If you happen to travel on gravel roads often, you would know that a regular tire is nowhere near a tire for driving on a gravel road.

To eliminate the risk of any damage or accident on a gravel road, you need to make sure that your vehicle is equipped with the best tires for gravel roads.

These tires can stand the test of the storms offered by the muddy and rocky gravel roads.

The gravel will eventually lead to the wearing off of the tire’s tread, which will make them less effective in providing traction. Therefore, to keep yourself safe and your drive comfortable, you need to find the perfect tires.

You can find a pool of options for tires for your vehicle in the market. But choosing the perfect tires can be incredibly intimidating given the vast range of options.

Here we have narrowed down a list of the 10 best tires for gravel roads after doing a lot of research.

Which are the best Tires for Gravel Roads?

  1. Michelin LTX A/T2
  2. Continental Extremecontact DWS06
  3. Kumho Crugen HT51
  4. Falken Wildpeak A/T3W
  5. Maxxis Mudder MT-764
  6. Milestar MS932
  7. Toyo M55 All-season Tire
  8. General Grabber AT2
  9. Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail
  10. Crosswind M/T Tire

1. Michelin LTX A/T2

This A/T2 from Michelin is a design that provides excellent off-road traction and on-road comfort.

This combination makes it the best option for light truck or SUV drivers who travel to the countryside with gravel roads off and on.

This tire from Michelin will not let you down as it is designed with a tough endurance capability. The tire has a load capacity of up to 2365 pounds which means it can hold plenty of weight in all conditions.

It supports a comfortable ride on all types of terrain. Tread life and tread pattern are interlinked to some extent. Some tread patterns are designed in a way that allows more endurance off-road.

The tire features a biting edge technology with notched blocks in the tread pattern. It enables them to provide a long-lasting traction capability.

Even if you drive on roads that are not less than sandpaper for your tires, you’ll be satisfied with the tread life of this tire.

The tread depth is around 13/32 inches which allows them to last quite long, even in reasonably challenging situations.

Additionally, the mileage warranty of these tires is around 60000 miles, however, some people have reported using them for over 70k miles.

The tough tread of these tires helps them resist chipping and tearing.

Durable tread
Reduced vibration and road noise
Exceptional traction and grip
Sometimes hold rocks

2. Continental Extremecontact DWS06

Rule the road with this exceptional extreme contact tire from Continental. This tire outperforms in all types of conditions.

You simply cannot go wrong with it. It is an excellent choice for gravel roads because of its unique and tough tread pattern.

It can withstand undesirable weather conditions whilst providing you utmost comfort. The traction grooves all over the tire render unparalleled traction capability.

You will experience the ease of precise and controlled handling with this tire. Also, the silica-enhanced all-season tread has laid an amazing impact on the braking, cornering, and acceleration performance of these tires

The increased patterned edges make the steering response very quick and crisp. The tire features a sport sidewall insert which enhances the steering response greatly. 

The asymmetric pattern all over provides an increased grip and incredible traction. Also, the tires do not lose a fraction of grip even under hard braking

The tire is built in a very detailed manner with traction grooves. It features ridges in the bottom of the tread grooves and blocks in the center with X-sipes that are separated by crisscross grooves.  

Another great thing about this tire is the performance indicators in the form of DWS on the tire. As long as you can see each of them, your tire is good to go on dry, wet, or snow.

When it wears off, the tire will no longer be suitable for snow and the same is the case for D-dry and W-wet.

So you can always keep a track of the performance of your tire with this feature. The mileage warranty is up to 50k miles and these tires are a universal fit which is another plus point.

Excellent tread life
Less road noise due to angled tread pattern
Great traction dry/wet/snow
Mileage could have been better

3. Kumho Crugen HT51

Being the largest tire manufacturer in the world, Kumho never fails to deliver an exceptional driving experience to its customers. The Crugen HT51 tires feature a sturdy tread that makes them a perfect fit for gravel roads.

These tires are one of the best tires for gravel roads because of the stability, traction, and ease of handling they provide while driving.

The tread pattern of the tires is very favorable for safe driving on unpaved gravel roads. 

They feature a five-rib tread block design. The three central ribs have a similar zig-zag pattern while the two terminal ones sport a zig-zag design that is opposite to the central ones.

These five rigid tread blocks with alternating patterns improve the traction of the tires as well as their life. Moreover, tread blocks also have 3d sipes which tremendously maximize the grip of the tires.

The improvement in braking performance will also be clearly noticeable once you try them out. The stiff center also ensures maximum grip and stability.

