbag compatible. Its dual design from both sides allows airbags to open if unfortunately, you get into an accident. Besides, it has a very easy installation with videos helping to put them without any problem. To avoid any size problems, do check your seat size first. These best car seat covers have a size of 19 to 20 inches in width with a 21-inch depth. While the backrest height is 27 to 28 inches and the height of the headrest is 11 to 12 inches. Thus choose wisely.

However, these seat covers have fitting issues. But if you check the size before buying, it won’t let you down at all. At last, the whole package includes 2 front seat covers with 2 headrest covers and a small bag of hooks for installation.

  • Price is quite affordable
  • Material is soft and comfortable
  • Customer Support is good
  • Some people face fitting issues

5. Aierxuan Car Seat Covers

If you are looking for the best leather car seat cover, this one will be the perfect option. Aierxuan again didn’t let us down with this top-notch quality seat cover under $200.

This Aierxuan 5 comes with very comfortable waterproof PU leather with an amazing elastic sponge. This material is perfect for all seasons, thus you don’t need to worry about it. So it is softly textured with astonishing anti-slip technology.

Talking about the design, it has the best-enclosed design from all other car seat covers. To be honest, if I were to buy a seat cover, I would buy this seat cover only because of its design and material. Also, the seat cover has integrated sleek colored linings which make the design look modern and sporty.

The material of this best car seat cover is completely wear-resisting. It is very easy to clean, just wipe any dirt or stain of the cover. Also, they have given 3 colors to choose from.

Moreover, the headrest cover is can be detached when the headrest is removed which means that it is not connected with the whole cover. It also is totally compatible with airbags; the covers give enough space for the airbags to open.

One thing which isn’t there in this seat cover is the foldable feature which could’ve been added. Additionally, the disc anchors installed in it prevent any kind of slipping. The seat buckle compatibility lets you detach a part of the seat cover. Besides, it is very easy to install. With the zipper, you can easily install them in your car.

This whole package includes a whole set, which means that they give both front and rear car seat covers. At last, the company has given a car compatibility guide here, so check it out accordingly and get one for your car now!

  • Very Comfortable
  • Sleek Design
  • Disc anchors help a lot
  • Car Compatibility guide is given
  • Hooks are difficult to install
  • Zip is weak

6. Black panther pair car seat covers

This Black Panther seat cover is almost the same as the previous one with just some differences which include a premium PU leather material. It is very soft and comfortable for long journeys in the car, SUV, truck, or Van. This seat cover proves to be the best seat cover for all seasons.

With heavy waterproof leather, it doesn’t drain any liquid through the seat cover. The original car seats don’t even get a drop of the liquid. Thus it can be the perfect one if you have kids. Besides, the quilted design lets this seat cover have its own class. It’s backed up with a wrapped edge design for advanced protection.

Therefore, if you even let the headrest uncovered, it won’t show any difference between the seat cover and the original stock seat covers. So you don’t need to worry about that.

It comes with a non-slip bottom surface with durable chucks and hooks. You can easily install them in your car with them, the hook is tight enough to let the car seat cover give its shape. It helps the car seat cover to stay in place every time you sit in your car.

However, this seat cover is not compatible with a large vehicle (such as Mercedes Benz S, BMW 7 Series, and Lexus GX470). Along with Toyota Tundra, Chevrolet Tahoe, and same size cars. Thus if you have any of these cars, don’t get this one as it won’t fit. Instead, get from the ones listed above, you’ll find a great fit for your car. Other than that, it comes with a handy pocket on the left or right side of it which allows you to put your accessories in it. Also, it is compatible with seat belt locks and airbags.

  • Quality is perfect with 1mm thickness
  • Fitting for some cars is perfect
  • Front pockets give you more space
  • Affordable Price
  • Fewer compatibility options for cars
  • The material expands at times

7. FH Group PU205102 Ultra Comfortable seat covers

Again we have the best car seat covers by the FH group. As I said before, they have a wide number of car seat covers. They have given from cheap seat covers to high-end expensive car seat covers, whereas this one is the option which is quite affordable.

These seat covers come in extensive 10 colors ranging from black to even green. The whole package includes 2 front seat covers with 2 headrest covers. With a universal fit, these best car seat covers can be fitted in almost all cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans.

Talking about the material, they are made up of highly durable and comfortable and waterproof faux leather fabric which is completely breathable and can work out for all seasons. Besides, it is easy to clean; you can put it in a washing machine or even clean it with a wet cloth.

The back of the bucket seat is made up of a very stretchy fabric that gives you a clean and professional look.

However, these car seat covers don’t support airbag compatibility. It would be dangerous if the airbags of your car don’t work, thus choose wisely. Also, it doesn’t have a built-in seat belt feature so do keep that in mind if you are buying this car seat cover. In addition, it has a sleek and stylish design with 2 colors. It would take long to install it as the company has given clear instructions on the installation of it.

Moreover, if you less budget to buy the best car seat cover, go for this one. Many people have given the price of it, the biggest selling factor.

