7 Best Truck Shock Absorbers For Smooth Ride 2022

When you’re traveling in full swing and suddenly your truck hits the bump, and everyone in the vehicle gets tossed in the air, it is the worst moment, isn’t it? To get yourself rid of these unfortunate events and prevent your truck from getting damaged, you will need the best truck shock absorber for smooth … Read more

How to Clean Car Battery Corrosion?

Minor damage to the battery can affect the car’s performance and result in costly maintenance. Battery Corrosion is one of the significant aspects that can cause severe damage to your battery if not looked out on time. It can also lead to several issues, including damage to vehicle air-conditioning and electrical wiring. Cleaning the battery when … Read more

Does Dash Cam Work When Car Is Off?

No, a dash cam is powered by a 12V DC supply within the car. And that means when your car turns off, the power supply to the dash cam is also terminated at that very moment. Resultantly, your dash cam will turn off. But what happens when you need the aid of the dash cam … Read more