The presence of silica components in the tire guarantees increased traction. The stiff center block design increases the grip, brake, acceleration, and straight-line handling of the vehicle.

The tread of the tire is very tough and durable. These tires are an ideal fit for gravel roads. They offer a 70k mile mileage for P-metric and 45k miles for LT metric.

These tires provide amazing traction on dry pavement and gravel, alike. The overall ride experience with these tires is smooth and quiet.

Reduced road noise
Circumferential grooves provide a decent grip on gravel
Enhanced grip and brake performance
Less traction in deep snow

4. Falken Wildpeak A/T3W

These tires are a sure thing for gravel roads. They provide superior performance on rough terrain, however, they are great on the pavement just as well.

So they are ideal for ruggedized use on gravel in the countryside or an everyday ride in the city.

These tires show an aggressive off-road performance owing to the deep treads and full-depth sipes on their surface. They are made to deliver consistent performance throughout their life

So you can rest assured that traveling with these tires on gravel roads will be the safest option. They are one of a kind in their category in terms of tread. Also, they feature the deepest tread of 20/32nd inches.

The deep tread allows them to provide fantastic off-road traction with long-lasting wear.

These tires are basically a hybrid between the MT and AT types and are suitable for all types of trucks, SUVs, and crossovers.

The handling capability of these tires is worth all the praise. The 3d canyon sipe technology interlocks the shoulders.

It delivers beyond-amazing handling stability. Moreover, the secondary bead apex further enhances the handling of the tires.  

The outer apex sidewall is designed to give superior protection on rough roads/gravel. The shoulder blocks also protect the tire from chipping or tearing due to pointy rocks and rough terrain.

The grooves are deep, yet they are designed to prevent the trapping of stones in them. The tires boast a long wear life due to the silica tread compound in them.  

They run equally well on rough terrains or pavements in all types of weather conditions. The strong grip and high stability make them the best tires for gravel roads. They are definitely going to be one of those purchases that make you feel over the moon.

Work amazing on dry, wet, or snow
Internal cooling protection allows for longer life
Long-lasting wear
Maybe a little noisy on pavements

5. Maxxis Mudder MT-764

These mud tires from Maxxis are made for ruggedized use so you can safely use these tires for traveling on gravel roads.

The loose rocks on the unpaved roads will not be much of a problem for these high-performance tires. All pickup, SUV, Jeep and 4×4 owners can make the most out of their drives by using these tires.

The tough off-road traction of these tires is absolutely commendable. These tires feature staggered shoulder lugs to provide improved traction on gravel roads.

The 3 ply sidewall adds extra protection for the tires during rough and challenging conditions. The eagle traction design renders a good grip on the tires with increased braking, cornering, and acceleration performance.

The G-shaped shoulder adds great strength to the tire making it resistant to punctures to a great extent. Also, the sidewall tread aids in the protection of tires as well as their grip and traction.

The talon-shaped tread provides the tires with all the strength and durability that makes a tire good for gravel roads. 

The tread depth is 17/32nds which provides a decent amount of grip and traction on gravel roads. It does wear off quicker than the previously mentioned tires but is still good enough for the price.  

The self-cleaning feature of the tread prevents any stones or rocks from getting stuck in the grooves. It is great when you’re traveling long distances.

You can go the extra mile when you don’t have to worry about cleaning your tires. Overall, these tires provide great strength, durability, and aggressive traction.

Work amazing on dry, wet, or snow
Internal cooling protection allows for longer life
Long-lasting wear
Little loud on highways

6. Milestar MS932

The All-season MS932 from Milestar is an excellent package for all budget-minded drivers.

These tires are one of the best tires for gravel roads because of their optimized tread design. The tread design, along with the wide circumferential ribs, makes these tires an option worth considering.

So if you are looking for tires that are not too heavy on the pocket yet are capable of not making your drive hazardous on gravel roads, then these are for you.

They feature a modern tread design with a tread depth of 10/32nds. The pattern is not too detailed, but it still provides good traction on rough terrain.

These tires have rounded shoulders with quite large tread blocks that render increased handling and cornering grip.

The tires are not quite impressive in heavy snow, but they were not built for that either. So we cannot blame the manufacturer.

In addition to that, the wide circumferential ribs aid in improving the stability of the tires. The tread features sipes around it which is effective in creating a quick steering response.

The advanced silica tread compound allows the usage of tires for a longer time. It helps provide strength and endurance to the tires, which is beneficial for the tread life of the tires.

