Adding seat covers to your truck not only helps with protection but also allows you to revamp the interior of your vehicle in a snap. Seat covers offer quite a lot of protection against wear and tear.

Additionally, they also give you the privilege to provide a personalized touch to the truck

However, choosing the best seat covers can be tricky, especially when given the plethora of available options around.

But always ensure that you select a seat cover that is specifically built for your car. However, I bet that most of us can’t bother with the trouble of finding the perfect match. 

And that is exactly why we’ve listed here the 7 best seat covers for Ram 1500. All of them are practical, and durable, and offer an appearance nice enough to elate the interior of your truck.

So let’s get straight away into our analysis for each of them!

Which are the Best Seat Covers for Ram 1500?

1. Inch Empire Seat Covers Ram 1500

This seat cover by Inch Empire is sure to suffice all your needs of protecting your car’s upholstery.

With various color options to choose from, this set of seat covers will give you the benefit of enhancing the interior.

You can even find two-toned color combinations that give the truck quite a fancy guise and make it worth an eyeful. Now, we will talk about a more critical point, the material of the seat cover.

Well, this high-quality seat cover is made from synthetic leather, which is environmentally friendly as well. Moreover, the material of the cover is waterproof, which means you don’t have to worry about spills anymore.

The cover is compatible with the curved backseats and fully lines the headrest with great attention to detail. This Ram 1500 seat cover is airbag compatible too, and that accounts for yet another plus point for it.

The material of the cover is pretty durable and offers reliable protection to the original upholstery beneath, and saves it from any wear or tear.

This seat cover is compatible with Ram 1500 (2012-2021). Overall, it offers comfort, reliability, and hassle-free installation.

Airbag compatible
Waterproof material
Easy to clean
Fitting issues found in some cases

2. Luckyman Club D03-ZGJ

Don’t wanna ruin the genuine leather upholstery but still want that enticing leather interior?

Well, say no more. This seat cover set is the answer to your problem. This seat cover set by Luckyman is manufactured with faux leather that looks the same as genuine leather.

The material is quite soft and comfortable. Additionally, the faux leather seat cover is waterproof and withstands most spills and sweat

The PP cotton padding helps the cover retain its shape without letting dirt and dust seep into the original seating.

The faux leather is scratch-resistant, which makes it an excellent option for pet owners as well.

Loose covers that keep sliding off are an absolute pain, but this seat cover is lined with non-slip fabric on the inside that holds onto the seats tightly and makes a secure fit.

Available in 4 different colors, this cover sure does give a catchy appearance to the Ram 1500

It is airbag compatible, keeping you safe in emergencies. Also, the edges of the seats are well-wrapped as well as the headrest is adequately covered.

And don’t worry about the cup holder because you can unzip the centerpiece of the back cover to make it cup holder compatible.

Easy to clean
Installation is a breeze
Durable faux leather material
Flimsy buckles

3. Yiertai RAM 1500 (2009-22) 2 Seat Cover

This is a set of multi-layer composite seat covers that provide excellent comfort as well as unrivaled protection.

It is available in 5 colors, so you can choose whatever suits or aesthetics. Three of the options offer a 2-toned color combination that looks stylish and appealing.

This Dodge Ram front seat cover is made from premium faux leather material. And well, there are many layers to it.

Below the top leather covering are two layers of elastic sponge, a non-woven fabric, and a suede fabric at the end that keeps the cover non-slip. 

This seat cover set is durable and waterproof. The faux leather easily withstands spills, moisture, and dust. Moreover, it also holds up pretty well against wear and tear

The side of the seats is exposed for airbag compatibility. Also, the cover is armrest compatible and offers a removable, separate covering for the headrest.

The multi-layers offer great comfort and help the cover keep its shape for a longer time. The quality of the cover makes it worth the money

Overall, this set of seat covers looks quite good and does not slide away like most covers. The fit is excellent and gives a flawless look to the truck.

Fits perfectly in the car
Resistant to wear and tear
The headrest is not completely covered

4. Yierati Full Set Seat Cover Ram 1500

Yet another option by Yierati, but this one is a perfect seat cover set suitable for the truck’s front and rear.

It is made from high-quality synthetic leather that beats original leather in its practicality but looks almost equally appealing. The faux leather cover is scratch-resistant and deals well with spills and moisture. 

The thick padding of the cover keeps the liquids above the surface. Apart from that, the seat cover serves quite well in minimizing dust build-up in the original seating.

Due to its 5-layer protection mechanism, the seat cover offers excellent comfort as well. This seat cover set is airbag, seat belt, and armrest compatible.

Moreover, it has two pockets for extra storage to help keep your truck organized. Installing the cover is easy overall, except the rear part may be a bit tricky.

This set adequately covers all the seats leaving behind no space exposed. However, the removable headrest cover could have been better in terms of detailing.

This seat cover set does its job quite efficiently and fits like a glove. So don’t you miss it if this goes with your Ram 1500?

Easy to clean
5 layer protective lining
Back cover installation may be a hassle

5. Luckyman Club D01-ZGJ Front Set

This seat cover set is a perfect fit for Ram 1500 (2007-21). You can create a classy look for your truck with this cover set in black that gives quite a premium feel.

This cover is designed with faux leather material that gives a very personalized finish to the car interior.

Not only that, but synthetic leather is very sturdy and durable. It can withstand wear and tear to a great extent. Not to mention, it is waterproof as well.

This set is airbag compatible, thus eliminating any risk during an emergency. The fit of the cover looks almost as good as if it is sewn to the seats. Also, it is lined with PP cotton that prevents the body from losing its shape over the years.

