Double din head units can cost anywhere between $100-$1500 and even more. But is it necessary to spend a lot of money on a head unit?

I guess not. Because the technology market today is overflowing with options for double din head units. 

The good news is that you can get your hands on the greatest double-din head unit thanks to the abundance of options that are offered at reasonable pricing.

The seven top double din head units under $200 that we selected have outstanding touch screens, navigation, compatibility, media control, and pretty much everything else you might want in a din head unit.

Which are the Best Double Din Head Units under $200?

1. ZHNN Android 9.1 Car Stereo

  • Screen Size: 9 inch
  • Navigation: Yes
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • Inputs: USB and rearview camera

This car stereo from ZHNN offers everything quintessential in a double-din head unit. It features a 9′ screen with 1024×600 resolution that delivers a phenomenal display.

You may utilize the five-point capacitive touch screen while driving with ease because it is sufficiently responsive.

It supports both WiFi connectivity and mobile 3G/4G hotspots. You can simply enjoy your favorite TV shows, radio stations, and online conversations as well as music videos.

It provides a very practical Bluetooth connection that enables hands-free calling and music playback.

The device functions nicely, providing strong radio signals and simple MP3 playback through a USB drive. The system operates without stutter or lag.

Since the rearview picture immediately turns on as you engage the reverse gear, this device is also a helpful reversing assistant.

And let’s not forget about the navigation. Online and offline navigation via Google Maps, Waze, and Navfree is supported.

Setting it up is relatively easy. The double din unit may require a minor modification in some vehicles in order to be mounted correctly.

Overall, it is simple to use and provides incredible multimedia quality. The interface is user-friendly, intuitive, and clear. Linking up with both Android and IOS is a breeze.

Installation is very easy
Sound quality is commendable
Vivid and crisp display
Every time you start your vehicle, the equalizer resets.

2. ATOTO A6 Double Din

  • Screen Size: 7 inch
  • Navigation: Yes
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • Inputs: USB, AUX, and rearview camera

The ATOTO A6 Double din head unit is powered by a 7-inch full HD 1024*600 5-Touch capacitive touchscreen with 400cd/m2. With high-quality dual Bluetooth, you can use two devices at a time.

Its use of the well-known Android Marshmallow operating system is remarkable given that the majority of businesses install their software with bugs and slow processors.

It also has FM/AM Radio, aux, and backup rear-view camera interface built in. There is also a multimedia steering wheel.

The size of this head unit is 173mm x 97mm, 205mm x 104mm, with four channels RCA Audio Out for connecting an external amplifier which can be added to improve the sound in your car.

It also has a Built-in Max 4*45W amplifier with RMS 4*24W and a nine-band EQ preset with adjustable frequency.

It has WiFi built in so you can download any apps and music. Additionally, it has a micro USB drive with up to 256GB SD and 1TB SSD storage, which is a feature that improves quiet.

Additionally, you can download videos and more than a thousand tunes.

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Microphone has a very long range
Android software is easy to use
Fast boot function boots up in seconds
No DVD or CD player

3. ZHNN 9.7 double din Stereo

  • Screen Size: 9.7 inch
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • Navigation: Yes
  • Inputs: USB and rearview camera

With this double-din automobile head unit from ZHNN, you may drive even more comfortably. This one features a vertical 9.7 inches screen with a 1024×786 resolution like Tesla’s large screen.

The functions of this head unit and those of the one stated earlier are pretty similar. The significant difference is its vertically set 9.7′ screen.

It supports 16 GB flash memory, which makes the gadget operate very smoothly and without latency.

You can easily access all the music, videos, TV, and radio in your car thanks to its WiFi, Bluetooth, and hotspot connectivity.

Both an iPhone and an Android device can be connected through a screen mirror, USB cable, or WiFi hotspot.

Moreover, the system also features a Steering Wheel Control function, which allows you to easily access and control songs, radio channels, and volume through your steering wheel while simultaneously having complete control of the steering.

Easy access to online and offline navigation is another crucial feature that is effortlessly supported by this din unit. The display is otherwise fairly crisp and bright.

You can also access the front and rear views while reversing and parking. The equalizer, video, and audio player are easy to operate.

While it is compatible with the majority of vehicles, some of you might need to make additional changes to ensure that the double din head fits securely.

Easy to use
Offers good sound quality
Highly sensitive touch
In some cars, a vertical screen might cover the dash controls.

4. Corehan Double Din Android Car Stereo

  • Screen Size: 7 inch
  • Power: 45W x 4 Peak
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • Inputs: USB, AUX and rearview camera

This Corehan head unit has a 7-inch touchscreen display that supports a video to the headrest monitors. The operating system installed is Android 9 with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

It holds up many channels, including a USB drive and a micro SD card for storing music and videos. For further help in GPS, the company has integrated offline maps that can be used anywhere.

Additionally, its panel size is 6*3 inches to 7*4 inches. Panel size depends on your car, so do check that before. Adapting a baking finish, it has five physical buttons with a touch sense like the touchscreen.

It’s like an android tablet: it has a Google play store for downloading apps and a split-screen view that helps you do two different tasks on the same platform.

The Mirror link works perfectly fine
Reverse camera
Bluetooth works well
Installation is bit difficult
CD or DVD not supported

5. Podofo 9.1 Double din head unit

  • Screen Size: 7 inch
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • Inputs: AUX and rearview camera

You must be wondering why we included this in our list of best double din head units under $200. That’s because of its low price with plenty of features. So let’s move on.

This Podofo Android 9.1 double din comes with a 7-inch touch screen covered with a 1024*600 Super HD mirror glass screen. It supports 1080P video play.

The most liked feature of this double din head unit is that it can be integrated with steering wheel controls.