The inner body of the tires is built to provide even tread wear of the tire, which results in longer tread life. The tires provide superior control, either on-road or off-road. Road noise has been a problem for a few people.

Other than that, these are some outstanding performers, given their price range. The mileage warranty is up to 50k miles. The tires are ideal for modern sedans, sport sedans, CUVs, and sports coupes, etc.

Great traction on rough terrain
The cornering grip is excellent
They create a little noise on highways
Not suitable for heavy snow

7. Toyo M55 All-season Tire

This tire is a solid option for anyone who happens to travel a lot on gravel roads.

It is one of the toughest commercial tires, so we are sure that it will definitely prove to be the best tire for gravel roads. They are great for both on and off-road adventures.

They are one of the most heavy-duty tires we’ve reviewed so far. They offer exceptional traction with the aid of the rugged tread design.

The aggressive siping all over the tires enables them to outperform on all sorts of terrain. The open shoulder design then again adds to the stability of the tires on every type of terrain.

Also, the grip of these tires is like no other. The lug and block tread design make them a strong and reliable option that delivers the perfect amount of traction no matter what.

These tires feature a tread depth of 17-19/32nds, depending on the tire size you buy.

Moreover, they offer very responsive control due to the tough tread design. The brake and acceleration ability of this tire cannot be put into words.

The Toyo M55 also boasts a cut and chip-resistant tread compound, a solid point for making them one of the best tires for gravel roads. Like every other tire mentioned in our list, this one also has an even wear.

The three-ply sidewall comes in handy when encountering rocks, dirt, or gravel. It offers great protection to tires while keeping them stable.

These tires are ideal for minivans, pickups, 4×4, and light trucks. Overall they provide a smooth ride and consistent performance with even tread wear.

Long tread life
Toughest commercial-grade tire
Works well even in heavy snow
A little extra road noise

8. General Grabber AT2

The Grabber AT2 really does grab the ground and provides amazing traction and grip on all terrains. It is one of the best tires for gravel roads due to its excellent tread life and stability.

The tires do not disappoint on the streets as well. These tires feature a 5-row tread pattern that is designed innovatively to enhance off-road traction.

The traction edges around the tread blocks help the tires to get a good grasp on the gravel roads. These traction edges also improve the cornering and braking performance.

The tires have a tread design that allows them to function in the snow with greater ease. The extra-deep tread of these tires has added sipes around it that allow the tires to offer a great grip on loose gravel as well.

The added sipes create a biting edge for improved traction. Furthermore, the tread pattern is symmetric and enjoys a self-cleaning ability.

The self-cleaning ability is actually very great when driving on gravel roads. It keeps your tires clean and allows you to cover some extra miles.  

The tough sidewalls add good puncture resistance to the tires. The tires exhibit a responsive steering and handling capability.

The tire is manufactured with a tough material with reduced chip and cut features. Despite the aggressive tread pattern, the tires are surprisingly quiet, all hail to the highly engineered acoustics.  

Overall these tires perform as well as they look. Also, the tread life is exceptionally good for it wears like iron.

The tires offer a 60k mile mileage warranty. General Grabber is a perfect fit for all types of pickups and SUVs.

Excellent snow traction
Meets the RMA & RAC requirements
Work equally well on dry, wet, snow, gravel, etc
Perform as good as they look
Slightly noisy at 25-50 mph

9. Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail

Another excellent tire from Falken and this one has the ability to fairly eat up the country roads.

It is also one of the best tires for gravel roads because it offers great traction and a comfortable driving experience on rough gravel.

Save yourself from the risk of having a flat tire in the middle of your journey on a gravel road with the Wildpeak A/T Trail

These tires are designed to provide amazing off-road traction as well as all-weather performance. Also, the tread pattern makes them one of the most versatile and efficient options.  

Moreover, off-road traction is incomparable and the on-road comfort is surprisingly good as well. The tread pattern is not very aggressive unlike the traditional AT tires.

This tread pattern helps the tires to maintain on-road manners. The tread is not aggressive yet the tires perform really well on loose gravel.

The tread depth as well as the 3D canyon sipes help the tires achieve their excellent performance. The sipes within the tread pattern provide a good grip and traction ability for the tires.  

They are suitable for ruggedized use since the tread compound is enriched with silica, which helps maintain a longer tread life.

Also, the handling and stability are greatly enhanced due to the silica compounds. The handling is phenomenal on twisty roads.

The 2 ply construction and the aggressive sidewall provide protection to the tires on rocky and rough surfaces. 

