How To Unlock Car Doors Without Keys?

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How To Unlock Car Doors Without Keys

One of the frustrating situations is getting locked out of a car with keys inside. This is like becoming a stranger to your property, especially to the one you cared about.

If you have gone through this situation or may face this unfortunate event, you should know how to unlock car doors without keys.

Crisis can come anywhere and anytime, and if you’re not prepared to encounter it, you might suffer the consequences you don’t want to. 

To feed your brain with valuable tactics for unlocking car doors without keys, this guide is a treasure you should explore to get rich with practical knowledge.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

What Should I Do After Leaving Keys Inside A Locked Car?

If you have made the mistake of leaving keys inside a locked car, first, you need to stay calm because anger can’t help get you out of this unfortunate situation. 

Secondly, you must look for help in a public area because one can find you suspicious and call the cops if you try to break into a car without keys.

Thirdly, ensure you have all legal documents to tackle cops if you’re following the ways of unlocking the locked car doors in a populated region.

After following the preventive measures mentioned above, let’s look at the methods below to safely get your car keys out of the locked vehicle.

8 Best Methods of Unlocking Car Doors Without Keys

Method 1: Spare Keys

Spare keys’ importance increases like the rocket in the sky when we direly need them.

But, when they are challenged to locate, all hopes of unlocking a car vanish like removing dirt from clothes.

Make sure you don’t stand there and have secured these spare keys at the place you know.

If you have them on you when the car gets locked, you can use them to open the doors without dragging the problem further.

But, if they reside at home or somewhere else, you need to call someone to bring them to you.

It may take time but believe me, this is the safest way to open a locked car door. 

The important message here is always to keep backup to avoid unfortunate situations as soon as possible. Like, here, the backup was spare keys.

Moreover, it is recommended to keep spare keys close, like in the purse.

This way, you don’t have to wait for someone to bring them to you if the car gets locked somewhere in the middle of the earth. 

Method 2: Using Your Mobile

The latest car models can be operated solely using their mobile app.

You can unlock your car door by registering or pairing it with the app.

However, the trouble may persist if you have not connected the car with the app.

This method may not work with old cars because they don’t integrate with mobile apps.

So, if you have the latest car with mobile app functionality, this method is what you need to unlock car doors.

Method 3: Calling Locksmith

Locksmiths know the mastery of crafting keys for all types of locks, even the car ones. 

After the failure of spare keys, seeking help from locksmiths is the safest way to unlock locked car doors.

They will craft new keys for the car lock to get you out of this trouble without breaking a sweat.

But, the downsides here are that your bank might break a bit because they won’t work for free, and the second is the time you will spend waiting for them.

However, the critical question is, how can you seek help from a locksmith when your car gets locked?

First, you have to investigate your phone contacts for a locksmith and wander the location around to find someone.

You can also seek assistance from family members or friends to send a locksmith to your location.

Method 4: Using Screwdriver and Rod

This method is a cruel way of unlocking car doors because tools like screwdrivers and rods are involved in this process.

For beginners, using a screwdriver and rod may seem daunting, but after getting the know-how of using them, it will become no more than low-hanging fruit.

First, you need to gather a screwdriver and rod from the hardware shop, and if you have them already, you’re good to go.

Ensure the rod is thin and long, and avoid using the wide and broad ones.

After everything is clear, let’s move on to unlocking the car using a screwdriver and rod.

Gently use a screwdriver to pry your car door a bit so that you can create enough space to put the metal rod inside.

Remember, this method can cause severe damage to your car’s surface, so you need to be extremely careful with every step.

Put the metal rod inside the space created by the screwdriver and use it to push the unlock button and pull the handle.

After making some effort, you will successfully open your car door lock.

In the end, you may dent the door, but it can be easily fixed.

If you find this method inappropriate for unlocking a car door, you can follow the ones stated below.

Method 5: Using A Slim Jim

A slim jim is commonly used to maneuver through vertical and horizontal locks. You can use this to open the locked car door, but it may not work on the latest car models.

So, if you own an old car, this method is what you need.

First, use slim jim to create space in your car door window and weather stripping.

You need to be gentle while following the process because a harsh approach can cause severe damage to your investment.

The main objective is to locate the lock pin inside the vehicle and pull it upwards to open the locked door.

But this is not as easy as it seems because several wires inside a car door will hurl your way. 

So, the best approach should be to use this method on the passenger’s door rather than a driver’s.

Why? Because on these doors, you will encounter less junk of wires stopping your way from pulling out a lock pin.

After finding the lock pin, pull it upward with a Slim Jim to open a car door.

Method 6: Coat Hanger

Using a coat hanger to open a car door is similar to Slim Jim’s method.

The only difference is a tool, so a coat hanger is an excellent alternative if you don’t have a Slim Jim. 

You will require a wire hanger to use this method. Twist it from one side and mold it to the shape of a hook.

After that, please Insert it into your car door, weather stripping, and shake it inside to locate the locking mechanism.

Besides, to make this process easier, you can manually locate the lock mechanism without applying the coat hanger.

Once you have found it, push it to open the car door to escape this trouble.

Method 7: Shoestring

This may sound strange to you, but yeah, shoestring can be used to unlock car doors. Still don’t believe it? Let’s look at how you can do it. 

