Do you struggle while maintaining the operation of your dash cam in a hot climate?

Well, if you do, then you got to switch from your regular dash cam that works on a lithium battery, or else you’ll end up with a swollen or burst lithium battery and a loss of important footage.

If you want a more stable and weather-resistant dash cam, immediately get your hands on one that operates on a supercapacitor, and thank us later!

According to USA Today, “Dash cams are expected to hit 285,000 this year, up 20% from 2017.”

And if you are worried about finding the best dash cam for your vehicle, stop right there and check out our top picks for the best dash cam for hot climates.

Which is the best Dash Cam For Hot Climate?

1. VIOFO A119 Dash Cam

Temperature Rating: -10°C to 65°C

Camera Quality: 1080p HD

Field of view: 140°


With an included GPS and a buffered parking mode, this Viofo dash cam is the solution to all your needs. 

No matter where you live, this dash cam can counter extreme cold as well as hot temperatures. It can work without distortion in temperatures as low as -10°C or scorching heat of 65°C.

So besides the hot weather, this best dash cam for cold and hot weather can also work in cold climates. 

The high-quality camera setup provides very crisp and vivid images as well as footage. The videos are recorded at both 1080p and 1440p @60/30 frames per second.  

The Sony Starvis night vision sensor and the HDR function fine-tune the abnormally bright or dark areas.

The camera is strong enough to capture clear license plates at night. It features quite a promising wide-angle view.

Although the 140° is not wide enough as most dash cams offer a 170° view, this one provides clearer images with minimal distortion. 

You can keep a record of your speed, locations as well as routes by the use of the built-in GPS service in this dash cam.

Fair price
Ideal video quality in optimal lighting
Sleek design
Audio quality is not good&nbsp

2. Vantrue S1 Dash Cam

Temperature Rating: -20°C to 70°C

Field of view: 330°

Camera Quality: 1080p HD

GPS: Yes

This dash cam by Vantrue is the upgraded model of the previous Vantrue T1. This dash cam adjusts behind the rearview mirror in a discreet manner to avoid disruption in the driver’s view.

It features a live speed display with simultaneous recording from the front and back. An auto parking mode and automatic motion detection are some of the key features of this camera

The dash cam can easily withstand a temperature between -20 to 70°C without the video quality being compromised.

So you don’t need to worry about anything. The supercapacitor prevents it from exploding under high temperatures.

It makes itself a reliable and long-lasting option for your vehicle. It features a dual-camera system with powerful video quality in both front and rearview footage.

The front cam can record 4k videos at 2160p/24 Fps as well as 1080p at 60 Fps. 

Moreover, the Sony night vision aided by the Sony Starvis sensor renders very vibrant and clear nighttime shots both from the front and rear cam. 

This Vantrue dash cam provides a 330° wide-angle view in totality. A 170° wide-angle HD video from the front camera and simultaneously, an equally powerful 160° wide shot from the rear cam.

Also, the built-in GPS facility allows you to track the route, real-time speed as well as the location of the vehicle.

Built-in GPS
Auto parking mode feature
Excellent night vision
Expensive option

3. COOAU Dash Cam

Temperature Rating: -20°C to 70°C

Camera Quality: 1080p HD

Field of view: 320°

GPS: Yes

This dual dash cam by COOAU slightly differs from the two we mentioned previously. It allows you to sync your phone to it through WI-FI and watch the recording and live footage. 

This dash cam is ideal for any climate since it can withstand extreme weather conditions -20 C to 70 C without breaking a sweat.

This dual dash cam provides laudable video quality. Both front and inside cameras record at 1080p at 30fps.

The camera is strong enough to make out street signs as well as the plates. 

Additionally, the camera is supported by a very powerful Novatek high-performing CPU that enhances night vision.

It adjusts the extremely bright or dark recordings. Like most dash cams, this one also offers a 170° wide-angle view from the front camera while a 150-degree view from the inside camera.

It helps record high-definition videos all around.  

The built-in GPS function of this dash cam is another commendable feature about it. The driving speed, identification of route, and precise location; everything will be recorded with the help of GPS service.

Powerful G-sensor automatically detects motion
Wifi syncing with the phone
Mobile app needs improvement&nbsp

4. Vantrue T2 Dash Cam

Temperature Rating: -20°C to 70°C

Camera Quality: 1080p HD

Field of view: 160°


This T2 dash cam features a motion detection parking mode, a powerful supercapacitor, a G sensor, and loop recording ability. 

The temperature rating of this dash cam is an ideal solution for anyone living in extreme weather conditions.

It can chew off temperatures as high as 158°F or 70°C or endure the chills up to -4°F/-20°C. 

The dash camera features a high-performing Novatek processor that records super crisp, detailed, and vibrant footage in optimal lighting conditions.  

The camera records videos at 1080p/30 fps. The nighttime vision is enhanced with the aid of the Sony Exmor sensor.

While the HDR balances out the exposure and renders a clearer image. The dash cam can capture a wide angle of the road on the front up to 160 degrees.  

If you want a GPS function with your dash cam, you’ll have to purchase a GPS mount separately. You’ll be able to record location, speed, and route with this optional GPS tracking facility.