Moreover, it is lined with a non-slip cloth on the bottom that ensures the cover stays secure in place. It is also compatible with the center console for most models.

The headrest is evenly covered all around, and the front covers feature two pockets at the back for extra storage.

Exceptional quality
Non-slip material
Easy installation
Not for rugged use

6. CarsCover Custom Fit 2009-16 Ram

This 6pc car cover set is made out of neoprene and will cover the front seats of your Ram 1500. If you’re looking for a sturdy car seat cover, then neoprene covers are the real deal.

It is considered the most rugged, versatile, and attractive material, which means like a car cover, neoprene is just the perfect option.

Anyway, this seat cover serves some looks with its enticing gray and black color combination. The cover fits quite well for most Ram models. The fitting looks are almost as good as factory covers.

The cover is designed with great attention to detail, which means it will cover your seats from every nook and cranny. The backrest comes with an extra storage pocket as well.

However, take note that this cover set is not suitable for longhorn or sports seat style. Other than that, the quality of the cover is excellent. Installation may take a lot of patience, but it’ll all be worth it once you get past that.

Exceptionally sturdy material
Snug fit
Easy to clean
Installation takes some patience and time

7. Luckyman 3A-DHG Ram 1500 Cover

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Field of view: 170° Front and 160° Rear
  • GPS: Yes

Lastly, this front and back seat cover by Luckyman will be an aesthetic addition to your car. It is made from synthetic leather that looks as attractive as genuine leather.

In addition to having an appealing appearance, the seat cover offers excellent comfort as well.

The faux leather material is waterproof as well as scratch-resistant. Moreover, it also helps you save your original seating from any dust or pet hair.

The seat cover certainly offers outstanding comfort because it is padded with a sponge, making the body thicker, softer, and more comfortable.

Also, a non-slip fabric has been used at the bottom to help the cover stick to the original seats instead of slipping off every time you get in/out of the car.

All the seat edges are appropriately covered while keeping the cover armrest and airbag compatible. This set has two pockets, each on the back of the front seats.

The installation is simple, and the cover fits nicely. In short, this seat cover set is worth every penny.

Perfect fitting
Premium finish
Impressive leather quality
Back seats not fully covered

Best Seat Covers for Ram 1500: Buying Guide

While you’re out there looking for a seat cover, your first and foremost concern should be the compatibility of the cover with your car.

But besides that, there are a few other things you should consider before purchasing seat covers.


The material of the cover is a primary factor to consider while looking for seat covers. The most commonly used material for seat covers is synthetic leather, neoprene, or fabric.

Faux leather gives a very luxurious look to the car and is more sturdy than genuine leather. High-quality faux leather is usually worn and tear-resistant and lasts quite a long while.

You can find various appealing colors in faux leather and consider it a reliable option to protect the original upholstery.

Neoprene is yet another excellent option for a car seat cover. It is considered the most sturdy and durable material. Neoprene covers wear like iron, so you can expect them to last a very long time. 

In terms of appearance, neoprene covers are second to none. They offer matchless protection as well as an enticing interior appearance of the car.

And lastly, the material of the cover gets brownie points if it is lined or padded with a sponge that adds extra comfort to the seating.


Most car seat covers are waterproof, for they’re meant to protect the car’s original upholstery. Every seat cover mentioned in our list is waterproof.

A waterproof material leaves you unbothered in case of any spills or leaks, and you have one less thing to worry about.

So always look for a waterproof car cover that keeps the moisture, sweat, and dust away.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Cleaning and maintenance of the car’s original upholstery is almost always trouble. So you don’t want that with the cover you’re going to purchase.

Most faux leather and neoprene covers are easy to clean. They can be easily wiped away with a wet cloth and do not invite a lot of dust build-up

And of course, if you find a machine-washable seat cover, then plus points for that. But generally, most seat covers are easy to clean, so you don’t need to worry about that a lot.


The seat cover fit is the one thing that will make or break the look of the car’s interior. Therefore, you need to carefully consider the compatibility of the seat cover with your car model/make. Also, it would be best if you bought from a brand that provides a simple sizing guide.

Some seat covers fit so well that they almost look like the original upholstery. So make sure you do not settle for less than that.


The installation of a seat cover shouldn’t feel like you’re putting together pieces of a puzzle. Also, make sure that the seat cover doesn’t have flimsy Velcro or attachment supplies.

The installation process of a seat cover shouldn’t take 30 to 60 minutes at most and should be simple enough for a beginner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dodge make Seat Covers?

Yes, Dodge does make seat covers in a variety of styles for most vehicles.

If you’re looking for the safest option in terms of fitting, you can look specifically for covers by Dodge that are expertly made according to each car’s requirements.

Which company seat cover is best?

In today’s world, where there’s unforgiving competition between different companies, it is hard to say one name that makes the best seat covers.

However, some well-known names are Luckyman, Oasis, and Yiertai. You can check them out on some excellent stuff.

What are the most comfortable car seat covers?

Synthetic leather and neoprene make the most comfortable car seat covers. However, look for seat covers lined and padded with a sponge or extra fabric layers for added quality.

The best options from our list are Luckman 3A-DHG and Yierati Seat cover with a 5-layer composite material.

What is the most durable cover material?

Neoprene and faux leather are considered to be the most durable cover material. Both look great appearance-wise as well.

On top of that, these are pretty sturdy and withstand wear and tear for a long time. However, out of the two, neoprene is the winner in durability, while leather is also suitable.

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