These tires are a versatile option as they provide incredible off-road traction and on-road comfort. The mileage warranty of these tires is up to 65000 miles and they are suitable for crossovers, light trucks, and 4×4.

Smooth ride and phenomenal handling
Provide off-road traction and on-road comfort
Not good for snow

10. Crosswind M/T Tire

Lastly, we have the mud-terrain tire from Crosswind which is quite ideal for gravel roads. The driving stability provided by this tire makes it the best. 

It performs really well in all weather conditions. Its quality is second to none and is sturdy enough to weather all storms in rough road conditions

This tire features an open tread pattern which is very favorable for maintaining clean tires. This tread pattern helps the tire to blow away any stones, dirt, or loose gravel on its own without requiring cleaning after every few miles.  

It is suitable for ruggedized use and features a cut and chip-resistant compound which makes them withstand challenging conditions. 

The wide grooves on the tire enhance the grip and traction ability. Also, these grooves render incredible traction in wet and snow conditions.

The wrap-around shoulder pattern greatly improves the cornering and handling performance of the tire.  

Also, the directional tread design also aids in the enhancement of driving stability and is rugged enough to make it ideal for driving on a gravel road.

The traction of the tire is also improved due to the chunky tread. The tread grooves provide superior performance in all types of weather.

With the help of wide tread grooves, the tire delivers excellent traction as well as maximized control over the vehicle.  

So the overall ride with this tire is smooth and relatively quieter than other M/T tires. The tread life is decent and traction is phenomenal.

It is just what you need for traveling on a gravel road, ideal for SUVs and light trucks.

Good all-weather traction
Open tread pattern promotes self-cleaning
Amazing driving stability
A bit noisy

Best Tires for Gravel Roads: Buying Guide

While every tire inherently can withstand the challenges of gravel roads up to some extent.

Gravel roads shred the regular tires to pieces in no time, resulting in a less-than-usual tread life of the standard tires.

To cope with the rough and rocky conditions of gravel roads, you need to purchase the best tires for gravel roads. These are some of the things you should consider while buying such tires.


Tires that roll flawlessly on gravel roads have fantastic traction power. While selecting tires that work on gravel roads, keep a close eye on their ability to provide traction.

Tires with a deep tread offer an ideal amount of traction.

Sipes and grooves in the tread also play a significant impact on the traction of the tire. Biting edges in the tread pattern render superior traction.

They are especially useful in heavy snow. The amount of traction provided by the tire determines its efficacy on a gravel road.

Grip and Handling

Gravel roads offer reasonably challenging conditions for the tires of your vehicle.

They need to be very sturdy to be able to maintain their grip on such surfaces. It is not uncommon for regular tires to experience a loss of grip on gravel.

So some of the heavy-duty AT and MT tires are very effective and useful for gravel roads. The tread depth and tread stiffness are two factors that lay a huge impact on the tires’ grip.

The handling is greatly affected by the tread compounds and, of course, the tread patterns. Wide circumferential ribs and sipes improve the overall performance of the tires.

Acceleration and Puncture Resistance

It is a well-known fact that regular tires do not have enough firepower to grind the country roads. Such roads chew off the tires and rob them of their strength and performance.

You cannot drive as fast on gravel roads with regular tires. Tires that are made to work on gravel roads should have an aggressive tread pattern.

It promotes ruggedized use and increased acceleration as well as braking performance.

Moreover, the tires’ shoulders and sidewall should also be tough enough to drive past rocky surfaces without getting flat.

Tough shoulders with strong sidewall protection allow you to go a long way without getting a flat tire.

Tread life and Durability

When you are finally investing in some heavy-duty tires, you will want something that will last you a long while.

Before purchasing the best tires for gravel roads, have a look at their treadwear grade. The higher the tread number, the longer time it will take to wear off.

Always look for tires with a very tough and aggressive tread with great rolling resistance, grip, and puncture protection. The tires should be able to provide stability at high speeds as well.

Tires enriched with silica compounds and chip and tear-resistant components not only last a long while but also enhance the handling and stability of the tires.

Gravel roads reduce the efficiency of the tires and take a toll on their life. If you are a regular visitor to the countryside or you happen to travel a lot on gravel roads, there is no way a regular tire will deliver a comfortable ride.

Tires with softer treads are not appropriate for ruggedized use. In addition to that, they are not safe for traveling on such roads.

Choosing the right type of tire will affect the overall performance of your vehicle, so choose wisely!

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