8 Best Black Friday Dash Cam Deals 2022

Are you waiting for the right time when the price goes lower, and you get the best dash cam for your vehicle? Then we have good news for you that Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are right around the corner, and many items (including dash cams) will be available at hot discounted prices. Thanks … Read more

7 Best Dash Cam With Parking Mode 2022

If someone in the parking lot scratches your vehicle or accidentally rolls over it, the best dash cam with parking mode will be your eyewitness to show the primary victim of an accident. It helps stop anyone from making wrong allegations against you because you’ll have all on the record to prove yourself right.  However, … Read more

11 Best Dash Cams for rideshare drivers 2022

Best dash cams for rideshare drivers

There are a lot of fights and problems with rideshare services. Some people blackmail the driver into giving a negative rating if he didn’t give them money. It’s like a robbery without a gun. There are also accidents, people hit your car and run, which is even worse. So that’s when the best dash cams for … Read more