There are a lot of fights and problems with rideshare services. Some people blackmail the driver into giving a negative rating if he didn’t give them money. It’s like a robbery without a gun.

There are also accidents, people hit your car and run, which is even worse. So that’s when the best dash cams for rideshare drivers come in.

There’s only one solution; A double dash cam in your Uber ride, one facing the front and the other facing the passenger. 

Due to the high demand for dash cams, it isn’t easy to find the best one. So, to make it easy for you, we’ve compiled the list of the top 11 best dash cams for rideshare drivers.

We have included in-depth reviews for each product, including its pros and cons. 

Which are the best dash cams for rideshare drivers?

1. Blueskysea B2W

  • Display Size: 2.0″
  • Field of View: 132°
  • Storage: 400GB
  • Camera Quality: HD 1080p

First off, we have the all-new Blueskysea B2W dash camera; this shape for a dual dash cam is new in the market.

It is equipped with a 2 in 1 lens, which is completely rotatable, giving an ultra-wide 132-degree field of view.

It features a super night vision, so you don’t even need to worry at night.

Also, it comes with an IR cut filter that utilizes 4IR LEDs, making the night vision view even more powerful.

With an advanced microphone, you can record audio as well. Whether it is from the inside or outside, it makes sure to produce perfect footage.

Both of the lenses shoot at full HD 1080p resolution and comes with a storage capacity of 400GB. It has approximately 30 hours of record time, and it starts to overwrite when the storage is full. 

It is integrated with a 2 inch large, easy-to-read LCD with a live view and screen saver function.

Besides, it comes with a live App that lets you see the previous footage playback and even the live video. 

It comes with a 24-hour parking check that stops recording when the car is turned into parking mode. If something is detected with the sensor in it, it alerts you through the app and even starts recording.

The image quality is amazing
Voice Recorder is impressive
Can be used with the an app
A bit difficult to install
Doesn’t come with an SD card

2. Vantrue N4

  • Display Size: 2.0″
  • Field of View: 165° Inside, 155° Outside
  • Storage: 256GB
  • Camera Quality: HD 1080p

Vantrue doesn’t let you down with their dash cams. This time they made their quality even better and advanced after launching their all-new N4 3-way dual dash cam for rideshare drivers.

This dash cam features dual HD lenses, the inside one records at 1080p, and the outside one-shots at 1440p.

Also, it is equipped with infrared night vision. Most of the dual dash cameras feature two single cameras that need to be put together.

Yet, the ones in our list 2 in 1 forming a single dashcam with a single power wire.

The sensor included in this dash cam is the high-performance Sony Starvis CMOS sensor with the famous F1.4 aperture.

These terms would be very easy for you to understand if you are in the photography field. I

The sensor has a 6-glass lens that observes the rear of your car, so if you want a dash cam with ultra-protection, this might be the one for you.

Furthermore, The N4 offers a wide display of 155 degrees for the front camera and 165 degrees inside.

Additionally, it comes with a 24-hour parking mode that has a motion sensor that triggers any collision detection when the car is parked.

The advanced motion sensor also records people if they come and stand at the front-rear of your car.

Besides, it also has a heating resistor with a supercapacitor, making it suitable for hot weather from 14 F to 158 F.

At last, it also has a G sensor emergency lock, which locks the recording in the dash cam if there are any collisions.

Other than that, it has a total space of 256 GB, and after the memory is full, it overwrites the data.

Comes with 3 channel
Super Capacitor battery
2K front cam
Night vision needs improvement
No built-in WI-FI

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3. COOAU Uber Dual Dash Cam

  • Display Size: 2″
  • Field of View: 170° ext | 150° int
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Camera Quality: 1080p

This Uber dual dash cam is also built only for Uber drivers. This dash cam is again a 2 in 1 camera, but this time with a screen. 

The design of this dash cam is perfect. The dual cameras are completely rotatable; you can either put them both in the front or backward. 

Both lenses are covered with 6-glass lens protection that gives smooth and clean images and videos in 1080P resolution.

The previously mentioned dash cam had HDR, but this one comes with FHD. The field of view for each camera in this dash cam is a 170-degree wide-angle.

It covers the view of a total of 6 lanes with limited blind spots.

Furthermore, it features infrared night vision with a Sony IMX323 sensor which adjusts the light coming in from the lens through the WDR technology.

Besides, it contains a Novatek NT96663 processor, which makes this dash cam fast. It has a space of up to 128GB which you get after inserting an SD card.

It comes with a built-in WI-FI and with an app. Both these features help you get the video playback and live stream without any problem. Also, it has a built-in GPS which most of the dash cams don’t have. 

Additionally, it is integrated with a supercapacitor to withstand high temperatures in the car.