Besides, it supports Apple Carplay via car play USB dongle, a plus point for Apple users; they can play music from their phone to the head unit in one touch. For Android users, Bluetooth connectivity is present.

Moving on to the connectivity, the android 9.1 double din head unit supports IOS/Android mirror link with IOS (5s-7plus) one-way control and Android (4.0-7.1) two-way connection.

In addition, it supports 2 USB cables input, one for charging and the other for data transferring. Also, it supports languages up to 70 national languages.

Additionally, a free rear-view backup camera comes with the head unit, which helps you park your car with ease.

Mirror link works well
Very attractive design
Wi-Fi range is very long
Screen isn’t much responsive
CD or DVD not supported

6. Power Acoustik PDN 626B

  • Screen Size: 6.2 inch
  • Power: 75 W x 4 MOSFET
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • Inputs: USB, AUX, and a rearview camera

The Power Acoustik PDN 626B comes with a 6.2-inch touchscreen LCD with astounding 800 x 480 resolutions.

It has 75-watt x 4 MOSFET speaker outputs, multiregional FM frequency stepping. The front and rear preamp audio outputs are also there if you need to put an amplifier.

It has a variable subwoofer preamp output for heavy bass and video output for aux devices. Not everyone likes to connect via Bluetooth because of connecting between the phone and the head unit.

Of course, rearview camera input is also included with a trigger. Additionally, it features a built-in Bluetooth and GPS navigation.

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Very affordable price
Bluetooth tab works flawlessly
GPS is very impressive
Bluetooth Calling sometime becomes buggy
It becomes slow while reversing

7. Egosonic Android 9.0 Universal 2

  • Screen Size: 7 inch
  • Power: 45Wx4 Peak and 25W x 4 RMS
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • Inputs: USB, AUX, and a rearview camera

The Android 9.0 Universal head unit is equipped with a 7-inch TFT LCD with 1024*600 pixels. It takes a surround stereo of output 50 watts x 4 peak and works on a temperature from -20 to 60 degrees.

The head unit is completely running on android 9.0, 4 Core 64-bit CPU Coretex-A35 1.5G; software with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM.

With android 9.0 Universal, you can download music or videos, and you don’t even need to use your phone.

However, it has a Bluetooth hands-free connection that lets you make or receive calls in seconds for answering and making calls.

Along with that, it has a built-in Wi-Fi 4G modem, and you can also browse some music while your car is parked.

The total size of this android 9.0 Universal is (L*W*H mm): 182*135*104. In case you want to check if this head unit can fit in your car, you contact them by sending a message.

This double din head unit supports a USB flash drive, MP3 player, and Micro SD card.

It can be connected with Media/Camera/DAB+ Box/Smartphone, and it has built-in rearview camera functions. At last, Aux can also be connected.

Built-in wifi and GPS
Design is awesome
Less output options

8. Pioneer MVH210EX

  • Screen Size: 6.2 inch
  • Power: 50W x 4 Peak
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • Inputs: USB, AUX and rearview camera

This pioneer MVH210EX is like the pioneer AVh210EX with only some different features. It has a 6.2-inch clear-resistive WVGA touchscreen with an LED backlight with various color illuminations.

It has a display off feature which makes the display black like it’s turned off, but the sound is there.

Furthermore, it has a wireless Bluetooth connection, and like all pioneer head units, it has a dual Bluetooth connection.

There’s no Wi-Fi included with it. The Pioneer MVH210EX works well with Android smartphones and Apple phones too. Besides, its 13-band equalizer makes it able to produce the best sound in the car.

Additionally, it is 11 x 6.5 x 4.5 inches, weighing only 3.2 pounds. This head unit gives you a variety of ports to connect, and you can connect an amplifier or a subwoofer to make the sound quality even better. 

It has a USB input port, some amplifier and subwoofer outputs, and input for an external microphone. Of course, a rearview backup camera input

Software is very to navigate
Rear-view camera works perfectly
Easy EQ (EEQ) Preset Equalizer
No DVD or CD player

Best Double Din Head Units Under $200 – Buyer’s Guide

Screen Size

Screen display size matters a lot. Whether you need a head unit with a bigger screen or a smaller one depends on you.

In most cases, double din head units are between 6 inches to 11 inches. However, we prefer 6.2 inches.


There are two main types of connectivity: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and one small type, USB. An excellent double din head unit must include at least one of these connectivity types.

If these are not present, the head unit shouldn’t be considered. It’s simple, Lesser the connectivity option, the lesser the price. The best ones listed above have both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi along with USB.


Most double din head units listed above have a power ranging from 40 to 60 Watts. Now there are two main kinds of power outputs, one is Peak watts, and the other one is RMS Watts.

RMS Watts is better between these two as they provide the absolute amount of wattage it takes. At the same time, Peak is a rounded figure the company gives.

So if you’re buying a double din head unit, then go for RMS over 30 Watts and if no RMS watts are present, then go for Peak ranging from 40 to 50 watts.


Some double din head units have amazing designs, while some have ugly designs. The design of the double din head unit depends on you as everyone has their own choice.

Some prefer slim designs with slim buttons. Even no buttons, only touch, while some like fat units with large buttons. But we prefer slim designs as they give a more professional and sleeker look.

Outputs and Inputs

Outputs and inputs are the ports given at the back of the double din head unit. These outputs connect other sound equipment like an amplifier or a subwoofer.

Thus, choose wisely, keeping in mind that the more options on the back for input and output, the better it is than other double din head units.


Choosing the best double din head unit won’t be a difficult task for you now. So buy one and enjoy your ride and when you have bought it, let me know your thought about it in the comments! Good Luck!

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