Why now is the right time to get an electric vehicle

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The electric vehicle is the most practical replacement for the combustion-engine vehicle, whose days are numbered. Although it is evident that there is still considerable potential for growth in this area of mobility, there are currently many compelling reasons to support it.

You, dear motor.es reader and frequent driver, may have already pondered whether an electric vehicle should be your future vehicle.

You should buy an electric car for numerous reasons, and many warrant that you decide to do it now without waiting any longer.

Its expansion is inevitable, and it has more and more persuasive justifications. Let’s investigate them.


Why ought I get an electric vehicle?

We will discuss why every prospective purchaser of a new or used vehicle should consider electric cars seriously now.

Still, before we do, it is essential to gain some perspective on the factors that have contributed to the explosion of electricity in the automotive sector.

We cannot deny that there is much space for advancement in electric car technology, and significant obstacles are standing in the way of its widespread market adoption.

We’re referring to the high price of cars, the fact that they still don’t have enough autonomy for some tasks, or the lengthy battery recharging times.

Some drawbacks prevent many consumers from using an electric automobile as their primary mode of private transportation.

Around 90% of the energy the electric car produces can be captured.

So why are companies making such big bets on electric cars? On the one hand, the last ten years have shown that any emerging technology has a significant potential for progression.

These days, models with great autonomy are available on the market, and prices are edging closer and closer to acceptable ranges.

On the other hand, under the guise of ecological, public and governmental authorities have been making the combustion engine illegal for years.

The reality remains that companies must take this course to adhere to anti-pollution regulations, whether they are correct or wrong or merely following image tactics or based on unrealistic models. Or, more specifically, to be able to keep selling vehicles.

Due to all these factors, purchasing an electric vehicle may be the best decision for many drivers. Let’s look more closely at the benefits it already provides.

Usage of less energy

A typical internal combustion engine will only produce around half of the energy due to heat emission, friction between parts, and inefficient operations.

On the other hand, the electric car is twice as efficient as a thermal engine since it can capture about 90% of the energy it produces.

However, these vehicles also feature regenerative systems, which enable them to recover some of the energy lost during operation.

There are no emissions of harmful gases or particles

The idea that an electric vehicle emits no pollution at all is a myth that has been debunked. But it is indisputable that if all the automobiles in cities were electric, they would be cleaner and more habitable.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is one of the most intriguing electric vehicles available, and Scar Magro shows you everything there is to know about it.

This is so that it doesn’t spread pollutants or gases in its route like other vehicles. Because there is no exhaust pipe for disposing of the trash from burning, there is no pollution in the streets where so many people walk.

Yes, it is clear that its manufacture and recharge require numerous polluting activities, but that is a different issue.

It doesn’t vibrate, it doesn’t produce noise, and it doesn’t give off heat.

Another excellent feature of an electric automobile is how comfortable it is to drive because it produces no noise, no vibration from the motor while it operates, and no heat.

The only sounds we’ll hear in an electric car are a faint hum, the tires rubbing against the pavement, and the wind blowing on the bodywork.

Something that will excite the typical user in daily traffic but may irritate some motor fanatics.

Driving is simple.

In a thermal vehicle, the engine requires components like the clutch or the transmission, which forces us to frequently shift gears and depress the clutch, especially when traveling through cities.

We should put the automatic transmission in Neutral to avoid a long-term failure when we stop.

Contrarily, all we need to do to drive an electric automobile is accelerate and brake without thinking about anything else. There are no gear ratios and no delays in the power supply; everything is quick and easy.

Prolonged service life and very little maintenance

Its lack of a combustion engine means maintenance requirements and potential malfunctions are greatly diminished. There is no requirement to replace the clutch, change the oil, or monitor the timing belt.

The combustion engine has a shelf life in Europe.

The combustion engine has a deadline imposed by Europe.

This is because there are so few moving or friction components that we need to regularly check the batteries and electric motor’s health and make sure to repair the cabin filter, brakes, or tires, among other components common to all cars.

To this, we must add that most of the components come with far longer guarantee terms from the brands.

Refueling costs more money than recharging.

Fossil fuels can be prohibitively expensive depending on the period we find ourselves in. On the other hand, depending on the type of charger and the location of the charger, recharging delivers higher or lesser savings.

Well, we can discuss the waiting period afterward.

Decreased depreciation

Due to the factors above, an electric vehicle’s components degrade less quickly, directly affecting how much it depreciates over time.

This implies that if we decide to sell our electric car in the future, we can reduce the losses related to its initial purchase, which are far more pronounced in the case of conventional vehicles.

The city’s best performance

The quick acceleration an electric car experience is among its most remarkable features. Power delivery is immediate and vigorous since there are no intermediary systems, such as a transmission, gearbox, or clutch.

Due to their ability to start swiftly and efficiently from a stop, electric vehicles are a delight to drive in cities since they have unrivaled agility.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and how awesome it is

We cannot deny the extraordinary level of sophistication that the combustion engine has attained. Still, the truth is that the major manufacturers are concentrating their efforts on electric technology.

The hydrogen technology, the alternative to the alternative, is well represented by the Toyota Mirai. Do you wish to learn more about it?

This has led to a vicious race for advancement and the development of highly advanced technologies and mechanisms (and what’s left of them).

We won’t deny that that is what is currently fashionable, and for many people, this serves as further motivation.

A waiver of taxes

As we stated from the outset, the government is placing a real bet on electric vehicles, which entails lowering or eliminating the tax burden compared to conventional combustion vehicles.

Taxes on the purchase, registration, or circulation of goods and services, as well as the introduction of direct subsidies for their acquisition, all reflect this.

freedom of parking and transportation in constrained cities

Another undeniable benefit is the electric vehicle’s near-total freedom of transit and parking in places with anti-pollution policies, restricted parking zones, or similar.

In Madrid, Barcelona, and other places that will impose such limits in the short, medium, and long terms, all-electric vehicles have the DGT mark 0, allowing them to travel freely.

Favorable financing

The discussion of money, which is always essential, concludes this review. It is true that depending on the model we are interested in; electric vehicles might be pricey or even prohibitive.

But it’s also true that there are currently a lot of aids available for buying a car or motorcycle of this kind.

Institutions of finance provide loans with more favorable terms for purchasing electric automobiles.

This manifests itself in the subsidies we previously stated and in exceptionally tailored credits that financial institutions offer with better terms to promote their purchase of them.

Although it might not fully offset the higher price compared to a similar model powered by a diesel or gasoline engine, it will undoubtedly at least provide consumers with a choice.

Have we persuaded you yet? We don’t intend to do that. The electric vehicle has a lot of benefits, but it also frequently has overwhelming drawbacks.

Ultimately, it comes down to examining our mobility practices to see if they mesh well with the advantages it offers and weighing the drawbacks, which, as with anything, will inevitably exist. Enjoy your reflection.

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