At last, the usual safety features are also there, including the 24-hour parking monitor protection, G sensor, loop recording, and motion detection.

Parking monitor is good
Built-in wifi and GPS
Novetek processor makes it fast
Suction cups are a bit weak

4. TOGUARD Dual Dash Cam

  • Display Size: 1.5″
  • Field of View: 140° 
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Camera Quality: 1080p

TOGUARD made a dash cam exclusively for Uber drivers, which is completely astonishing. You’re getting a whole lot of features in a very affordable dash cam.

It features a 1080P 30fps front and 720p 25fps inside cabin dash cam with a 1.5-inch display screen.

It has a six-glass HD dual-lens that provides you with sharp and smooth videos. Both the lenses have a 310-degree wide-angle field of view that can easily cover your car’s inside and the outside area. 

The outside or front camera covers 170 degrees while the inside one covers 140 degrees.

The display screen is quite large for a dash cam; it makes it very easy for you to access any playback or watch the live stream. So you don’t need to worry about exporting the footage.

It has an advanced audio recorder which makes it able to record audio as well. Moreover, it comes with infrared night vision, which is, of course, a must for a dash cam for rideshare drivers.

One feature that is different from others is that it is equipped with HDR technology that helps the lens adjust the light whether it is too light or too dark. 

Moreover, with its compact design, it stands out as the best one. The design is perfect for your car if you place it correctly.

It also has the usual 24-hour parking mode, G sensor, motion sensor, and of course, loop recording. 

HDR technology is astonishing
Price is quiet affordable
Quality is top notch
Doesn’t have a GPS
It overheats at times

5. Uber Z-Edge Dash Cam

  • Display Size: 4
  • Field of View: 155°
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Camera Quality: 1080p

This dash cam is a straightforward one with one fixed camera for the front and one rotatable for the back(interior). Both the lenses capture crystal clear images along with amazing videos.

If you want one for Uber or family use, this one stands out in the market.

This Z3 Pro features a 2 inch HD screen with buttons that help you playback the previous footage; It is included with WDR technology. Also, the infrared night vision is there.

With the NTK96663 processor, it runs faster than ever without heating up. The supercapacitor makes it able to stand it out in extreme weather conditions.

The Sony IMX323 sensor makes the image and video coming out from both lenses sharp and smooth.

Moreover, it is integrated with a GPS. The lenses cover 150 degrees for each camera, featuring loop recording and Emergency locking ( G- Sensor).

Unfortunately, it does not come with a 24-hour parking monitor.

Last but not least, it takes up to 128GB card of class 10 or above that stores a lot of videos in it, making it easy for you.

4 inch screen 
Memory Card is included
Heat resistant 100+ degrees
Loop recording starts after few minutes
No 24 hour parking mode

6. Pruveeo D30H Dash Cam

  • Display Size: 2″
  • Field of View: 150°
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Camera Quality: 1080p

Pruveeo didn’t let us down with their best dash cams. This D30H dash cam is equipped with the best dual lens with 1080P FHD resolutions for the front and 1440P FHD for the rear.

With the super night vision, the footage becomes clearer than ever. The Sony IMX323 sensor is included in it, which is especially there for rideshare drivers.

It’s like a go pro action camera. An app is there for watching playbacks and live streams from anywhere.

The dash cam is included with a 2 inch LCD small screen, which helps to see recordings.

Moreover, both lenses have a 150-degree field of view that helps reduce blind spots on roads. The G sensor locks the footage if any collision takes place.

The parking monitor helps keep the car safe from any thefts; it automatically turns on and off. However, if a motion is detected while parked, it records and alerts the car owner through the app. 

It supports a Micro SD of up to 128GB, and it should be class 10 or above. The dash can hold up to 12 hours of videos in it, and after that, it overwrites the data to start other recordings.

Video quality is stunning
The packaging is really amazing
Battery quality is good

7. VAVA Dual Dash Cam

  • Display Size: No display
  • Field of View: 155° 
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Camera Quality: 1080p

This VAVA dash cam with dual-lens is an affordable option for rideshare drivers. VAVA is an old company making quality products for many years. Their dash cams are widely known in the market, like this one. 

This dash cam features a brilliant design that will look good in your car. It has both cameras for front and back. Its compact design allows it to rotate so that you can choose the side of each camera in it. 

The camera captures 155 degrees with the road front camera and 126 degrees with the rear camera. It gives crystal clear footage in a dual 1920x1080P 30fps and 2560x1440P 30fps resolution.

It is equipped with infrared night vision. With the help of a Sony sensor, it improves Exmor R’s low light sensitivity making the image produced clear and visible.

The Sony sensor signal processing technology also helps record smooth and sharp videos at night and even during the day.

