What faults can a car alternator have? How to fix them (2022)

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What faults can a car alternator have

The alternator serves as the vehicle’s primary source of electrical power. It does this by converting the energy produced by the engine into electrical energy, which is then stored in the vehicle’s battery.

What faults can a car alternator have

This configuration makes that the battery is always completely charged, even when other electrical parts of the automobile, like the headlights, radio, and seat heating, are in operation.

Because the battery also starts the ignition, a faulty electric generator can quickly become a problem.

The electric generator in detail

The electric generator, as the alternator is also often called, is not one of the worn parts of a vehicle.

However, like any other component, modern alternators are susceptible to damage and defects like any other component. However, modern alternators have an extremely long service life and rarely break.

In such a scenario, replacing the alternator is frequently more cost-effective than attempting to repair it.

Signs of a defective electrical generator

Some signs indicate a defect in the alternator.

If you notice any warning signs, you should check the alternator out as soon as possible, either at home or in a professional garage.

The engine no longer starts properly is the first indication that there are issues with the alternator. The battery warning light on the instrument panel also comes on as a sign of a defect.

These defects are possible.

An alternator and the power supply connected to it offer four weak points where most defects occur. The actual electrical generator that is being used:

1. The electric generator

When there is an issue with the alternator, the generator carbons are typically exhausted.

Alternator replacement is the only option available here; there is no other way to fix the problem.

2. Problems with the alternator are typically the charge regulator’s fault.

The transmission of electrical current is one of its functions. A specialized workshop is the only place where the part can be thoroughly examined to determine whether or not it is flawed. Replacement is frequently the only available option.

3. Connectors and cables

There is a possibility that the cables and plugs that run from the alternator to the battery are faulty.

4. Cable breakage or other causes can wear the cables, weaken or interrupt the current flow.

The power flow between the engine and the alternator will be insufficient if the V-belt is worn or excessively slack. This is because the V-belt is a

The power flow will be inadequate if the V-belt is worn or loose. Although the alternator is in working order, it cannot absorb the kinetic energy produced by the engine.

Workshop or change at home?

Not any layperson can change an alternator. However, it is always a question of money. The replacement of an alternator, including the spare part, in the workshop, can cost up to 800 dollars and more.

If you have the necessary tools at home and are willing to do the change, you can save significant money by doing the difference yourself.

Changing the electric generator step by step

The alternator change varies from vehicle to vehicle. This is primarily because the engines and engine compartments are each designed differently. The first thing that needs to be done is to locate the alternator in the engine compartment.

Because of this, some of the steps may differ quite a bit from one vehicle to another.

  • Disconnect the battery.
  • When disassembling the alternator, it is essential that you pay attention to the connections installed at each location. If necessary, document the disassembly with photographs and label the individual parts.
What faults can a car alternator have

Mistakes to avoid without fail

Also, pay attention to the indicated tightening torques and belt tension specifications. The same thinking should be applied to the level of tension in the V-belt.

Even in this case, a specific set of guidelines must be followed.

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