  • Variety of colors
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable price
  • Not long-lasting
  • No airbag Compatibility
  • Material is a bit thin

8. CAR PASS Montclair 11PCS Leather Seat Covers

The CAR PASS Montclair car seat cover comes in the 9th position in our rundown of best car seat covers 2021. It features a quite simple design. Let’s check more about it.

This seat cover is equipped with high-quality leather with pineapple cloth which not only keeps you warm in winters but also cool in summers. So that means that this car seat cover is perfect for every season. Along with that, both the leather and pineapple cloth are 100% waterproof. Also, it is equipped with anti-slip leather, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Moreover, the cover is compatible with airbags, seat belts, and headrests. Without this kind of compatibility, a seat cover doesn’t stand out in the market. The opening holes for the headrest let you adjust the headrest without any problem. However, some people as per reviews complained about the material. Some say that they get torn after some time.

The design for the back seat cover is a bit different from the front ones. This feature is quite good as it can help you put them accordingly when installing. Besides, it fits perfectly in cars without any kind of creases. The installation is also very easy, the company has given 3 line zippers, you just need to open the zipper, cover the seat and simply close it.

The fit is also universal, which means that it can fit 95% of the total cars. Yet do check the compatibility table; it comes in almost all the best car seat cover brands. At last, keep in mind that the whole package includes all front and rear car seats.

  • Easy to install
  • Long lasting
  • Very Durable
  • Fits well
  • Gets torn if not used properly
  • Headrest covers are small

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9. Motor Trend AquaShield seat covers

This motor trend seat cover is yet another best seat cover on our list. Motor Trend has come up with a simple 3 layer waterproof seat cover, this time. It’s quite affordable and would be best for ideal usage.

It features a modern design with a universal fit, which makes it good for almost all cars. Also, there’s a side-less design that allows it to be fully compatible with airbags. Thus you don’t want to change or cut it to be able for opening the airbags. Also, it includes back pockets, which are quite necessary if you go on long drives.

So the neoprene material has a 100% waterproof lining which helps you ride tension-free. It won’t even leave a stain on the original car seat covers if spilled with coffee or tea. Besides, the soft and comfortable polyester cloth helps you enjoy the journey without any problem. The anti-slip backing is also there in this best car seat cover 2021.

The seat cover comes with a stylish two-tone color design, which means you can get 2 colors in only one car seat cover, isn’t that amazing? Alongside, they have 3 types of colors for seat covers; get one which suits your car the best.

However, some people face fitting issues with this motor trend seat cover. The headrest also needs to get removed so do check before getting it.

Furthermore, these seat covers are very easy to install. Usually, seat covers aren’t that difficult to install, so don’t worry about that. Do keep in mind that these seat covers are for the front only. These car seat covers are installed by more than 1000 people and have approved these seat covers. Thus overall, I would say that these are some good seat covers as per my experience, so if you have less budget, go for it.

  • Colors are good
  • Affordable price
  • Universal fit is good
  • Easy to install
  • Fitting is with wrinkles
  • Headrest has to be removable to fit these on
  • Can’t be washed in a washing machine

 10. Leader Accessories Beige seat cover

This seat cover is very portable and is not the type of car seat cover that takes hours only in the installation. Leader Accessories have made a lot of car products with quality and at affordable prices, so let’s check what we have today.

This 10th best seat cover is custom-made for running, swimmers, or workout athletes which is because of the 3 layer material. The material is made from a 100% waterproof soft swat towel, so you can tell by the name that this seat cover actually acts as a towel. It’s just like putting a comfortable towel but in a good and modern way. Thus if you sweat a lot, don’t worry it will soak it all up and remain cooled without any odor. However, if it smells bad, you can easily wash it in a machine.

Furthermore, it is completely foldable which means if you don’t want the seat cover you can roll it up and store it in the trunk. Do keep in mind that the package comes with only one piece. However, the design and fitting are not that high-end like the previously reviewed seat covers. Also, if you have pets then it wouldn’t be suitable for it as it piles up in seconds.

Other than that, it includes the airbag compatibility which I wasn’t expecting in this car seat cover. Besides, it also has an anti-slip backing design, so you don’t have to adjust the car seat cover again and again. Therefore, if you are an athlete, you must get this seat cover. If you are not, don’t worry they will work for you too!

  • Can be washed in a machine
  • Odorless and durable
  • Can be stored easily
  • Fitting is not good
  • Not recommended for pets

11. FH Group PU207GRAYBLACK102

At last, we have the best car seat cover by the FH group. You might be wondering why we have included the car seat cover by the FH group 3 times. Well, they deserve to get reviewed as they have an extensive range of seat covers. You can get one in any color, size, or even price.

So this car seat cover is made from faux leatherette, let me tell you, faux leatherette in seat covers is rare to find in the market. It has a quilted design like the Black Panther ones. The difference is in the design; this one has a simple line design. Also, the material is 100% waterproof, which can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.

The material is quite thick offering a comfortable smooth experience. The 3D air mesh helps it be more breathable. Most cars have seat covers that get too warm in summers that they become unbreathable. Thus with this seat cover, you can even sit in the car for hours.

The whole package includes 2 front car seat covers with 1 installation guide. The installation is quite easy; they have given Velcro opening and adjustable straps along. However, the straps given for installation are very weak and can get torn if not used properly.

