Travelling with a meek and dull music in your car just doesn’t sound right. All you audio freaks out there would especially be able to relate.

But gladly, that is a problem no more. Today, the market is overflowing with options for high end stereo systems, speakers, and amplifiers. 

But we don’t really think there is a need to spend much when a budget car speaker would do just as well.

And keeping exactly that in mind we’re here with the 7 best car speakers under $100. We will be reviewing them in terms of all the key features that you need to know before making a purchase!

Which are the Best Car Speakers under $100 ?

1. Kicker CSC65 Speaker

  • Size: 6.5 inches
  • Type: Coaxial Speaker
  • Power: 300 Watt/100W RMS
  • Material: Polypropylene

The superwoofer design of this speaker is the best kind of upgrade you can make from the boring factory speaker system.

The speaker features phase plugs that do a great job in eliminating distortions in sound.  This 6.5 inch speaker will fit in any car.

It features a 4 ohm 2 way coaxial speaker system that never fails to amaze us. The ultra-clean bass and crisp highs and lows make it a remarkable upgrade for just about any vehicle. 

The RMS power of the speakers is 100W aided with EVC technology that produces clear sound and a better woofer performance.

In addition, they come along with tweeters that elevate the sound richness and volume.  The polypropylene cones and UV treated surrounds are sturdy and will last a long time.

With a 90 dB sensitivity and up to 20,000 Hz frequency, this pair of speakers will most definitely be perfect for your car!

Crisp and clear highs
Easy installation
Great value for the price
6dB/octave crossovers
Needs to be paired with a subwoofer&nbsp

2. Kenwood KFC-1796PS

  • Size: 6.75 inches
  • Type: Coaxial Speaker
  • Power: 330 Watt/100W RMS
  • Material: Polypropylene

Kenwood has not failed to impress us with its amazing 2 way car audio speakers. The 6.75 inch design of this pair of speakers is ergonomic and fits to most vehicles on the road today. 

In addition, a multi driver system is employed in them to aid in the enhancement of articulate lows, crisp vocals, and a banging bass.

The radial pattern on the polypropylene cones promotes better performance, strength, and longevity in the speakers. 

Not only that, the surround in these speakers is made out of rubber that is another factor that immensely contributes to a consistent performance over time.

And if we talk about the detailing in the sound, all of it is handled by the 1.56” paper tweeter and ceramic super tweeters.

It comes with a 4ohm impedance that takes the sound to a next level. Overall, this pair of speakers is the total package for the price!

Crisp lows and highs
Diamond array pattern on woofer cone eliminates distortion
Acoustic sound harmonizer
Bass is not strong

3. JBL CLUB6520

  • Size: 6.5 inches
  • Type: Coaxial Speaker/woofer
  • Power: 300 Watts
  • Material: Polypropylene

When talking about car speakers, you just cannot leave JBL. So these 6.5 inch speakers from JBL are a great choice that you can consider under 100 bucks.

They both combine and deliver a decent treble with clear highs and lows. The sensitivity rating is excellent which means you will get quite an amped up volume out of your speakers.  

The mids and lows are clear. They have an impedance of 3 ohm speakers which prove to make it the best. They can easily work with the usual thin factory wiring.

The speakers are an appropriate prop to give the right amount of oomph to your music. However, if you’re getting your hands on these JBL speakers then, we would suggest you to go over a tutorial for its installation.

Because that’s where JBL seriously lacks. However, In terms of sound and durability, these speakers are stellar.

Excellent treble
Explicit mids and lows
Bass is low
Installation is difficult and takes time

4. Pioneer TS-A6880F

  • Size: 8 inch
  • Type: Coaxial Speaker/woofer
  • Power: 350 Watt/80W RMS
  • Material: Carbon and MICA

This one is an A-series 4 way pair of car speakers that will help you delve into an incredible world of music.

If you want to add life to your vehicle, you gotta get hands on this 8 inch pair of speakers by Pioneer. 

The overall sound quality produced by them is commendable. The highs as well as the lows are pretty crisp and solid.

Not to mention, the highs are not crazy harsh so you will experience a super clear and bass boosted sound. 

The woofer cone is made from carbon fiber which is lightweight and durable. In addition, it is quite sturdy yet flexible which helps the speakers to deliver a higher and stable output. 

The surround is made out of elastic polymer material, so you can assure that the sound will remain distortion free in case you’re planning to blast them.

These speakers are the way to go for a loud and crisp sound. They fit quite easily to all types of vehicles.

Excellent treble
Explicit mids and lows
Customers have reported durability issues

5. Rockford Fosgate P152

  • Size: 5.25 inches
  • Type: Full range speakers
  • Power: 80 Watt/40W RMS
  • Material: Polypropylene

If you’re planning to revamp the sound system of your vehicle, then make sure to consider these 2 way full range speakers by Rockford.

You’ll not regret upgrading to these from your average factory system.  This pair of speakers functions at an RMS of 40W and delivers a phenomenal output once broke in.

The flex fix basket design of these speakers make room for a better adjustment while mounting.  

Moreover, the speakers are built with injection molded polypropylene cones that are rigid and long lasting.

They also promote distortion less sound and hence, enhance the overall quality of the speakers.  

Lastly, we’d also like to mention the PEI dome tweeter that produces an incredibly crisp, clear, and detailed sound.

The overall performance of these speakers is worth all the praises.

Rubber surround promotes strength
Elaborate sound
Bass is amazing at this price point
Installation and compatibility issues have been reported

6. Skar Audio TX525

  • Size: 5.25 inches
  • Type: Coaxial Speakers
  • Power: 160 Watt/80W RMS
  • Material: Glass Fiber

The next in line is a pair of 2 way speakers by Skar Audio and this one is a dream for all the audio fanatics out there.