Moreover, it comes with built-in wifi for the dash cam app, which can be easily downloaded at the google play store or in the APP store. The App lets you access the video recordings saved in the dash cam. 

The loop recording mode is also there in it. It supports up to 128GB SD card, and it is not included in the package, so you will have to buy it with the dash cam.

Furthermore, it is super easy to install, you only need to plug in the power cord, and it will start working right away.

This VAVA dash cam comes with a one-touch snapshot remote that helps you capture images from the dash cam as soon as you click. This dash cam has 24-hour parking mode, the G sensor, and the mobile app feature.

Sony Sensor makes the dash cam even better
Design is smart
Can be controlled with app
No Display 
Sometimes faces connectivity issues 

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8. Anker Roav

  • Display Size: 1.5″
  • Field of View: 155° Outside | 110° Inside
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Camera Quality: 1080p

Anker is a very well-known company that has been making dash cams for rideshare drivers for a very long time. This Anker Roav is like the N4, which we listed above.

However, some features are different, which we are going to discuss further.

This Roav Duo features two cameras, one for the outside and one for the inside.

It covers an area of 155 degrees wide angle from the front-facing camera, while it covers 110 degrees for the interior camera, with an HD 1080p lens. And these lenses feature an enhanced nighthawk’s night vision.

It has the world-class Sony Dual 323 sensor with the most famous and expensive aperture: f/1.8, giving you crystal clear footage at night.

It also has a built-in GPS that records your routes, location, and speed on which you are driving. This information helps you give clear evidence if you have a situation with other cars or even with the police.

Furthermore, the 24-hour parking mode is also there in this best dash cam for rideshare drivers. Like all other dash cams, the dash cam turns on if any motion is detected while the car is parked.

Besides, it has a small screen that gives a live display and helps you see old recorded footage in it. It is made from fireproof material, so it can even stand out in extremely hot weather conditions.

At last, it has an emergency recording which records automatically when a collision takes place.

Customer support is very fast
Microphone is amazing
Affordable price
Night vision needs improvement
Display size is small

9. Crosstour CR750 Dual Dash cam

  • Display Size: 2.4″
  • Field of View: 170°
  • Storage: 32GB
  • Camera Quality: 1080p

This dash cam features an FHD 1080P dual 6-glass HD lens that records the inside and outside of your car.

These dual lenses capture and record sharp and smooth images and videos. 

It is equipped with infrared night vision with 4 IR lights that lets the dash cam record anything at night.

With an F/1.8 aperture, it records perfect videos at night. It is included with a built-in GPS.

Moreover, it has a 24-hour parking monitor with a loop recording and G sensor. So you don’t have to worry about any thefts.

The field of view for each lens in this dash is 170 degrees wide-angle, which covers up to 4 lanes from the front camera. 

Besides, a 32GB micro SD is supported in this dash cam, however, the micro SD card isn’t included, but the max storage is 32GB. You’ll need to transfer the recording back to your computer.

It also has a 2.4-inch display which lets you see old recordings and live streams. Furthermore, if you want an affordable dash cam with enough features to work well, then this might be the one for you.

Records perfect HD videos
Sensors works perfectly
Advanced motion detector
Less storage capacity

10. AKEEYO D7 Dash Cam

  • Display Size: 3″
  • Field of View: 55°
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Camera Quality: 1080p

Akeeyo has come with a dual dash cam with a large 3-inch screen. It has two completely rotatable cameras.

I consider this dash cam as a good one, only because of its dual cameras. 

This AKEEYO D7 dash cam features a 3-inch touchscreen display that helps you see the live stream.

It can also be used to see previous footage saved in it and has built-in GPS.

The dash cam covers an area of 55° adjustable and rotatable angle on both sides. The camera records video at 1080P@30fps resolution.

The Sony IMX307 sensor is also present in it, which ensures the perfect image quality. 

Night Vision, of course, is included in it, which helps get rid of any darkness in your car. The lens is equipped with WDR technology which helps the quality of the image to be better than ever. 

It has a built-in WI-FI which helps you send the recordings to your phones. It also has an app, “Dashcam Player,” which allows you to view footage there.

Additionally, it has a space of 128GB, and a heavy-memory card is recommended to get a clear and smooth HD image or videos. If you place a 32GB memory card, it will record 180 minutes of videos. 

 At last, talking about the usual security features, it has a G sensor, 24-hour parking, loop recording, and emergency lock.

Display Screen is pretty big
Night Vision is impressive
Easy to install
Less field of view 

11. Karsuite M9 Mirror Dash Cam

  • Display Size: 12″
  • Field of View: 170° Ext | 140° Int
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Camera Quality: 1080p

Karsuite has finally released its 2 in 1 dash. It’s not some ideal dash cam as it comes with a large 12-inch display. 