Moreover, it includes a pocket at the front; you can store any kind of accessories in it. Besides, the sideless design allows the airbags to open. The non-slipping backing allows the cover to stay in place. Also, it comes with a detachable headrest which gives a professional and original look. It also supports a built-in seat belt.

  • Quality is good
  • Variety of colors
  • Affordable price
  • Difficult to install
  • Straps are weak

Best Car Seat Covers 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Most people don’t have any knowledge about car seat covers. But to buy the best car seat cover, you need some information on which you can rely while getting it. So here I gave some in-depth guides to help you in finding a good seat cover.

Types of Best Car seat covers in 2021

Now there are several options in the market if you search for the best car seat cover. Yet, before searching, you need to ask yourself that:

Which Type Of Car Seat Cover Do You Need?

The type of seat cover depends on your lifestyle and the weather in which you usually drive. There are a lot of all-season seat covers but some are also present which are best for specific seasons.

For What Purpose Do You Need A Seat Cover?

So if you need to decide whether you need a seat cover for more comfort, helping your back to relax on long journeys. Or you need a car seat cover to protect the original seats of your car. Thus when you have chosen the type and purpose, now it’s time to check some essential features to consider while buying the best car seat cover.


There are many seat cover materials out there but choosing one can be difficult. It depends on your ways of living and the atmosphere around you. Some best seat cover materials include

  • Faux Leather

Most people are using leather at the moment and new cars are also equipped with leather. So if you want to make the interior give a more classy look, go for leather. If not, there’s nothing to worry about and yes, leather is best for all seasons. Most importantly you would need leather if you have any pets as leather can be easily cleaned. It doesn’t even get torn. Yet, sometimes leather can get uncomfortable. Thus leather is very durable, it would last longer.

  • Neoprene

Neoprene is also good material. It is actually the wetsuit material, so if you drive or live in a rainy area then go for neoprene. The material is 100% waterproof and is tested by putting water, all the water pours down instead of soaking. According to the analysts at Technavio, the global neoprene consumption is reached 445 kilotons by 2020, recording a CAGR of 5.53%

  • Cotton

Cotton is a widely known material as you would already know. It is primarily known for its breathability feature that doesn’t disturb you with any kind of breathing issues in hot areas. It is durable and long-lasting widely used material and is also an affordable option. If you don’t want to take care of the seat cover all the time, get a seat cover with cotton material.

  • Towel

This towel material is only best for athletes. As it says towel material, it acts like a towel but with a stylish design and with more comfort. The main feature which is different from other seat covers is the ultra-fast soaking design. It simply catches all your sweat and makes you cool. You might be thinking about the smell. Well, don’t worry this material is totally odorless and durable.


The size is universal for all car seat cover. Yet some people face issues with the size, so you check if the listed the models have your car in it. If your car isn’t there in the list, check the car seat dimensions and match it to the stock seats and simply get one that fits the best.


This one is a must. A seat cover without waterproofing will be a waste of money. Waterproofing prevents any kind of liquid to pass through the seat covers onto the original ones. So long words short, get the best car seat cover with waterproofing.

Airbag compatibility

Airbag compatibility makes the seat cover able to open if you face any accident. It is mostly found in all car seat covers. But if a seat covers don’t support an airbag, don’t get it. Usually, people who have fewer budgets get the one without airbag compatibility. So, in my opinion, don’t go for the ones without airbag compatibility. Yet if you don’t have airbags on the side, it won’t matter if you get one with or without airbag compatibility.

Washing abilities

As it says by the name, it’s better to get a machine-washable seat cover. Seat covers washed in a machine can take minutes. Yet, washing them with hands can be tremendous. Most people also get seat covers with wipe cleaning technology, which is also good and easy to do. But if the stain or spill is large, it can get tiring. So to conclude, it depends on you whether you buy a machine-washable seat cover or wipe a clean one.

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What are the best quality car seat covers?

There are plenty of best car seat covers. However, the best one is the FH Group PU205102 Seat Covers. It comes with extensive features like waterproofing and airbag compatibility. These are primarily made for athletes.

Do car seat covers look good?

Yes, some seat covers look good while some don’t. It depends on the fitting and the design of the seat cover. I would rather go for a tightly fitted seat cover with a quilted design like the Black Panther ones.

How do I know what car seat covers to buy?

We have included an in-depth buyer’s guide for the best car seat cover 2021. Check that out before getting one for yourself.

Which is better leather or cloth car seat?

In 2021, most people prefer leather more than cloth, as cloth gets easily stained and torn. Especially if you have pets, leather car seat covers will be the perfect option.

Do seat covers ruin seats?

Not at all, seat cover protects your original seat from getting any kind of damage. Yet there are some cheap car seat covers that ruin seats but don’t worry we haven’t listed any of them.

What is the most durable seat cover material?

The durability of a seat cover depends on the material. Different the materials, the durability will also be different. Leatherworks for a longer time with being durable while neoprene seems to work for less time. The cheapest seat covers have less or even zero durability but all the ones listed above are highly durable.

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