The best part is that you won’t have to break your bank and yet experience a stellar sound system.  

Well about these, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are a solid competition for most of the high end speakers.

They feature glass fiber cone paired with a premium TPE surround that enables it to outperform others. 

In all honesty, this is one heck of a powerful pair of speakers that deliver an unparalleled sound even at maximum volumes.

There’s little to no distortion as well as the high, mids and lows are incredibly clear. These speakers are highly responsive across many frequencies.

Also, the silk dome tweeters are one of their own kind and so deliver a rich and articulate sound. 

Produce loud and clear sound
Ergonomic design
Easy to install
Not louder than stock speakers
Less bass

7. Kicker 43DSC6704

  • Size: 6.75 inches
  • Type: Coaxial Speakers
  • Power: 240 Watt/60W RMS
  • Material: Polypropylene

A pair of speakers fitting in right out of the box is what you’ll bless yourself with, if you get your hands on these.

For an improvement in your factory sound, the Kicker 2 way coaxial speakers are a solid option. They’ll fit into any vehicle door and deliver a powerful performance.

This pair of speakers employs a polypropylene cone that is quite sturdy and it is paired with UV treated foam surround that helps in cancelling distortion in the sound.

Not only that, polypropylene cones allow the speakers to last longer and perform better than others.  

The dome tweeters tremendously aid the speakers in producing a crisp and clear sound.

They don’t produce a lot of bass but they are definitely loud and clear. All in all, the performance of these speakers is outstanding when paired with the right kind of stereo system.

Loud and clear sound
Zero distortion
Easy to install
Weak bass
Some people faced durability issues
Perform at frequency 160Hz

Best car Speakers Under $100: Buying Guide

No matter if you’re a first time buyer or an experienced audiophile, a bit of an insight into the rudiments of purchasing the best car speakers is always a good idea.  

Your budget doesn’t really count for there are a few things that should always be taken into account before making a purchase for a car speaker.

We’ll be listing them below so make sure to check them out and get your priorities straight!


So the size isn’t much of a tricky factor when it comes to purchasing a car speaker. It doesn’t need much guidance because at the end of the day, you’ll have to see what you need.

But it is still one of those factors that should definitely be considered while making a purchase.  

We might suggest you an 8 inch option, but if it doesn’t fit in right for your vehicle then it’s just useless.

Pay attention to the size your vehicle stock speakers have and make your purchase accordingly.

Speaker Type

You will come across mainly two types of car speakers while on your shopping spree. One of them is a coaxial speaker, also known as full range speaker while the other one will be a component speaker.  

All of the speakers mentioned on this list are the type one i.e. Coaxial or Full Range Speakers.

This type of speaker is a 2 way design that employs the use of tweeters, woofers, and a crossover but all of them assembled within a single unit.

Anyway, the main point is that they’re cheaper and that’s what you’ll essentially find under 100 bucks.  

On the other hand, component speakers as the name suggests, have separate systems. The woofer, tweeters and crossover are mounted separately.

They produce an amazing sound sure, but they are way more expensive than coaxial speakers.


Well, we shouldn’t really be mentioning this point because everybody looks for quality while making a purchase. But just in case you forgot! 

Pay attention to the material of the cone, surround, and tweeters when buying a car speaker or any speaker at all. And make sure to buy the one with a durable material.

However, you don’t need to worry as all the best car speakers for sound quality have a high quality and amazing sound.

Power Handling

If you want to blast your sound system then your speakers gotta be able to handle the power output.

This means you need to take into account the power capacity of your potential purchase. Make sure to check out the RMS value and not the peak power handling.  

If you’re aiming to run a strong amplifier or stereo, then your speakers should be able to withstand that power output.

If they’re not able to do that, the sound will get distorted. And not to mention, you’ll ruin your speakers too!


Material is one of the most important things to consider because that’s what will decide the durability of the speaker as well as the quality of the sound produced by it. 

Everyone’s well aware of the tacky paper cones in factory speakers that deteriorate quite quickly and don’t even produce the kind of sound we need. 

To replace that, you’ll need speakers that are built with long lasting materials.

Most of the speakers mentioned on this list feature polypropylene cones that are rigid and durable. It produces little to no distortion in the sound and hence, gives a better sound quality.  

Next, the surround should also be made with a sturdy material. Rubber is one of the best option for surrounds in a speaker.

However, foam and cloth surrounds perform quite well as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are good cheap car speakers?

The best cheap car speakers are usually made out of coaxial systems. An average power handling of 50W to 80W is considered ideal in a cheap car speaker.

A durable cone and surround material and a set of tweeters makes one good and cheap car speaker such as Kicker CSC65, Kenwood KFC 1796PS, and Kicker 43DSC6704. 

2. Who makes the best car audio speakers?

JBL car speakers are comparatively affordable and also perform really well.

The clarity in JBL speakers is outstanding. Besides, they’re also built with the latest technology. They are one of our favorite manufacturers for car speakers.

However, Kicker and Rockford also manufacture some really excellent speakers. 

3. What’s the best 6.5 speaker for a car?

The Kicker CSC65 is the best 6.5 speaker for a car. It supports a power handling up to 100W RMS.

The material is also durable and sturdy. And the performance is actually quite impressive.

So if you ask us to choose the best one out of all the aforementioned speakers, we will say that Kicker CSC65 are the ones.

They deliver an incredible sound and are very long lasting due to the sturdy cone and surround material.

But if the Kickers are not your cup of tea, then you can definitely choose from the other options, because they’ll do the job just as well.

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