However, the condition here is this trick can only be used on old cars with vertical post door locks.

This is because the latest vehicles have an advanced locking mechanism, which is hard to break using this trick.

First, you need to shimmy the shoestring to create a loop so that it will be attached to the locking mechanism.

You must work the shoestring through the lock knob exterior and interior.

After it is successfully connected, tighten the circle and pull it upward to an unlocking position.

This method may not work on the first attempt for beginners, but it should work correctly.

So it would help if you were consistent in achieving success.

Method 8: Breaking The Car Window

If you encounter an emergency or have to unlock the car door at any cost, breaking the window is the least you can do.

This method is only meant for trouble situations such as getting someone locked inside a car or visiting a hospital urgently.

So better not to apply this method as a normal one; otherwise, you will be sacked by the police.

Always use a glass breaker or hammer to break the window, and don’t aim at the center of the window; instead, target the outer edges first.

The outer edges of the window are less vulnerable to break than the middle point.

It is recommended to keep an adequate distance while smashing the window so you won’t injure yourself.

Once the window is broken, try to repair it as soon as possible.

Until you don’t get your windows fixed, park the car inside the garage rather than outside to protect it from stealing and extreme weather conditions. 

Method 9: Call AAA

There’s nothing wrong with taking help if all the above methods turn out to be a failure for you.

Just call AAA to take assistance from America’s top car service providers. 

The technician will come in 30 minutes to solve your car trouble in no time.

If you want to unlock your locked car doors most safely, this is the method you should follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Cost Of Repairing The Locked Car Door?

Many factors influence the cost of opening locked car doors, including the replacement parts and causes of lockout.

The problem may not be significant if the doors are locked because of a key inside; otherwise, the point of worry is if the lock gets damaged or jammed for some reason.

If you hire a locksmith to fix the issue, it may cost you anywhere between $75 to $220, depending on the complexity of the work.

However, significant damage to your bank will occur if you take your car to the dealership.

You will need to pay two pay charges; one is for towing other for fixing the problem.

The cost will be between $200 to $650 if you repair it from the dealership.

But, the issue will be solved from the core and will not occur in the future.

2. Can Police Help Me To Unlock The Doors Of My Car?

First, you have to understand that cops don’t know the mastery of unlocking a car door, or they’re not experts at doing this task.

But, they can help you escape this trouble in several ways, such as towing your car or smashing the window in an emergency.

It is essential to know if you call the police, the problem will not be solved for free.

You have to pay for the service hired; the least cops can arrange wing assistance to get your car to the dealership. 

So, a better option is to hire a locksmith to unlock car doors unless you’re not in an emergency.

You can also call an emergency locksmith if required.

3. What Are The Best Ways Of Getting The Keys Out Of A Locked Car Safely?

All the methods discussed in this comprehensive guide are best to take out the keys inside a locked car safely in no time. These techniques’ names have been revised below.

  1. Using Your Spare keys
  2. Loaded Up Car App
  3. Using Screwdriver and Rod
  4. Using A Slim Jim
  5. Using A Coat Hanger
  6. Using A Shoestring
  7. Breaking The Car Windows
  8. Just Call AAA

4. What Can I Call To Unlock My Car Doors For Free?

The only free way to unlock car doors is through assistance from AAA.

But the condition here is they give only one free service if you have joined their membership program. 

To acquire this service, you need to call AAA (America Top Car Assistance Providers), and the help will be sent to your location in 30 minutes to open the locked car door. 

The information they require to assist you will be your location, vehicle model, and membership number.

However, you must pay for the service hired if you don’t have their membership.

Otherwise, they give a one-time free service for the membership users.

5. How To Unlock Car Doors With A Screwdriver?

Use a screwdriver to open some space between the car door and frame.

Be careful not to damage or dent your car using this method. To avoid that, use as low pressure as possible to pry the door.

Once you put the tip of the screwdriver inside the car, insert a long and thin rod and similarly shaped object to pull and push the unlock button. After that, the car door will be opened.

If you fail at the first attempt, do it again until you don’t get successful.

This is one of the easiest methods to unlock the car door, and I ensure that it doesn’t take much time.

6. How To Unlock Car Doors In an Emergency?

If you encounter an emergency, such as your pet or child being locked inside the car, you first need to call the police for help.

Tell them your car model and where you’re located; they will come to help you faster than a locksmith or any other person.

Secondly, if the situation is worse and you have to open the car doors without wasting a second, smashing a car war window is your only option. 

Take a complex piece of metal and wood and smash it on the outer edges of the car window rather than the mid ones.

Don’t forget to keep a distance while doing this to keep yourself safe from broken glass particles.


If you ever get into the problem of leaving keys inside a locked car and want yourself prepared if you get into this unfortunate situation in the future, you must know how to unlock the car doors without keys.

Fortunately, this guide has explained everything you need to know about opening locked car doors.

It is recommended to seek help from a locksmith or car service provider before trying to unlock the car door yourself.

This is because doing this yourself can damage your car, which will be a costly replacement.

So, it is better to seek help from others first to protect your investment from damage.

I hope this article helps solve your queries regarding unlocking car doors.

If yes, don’t forget to check other posts on the blog.

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