How to unlock car doors without keys?

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How To Unlock Car Doors Without Keys

Locking out of a car with the keys inside is one of the frustrating circumstances. It’s as if you’ve abandoned your home, especially the one you cared about.

If you have gone through this situation or may face this unfortunate event, you should know how to unlock car doors without keys.

Anywhere and at any time, a crisis can strike, and if you’re not ready for it, you could end up with the results you don’t want.

This tutorial is a hidden gem you should explore to fill your head with useful tips for unlocking car doors without keys and becoming wealthy with useful knowledge.

Let’s get started right now without further ado.

How to unlock car doors without keys

What Should I Do If I Lock My Car Keys Inside?

First, you must maintain your composure because being angry won’t help you escape a locked automobile after you’ve made the mistake of leaving your keys inside.

Second, if you try to break into a car without keys, someone might think you’re a suspect and call the police, so you should look for assistance in a public place.

Thirdly, if you use the techniques for opening locked auto doors in a populated area, make sure you have all the necessary documentation to confront the police.

After following the preventive measures mentioned above, let’s look at the methods below to safely get your car keys out of the locked vehicle.

8 Best Methods of Unlocking Car Doors Without Keys

Method 1: Spare Keys

When we really need them, spare keys become more important than a skyrocket.

All dreams of unlocking an automobile, however, are dashed when they are made difficult to find, just as trying to clean dirt off of clothing.

Be careful to secure these extra keys at a location you are familiar with so that you don’t just stand there.

If you have them on you when the car gets locked, you can use them to open the doors without dragging the problem further.

But you need to call someone to bring them to you if they live at home or somewhere else.

The safest method for unlocking a locked automobile door may take some time, but trust me, it’s worth it.

The key takeaway from this is to always have a backup plan in place to avert terrible circumstances as quickly as feasible. Spare keys served as a backup in this instance.

Additionally, it is advised to keep extra keys nearby, preferably in the purse.

In this manner, if the car locks itself elsewhere in the world, you won’t have to wait for someone to deliver them to you.

Method 2: Using Your Mobile

Only their mobile app may be used to control the newest car models. You can unlock your car door by registering or pairing it with the app.

However, the trouble may persist if you have not connected the car to the app. Older cars might not be compatible with this strategy because they don’t function with smartphone apps.

Therefore, if you have a modern car with mobile app functionality, you should use this way to open the doors.

Method 3: Calling Locksmith

Locksmiths know the mastery of crafting keys for all types of locks, even the car ones. 

The safest method to unlock locked car doors if spare keys fail is to call a locksmith.

To quickly and easily get you out of this jam, they will create new keys for the car lock.

But, the downsides here are that your bank might break a bit because they won’t work for free, and the second is the time you will spend waiting for them.

But the crucial query is: How can you call a locksmith for assistance if your car locks itself?

You must first look through your phone contacts for a locksmith and look around the area for someone.

You can also seek assistance from family members or friends to send a locksmith to your location.

Method 4: Using Screwdriver and Rod

Because it involves using equipment like screwdrivers and rods, this method of unlocking car doors is brutal.

For beginners, using a screwdriver and rod may seem daunting, but after getting the know-how of using them, it will become no more than low-hanging fruit.

If you already have a screwdriver and rod, you can skip this step. Otherwise, head to the hardware store.

Avoid using thick and broad rods and make sure they are long and thin.

Let’s proceed to utilize a screwdriver and rod to unlock the car after everything is clear.

Gently use a screwdriver to pry your car door a bit so that you can create enough space to put the metal rod inside.

Remember, this method can cause severe damage to your car’s surface, so you need to be extremely careful with every step.

Use the metal rod to push the unlock button and pull the handle by inserting it into the hole made by the screwdriver.

You can effectively unlock the lock on your car door with a little work.

Ultimately, you might dent the door, but it is fixable.

You can use the techniques listed below if you think the one above is incorrect for opening a car door.

Method 5: Using A Slim Jim

A slim jim is frequently used to pass through horizontal and vertical locks. This can be used to unlock a locked automobile door, although it might not function on more recent car models.

Therefore, if you have an ancient car, you should use this strategy.

To start, make room in your car door window and weather stripping using slim jim.

Being harsh while going through the process could seriously harm your investment, therefore you must be gentle.

The main objective is to locate the lock pin inside the vehicle and pull it upwards to open the locked door.

However, it’s not as simple as it first appears because various wires inside a car door would fly in your direction.

So, the best approach should be to use this method on the passenger’s door rather than the driver’s.

Why? Because there won’t be as much clutter or wiring on these doors to obstruct your ability to remove the lock pin.

To open a car door, locate the lock pin and use a Slim Jim to pull it upward.

Method 6: Coat Hanger

Slim Jim’s technique is akin to opening a car door with a coat hanger.

If you don’t have a Slim Jim, a coat hanger is a great substitute because the only difference is the tool.

To utilize this technique, you will need a wire hanger. It can be bent into the shape of a hook by twisting it from one side.

In order to find the locking mechanism, simply insert it into your car door, and weather strip, and shake it inside.

Besides, to make this process easier, you can manually locate the lock mechanism without applying the coat hanger.

Once you’ve located it, use a push to unlock the automobile door to get out of this situation.

Method 7: Shoestring

This may sound strange to you, but yeah, shoestring can be used to unlock car doors. Still don’t believe it? Let’s examine your options.