Uses microwaves to detect motion more accurately
High-temperature endurance
Enhanced night vision
Works only as a front-view camera

5. Rexing V1P Dual Cam

Temperature Rating: -28°C to 80°C

Camera Quality: 1080p HD

Field of view: 170°


This dash cam by Rexing is a high-quality product with great features at a fair price point. With this dash cam, you don’t need to worry even if the temperature is as high as 80°C and as low as -28°C. 

It can work without any complications in all types of weather, rendering a crisp, high-quality video in all circumstances.  

The camera features an HD dual channel that shoots videos at 1080p at 30 frames per second. The exposure is balanced out automatically in excessively bright or dark light conditions.

The wide dynamic range of the camera allows it to operate optimally in low-light conditions as well. 

For greater coverage of the road from front and back, this dual dash cam is built to support a 170° wide-angle view. 

For an additional GPS tracking service, you’ll have to spend a few extra bucks to buy the Rexing GPS Logger which will allow you to track your route, location, and speed at all times.

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Supports collision detection
Easy to install
Exceptional image quality
The suction mount is not very long-lasting

6. AUKEY Dual Dash Cam

Temperature Rating: -30°C to 75°C

Camera Quality: 1080p HD

Field of view: 322°


This dash cam features a strong motion detector that detects sharp turns or sudden collisions and automatically activates the emergency recording. 

This weather-resistant dash cam can endure a temperature as low as -30°C or as high as 75°C.

It works effortlessly in all sorts of weather conditions without any distortion or haze in the footage.  

The dash cam features powerful Sony sensors and provides full HD 1080p video at 30fps. The footage shot by this dash cam in daylight is perfect. 

Although we wouldn’t lie that enhancing license plates in the nighttime footage can be one hell of a task.

This problem is especially evident in the rearview cam. The front cam does a solid job, nonetheless. It provides full road coverage with extended viewing angles in both front and rear cameras.

The front camera boasts a 170° wide-angle while the back cam essentially provides a 152° wide-angle view.  

Additionally, it doesn’t have a built-in GPS. You’ll have to make an additional purchase in order to activate the GPS tracking.

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Extreme temperature resistance
Provides front and rear camera footage
Greater road coverage with wide angle view
Night vision could have been improved

7. APEMAN Dash Cam

Temperature Rating: -10°C to 60°C

Camera Quality: 1080p HD

Field of view: 170°


This dash cam from Apeman Store, which includes a G sensor, parking monitor, and motion detector, is the last one on the list.

Even though this dash camera runs on lithium batteries, it can withstand extreme weather conditions.

It can function uncompromised under temperatures ranging between -10°C to 60°C. It has a 3-inch screen and can capture videos in 1080p resolution.

The camera has HDR and WDR technology, which provides excellent night vision and steady, crisp video even in low-light situations.

With no fish-eye effect, it supports a 170° wide-angle view. You can effortlessly keep track of every single event taking on around your vehicle with the enlarged view!

Unfortunately, GPS functionality is not supported by this dash camera. Any of the dash cameras previously listed are a good choice if you urgently require a GPS feature.

However, many people shouldn’t consider the lack of a GPS to be a deal-breaker!

Steady and clear footage
Works well in low-light conditions
Supports a G sensor
No GPS function
Lithium batteries may require care in hot climates

Buying Guide for the Best Dash Cam for Hot Climate

Before you buy a dash cam for hot weather, you will have to consider a few very important things such as its temperature ratings and battery type.

For a dash cam to be useful, a good camera is also necessary.

Temperature Rating

Your dash cam should be able to work in extreme weather conditions. An ideal dash cam for such conditions would be one that can operate effortlessly between -10°C to 60°C at least. 

Battery Type

The dash cams that run on supercapacitors are the ones that are suitable for hot regions. When the weather is harsh, dash cams powered by lithium batteries run the risk of exploding.

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How can you shield the sun from your dash camera?

Overexposure to the sun typically results in polarization, glare, or bad video or image quality, which effectively defeats the purpose of a dash cam.

To avoid this, you can try using dash cams with layered glass lenses or polarizing filters. Or yet another way to avoid all this, you can opt for cameras that support HDR functioning that balances the over/under exposed areas.

What is the best dash cam 2021?

We are unable to specifically identify one dash cam as being “the greatest. However, if we talk about dash cams for hot climates, then the best ones gotta be those that feature a strong weather resistance ability.  

Our personal favorites are the Rexing V1P dual dash cam and Vantrue S1 Dash Cam.

What is the top dash camera available right now?

Dash cams come in a wide variety of incredible possibilities on the market.

One of our favorites is the APEMAN Dashcam. Powered by a Lithium battery, it lasts quite a long while Unlike cams operating on supercapacitors, this one doesn’t need a constant power supply.

And the cherry on top is its weather resistance ability and tremendous camera quality. It is one of the most dependable choices available right now.

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All in all, you must consider your individual needs before making a final choice.

If you reside in an area with extreme weather, remember to consider the battery type and temperature ratings when choosing a dash camera.

Ditching this requirement may lead you to a regretful decision!

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