This Karsuite M9 mirror dash is completely different from other dash cams.

This one has a switchable back view mirror and touch screen IPS anti-glare display that is 12 inches wide covered with 2.5D tempered glass.

With a touchscreen display, you can check previous recordings stored in it. The split-screen view shows both the live footage of the rear camera and the front one.

This feature makes the user experience better than ever. 

Both the lenses in it give 1080P HD footage; the front lens covers an area of 170 degrees, while the rear one covers 140 degrees. 

Additionally, this M9 dash cam tracks all your routes and directions, which means that it has GPS.

It comes with a 32GB free TF card to save the recordings. While you can put an SD or TF card of up to 128GB (class 10 or above)

Furthermore, their super night vision with Sony IMX335 allows you to have the best experience while driving.

You will be able to see everything with this SONY STARVIS technology. 

With the parking monitor and G sensor, this dash cam ensures its best safety while the car is parked or meets an accident. It locks the recordings when there is any collision.

The GPS app “GXPLAYER” helps you play video on any pc or phone to see the playback for the recordings.

Another different feature was the reverse backup camera that can change the mode while the car comes in the reverse mode. It automatically switches to the back camera screen. 

Touch screen 
Rear view camera quality is as good
Split screen view is astonishing 
Head lights from other cars behind affects the video quality

Best Dash Cams for Rideshare Drivers: Buying Guide

When you have decided to buy the best cam for rideshare drivers, it’s time to find the best fit for you.

There is an extensive range of dash cams in the market, so choosing one is a tremendous task.

Besides, it would help if you had a dual dash cam, not a single dash cam. So to make it easy for you, we have put some features considered before buying a dash cam for rideshare drivers.

Field of View

Field of view is the total angle which the camera can cover. Some have a 180-degree field of view, while some only have a 90-degree field of view.

Thus it’s simple; the more the field of view, the better the dash cam is for your ride. However, it depends on the buyer too, as some rideshare drivers want the camera to cover a specific area.

If that’s what you want, you need to measure the angle for it.

Camera Quality

Everyone looks for a dash cam with good HD 1080p quality lenses. You are lucky that all the dash cams listed above have at least 1080P HD camera quality.

To conclude, you should go for a lens with at least 1080P resolution. It will give you a clear and sharp image of the video and memory of your trips.


Now for GPS, 60% of the dash cams in our list have built-in GPS, while the remaining 40% don’t have one.

GPS is an extra feature that some people may or may not like. However, I would rather go for a dash cam with GPS as it includes the speed at which the car is driven, the direction, and the area.

Thus it’s better to get a dash cam with GPS installed.

Safety Features

The most common safety features include the 24-hour parking mode, the loop recording, and emergency locking.

I talked about these features earlier in the post, however, if you are unaware of them, let me explain.

The 24-hour parking mode turns the camera on as soon as any motion is detected near the car while parked.

The loop recording overwrites the data saved in the SD card when it’s full, while the emergency locking locks the video if any collision occurs.


The storage is 126GB in almost all the best dash cams for rideshare drivers, and this kind of storage is perfect for a car doing hundreds of miles per day. Thus don’t worry about that.

Night Vision

Night vision is also a must for a rideshare driver; if night vision is not included in a dash cam don’t buy it.

Buying a dash cam with no night vision won’t make any sense, as it won’t record at night.

We have listed the best one with all these features, so you don’t have to worry about that.


Choosing the best dash cam for rideshare drivers won’t be a difficult task for you now. The dash cam will look good above the head unit and with the radar detector.

Still waiting to buy one, don’t hesitate. Find one from the list above and get one for your car. Let me know in the comment what you think about it. Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best dash cam for Uber drivers?

The best dash cams for rideshare driver in our list are Blueskysea B2W Dash cam and Vantrue N4, it has some very extensive features at an affordable price.

Which dash cam do Uber drivers use?

Most Uber drivers use dash cam’s which are made only for them, like the some of the ones listed above.

Can Lyft drivers use a dash cam?

Yes, they can use and it’s not banned and there isn’t any policy stated by Lyft that you can’t use a dash cam. Besides, you can also check their website for more information about this issue.

Do you need a dash cam for Uber?

In 2021, it has become an essential thing for uber and Lyft drivers as more people are trying to fraud with uber drivers.

Some passengers blackmail rideshare drivers, so they don’t have to pay. Thus best dash cams for rideshare drivers is a must.

Can an Uber driver have a dash cam?

Yes, as per our research, Uber allows you to have a dash cam. Uber stated that, “Uber allows driver-partners to install and use video cameras to record riders for purposes of safety. 

Please note that local regulations may require individuals using recording equipment in vehicles to disclose to riders that they are being recorded in or around a vehicle and get consent”

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