The catch is that you can only utilize this approach on antique cars with vertical post door locks.

This is due to the fact that modern vehicles have sophisticated locking mechanisms that are challenging to bypass using this technique.

To attach the shoestring to the locking mechanism, you must first shimmy it to make a loop.

The shoestring must be threaded through both the exterior and interior of the lock knob.

When it has been attached correctly, tighten the circle and raise it to an unlocking position.

For beginners, this strategy might not be successful on the first try, but it should still be effective.

So it would help if you were consistent in achieving success.

Method 8: Breaking The Car Window

Breaking the glass is the least you can do in an emergency or if you absolutely must unlock the automobile door.

Only difficult circumstances, like getting someone stuck inside a car or urgently needing to visit the hospital, are appropriate for using this technique.

Therefore, it is best to avoid using this strategy as a regular one; otherwise, the police will fire you.

Always use a glass breaker or hammer to break the window, and don’t aim at the center of the window; instead, target the outer edges first.

The window’s outer borders are less likely to break than its center.

It is advised that you maintain a safe distance while breaking the window in order to prevent injuries.

As soon as the window is damaged, make every effort to have it fixed.

Until you don’t get your windows fixed, park the car inside the garage rather than outside to protect it from stealing and extreme weather conditions. 

Method 9: Call AAA

Getting assistance is perfectly acceptable if none of the aforementioned approaches work for you.

To receive assistance from the best auto repair shops in America, simply call AAA.

The technician will come in 30 minutes to solve your car trouble in no time.

This approach should be used if you wish to unlock your locked automobile doors in the safest possible manner.

unlock car doors without keys

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to fix a locked car door?

The cost to unlock locked automobile doors is influenced by a variety of elements, such as replacement parts and lockout causes.

If the doors are locked because a key is inside, the issue might not be very serious; otherwise, the lock getting damaged or jammed is something to be concerned about.

Depending on how complicated the job is, you might have to pay a locksmith $75 to $220 to fix the problem.

However, taking your car to the dealership will cause serious harm to your bank.

You will be required to pay two fees: one for towing and the other for correcting the issue.

If you have the dealership fix it, the price will range from $200 to $650.

But, the issue will be solved from the core and will not occur in the future.

2. Can the police assist me in unlocking my car’s doors?

First, you have to understand that cops don’t know the master of unlocking a car door, or they’re not experts at doing this task.

However, they can assist you in getting out of this situation in a number of methods, including towing your automobile or breaking the glass in an emergency.

It is crucial to understand that even if you call the police, the issue won’t be resolved for free.

You must pay for the service you use, but at the very least, the police can set up wing help to transport your automobile to the dealership.

So, unless it’s an emergency, it’s preferable to employ a locksmith to unlock automobile doors.

If necessary, you can also contact an emergency locksmith.

3. What are the safest methods for removing the keys from a locked car?

The best ways to quickly and safely remove the keys from a locked car are all covered in this extensive tutorial. The names of these methods have been changed here.

  1. Using Your Spare keys
  2. Loaded Up Car App
  3. Using Screwdriver and Rod
  4. Using A Slim Jim
  5. Using A Coat Hanger
  6. Using A Shoestring
  7. Breaking The Car Windows
  8. Just Call AAA

4. Who can I contact for free car door unlocking?

The only free way to unlock car doors is through assistance from AAA.

But if you sign up for their membership scheme, they will only offer you one free service.

Calling AAA (America’s Top Car Assistance Providers) will get you this service, and within 30 minutes, assistance will be brought to your place to unlock the locked car door.

They will need your location, car model, and membership number in order to help you.

If you do not have their membership, you must pay for the service you have hired.

Otherwise, they offer the membership subscribers a single free service.

5. How Do I Use A Screwdriver To Unlock Car Doors?

To create some room between the automobile door and frame, use a screwdriver.

Use caution to avoid denting or damaging your car with this technique. To avoid that, use as low pressure as possible to pry the door.

Once you put the tip of the screwdriver inside the car, insert a long and thin rod and a similarly shaped object to pull and push the unlock button. The automobile door will then be unlocked.

If you fail at the first attempt, do it again until you don’t get successful.

This is one of the easiest methods to unlock the car door, and I ensure that it doesn’t take much time.

6. How Can Car Doors Be Unlocked In An Emergency?

To get assistance in an emergency situation, such as a locked-in pet or child, you must first phone the police.

Tell them your car model and where you’re located; they will come to help you faster than a locksmith or any other person.

Second, your only choice is to smash a car glass if the scenario gets worse and you have to access the car doors right now.

Instead of hitting the middle of the automobile glass, smash the outer edges with a complicated piece of metal and wood.

Remember to maintain a safe distance when doing this to protect yourself from flying glass fragments.


You need to know how to open the car doors without the keys if you’ve ever had the unpleasant situation of locking your keys inside and want to be ready if it happens again.

Fortunately, this guide has covered all the information you require to open locked automobile doors.

Before attempting to unlock the car door yourself, it is advised to get assistance from a locksmith or a car service provider.

This is because doing this yourself can damage your car, which will be a costly replacement.

So, it is better to seek help from others first to protect your investment from damage.

I hope this article helps solve your queries regarding unlocking car doors.

If yes, don’t forget to check other posts on the blog.

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