What are the advantages of an adjustable center armrest for the car? (2022)

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Adjustable center armrest

When traveling long distances on the freeway, it can be very exhausting to keep both hands on the steering wheel.

In most cases, a suitable support surface can be found in the door for the left arm.

Adjustable center armrest

On the other hand, the appropriate one is almost always displayed in its place. This results in ongoing cramping and pain in the neck.

Fortunately, the aftermarket industry recognized this issue a few years ago and worked to develop a solution appropriate for the situation: the center armrest.

Realistic and solid in construction

There are multiple uses for the armrest in the middle of the seat. Folding models of high quality offer a wide variety of applications, including the following:

– Armrest support surface
– A space for storing relatively inconspicuous items, such as a cell phone, keys, or change
– A holder for the cup that is built in

Ultimately, a center armrest can be folded up when not in use. Is also an efficient barrier for people traveling by air.

This barrier between the front seats can provide a welcoming and reassuring feeling of safety, which is especially useful for services such as car sharing.

This feature will immediately be appreciated by anyone who frequently in carpooling.

It is highly recommended that prior to purchasing a retrofittable center armrest, the prospective buyer educate themselves thoroughly on the various types of armrests available.

Already a difference of this magnitude can be made with ten dollars.

In summary, it is generally not worth it to purchase parts that are too inexpensive. The vast majority of the time, the quality of their craftsmanship is so poor that the items shift, squeak, do not close horizontally, or wear out almost immediately.

In addition, low-cost components frequently have an improper fit, and they are more likely to break unexpectedly. Finally, this can swiftly lead to perilous circumstances, which is especially problematic when traveling at high speeds on the highway.

In the event that the original equipment manufacturer does not provide such a part, the specialized trade is the best place to go in order to acquire a center armrest that can be retrofitted.

However, it makes no difference whether you look for such a solution on the Internet or at a store in your immediate area.

You can find what you need either way. If you shop at a reputable establishment, you will have a much better chance of walking away with a high-quality item.

Where one should focus one’s attention most carefully

What you need to take into consideration before making a purchase is the method of assembly that is required for the retrofittable armrest.

When using inexpensive products, it is frequently necessary to drill holes in the components of the cabin that are already there.

The screws are then placed in these drillings after they have been drilled. On the other hand, this solution isn’t exactly ideal because it messes up the vehicle before it’s even assembled, so it’s not exactly effective.

When the armrest is placed on top of the center armrest, additional permanent stress is placed on the bolted joints.

Because of this, the bolt holes could potentially tear at some point, and the center armrest retaining straps could also break.

If this were to happen, not only would it be necessary to purchase a new armrest, but in addition to that, the car would be left with unsightly damage.

Mounting solutions that do not cause damage to the interior of the vehicle should be prioritized as a result, provided that there is a way to prevent this from happening.

Even if they are twice as expensive as other, less expensive products, you will be thankful that you opted for them when it comes time to sell the vehicle.

A center console that is perforated does not sell very well. As a result, this component ought to be taken into consideration during the process of installing the chosen center armrest.

Nevertheless, the vast majority of aftermarket center armrests will invariably cause some level of damage to the center console, albeit to varying degrees.

Therefore, it is up to you to work in a tidy manner, making use of the most effective tools while maintaining composure and sound judgment at all times. There is only one opportunity to make each cut or hole.

What exactly is required?

In order to put together a center armrest, you will need the following components:

– The set consisting of retrofits
– A screwdriver with a Phillips’s head
– A screwdriver with a slotted head and a Torx head, if necessary
– A socket or Phillips wrench with a 10 mm opening
– An electric screwdriver, in case one is required
– A Dremel tool and a box cutter, if appropriate.

The retrofit kit will typically include the central armrest in addition to the screws for fixing it. It takes approximately fifteen minutes to put everything together.

Advantages of an adjustable center armrest for the car

The armrest assembly located in the table’s center

1. Wipe down the control panel located in the middle of the vehicle.

It is strongly recommended that the center console be meticulously cleaned before the installation of the center armrest.

After the armrest has been installed, it is very difficult to access all of the center console’s different compartments.

If there are any remnants of food or drink left in a cup holder after it has been cleaned, there will be a source of odor in the vehicle that is no longer as simple to eliminate.

2. Move the front seats all the way to the back of the vehicle.

Put the front seats all the way back as soon as the center console has been polished and made spotless.

This not only provides access to the entirety of the center console but also generates sufficient space and freedom of movement for the installation process. This is the point at which the crucial phase starts.

3. Put the finishing touches on the center console

In most circumstances, the center console needs to be modified in order to accommodate the installation of the center armrest.

Suppose the armrest is only attached to the console by two or four screws. In that case, the following recommendations should be considered: Use of thin self-tapping screws with suitable nuts and washers is recommended in place of the supplied wood screws.

These should be used in conjunction with the supplied wood screws.

The center console and armrest can be pre-drilled with the required holes in order to produce results that are clean and long-lasting. In the event that holes need to be cut, you should not make use of a cutter or apply force.

Shells made of thin plastic are incredibly inflexible! Work should always be done with a tool that can perform multiple functions, such as a Dremel.

This produces cleaner results, which will not influence the subsequent sale of the vehicle as negatively as would have been the case without this change.

Whenever you are cutting or drilling, you should always keep the following in mind: Always measure three times before beginning work.

4. Attach the armrest located in the middle of the seat

The sturdy base of the center armrest is made of die-cast aluminum, which allows it to be inserted into the corresponding recess.

In most cases, this is a rear pocket, an ashtray, or some other opening in the center console.

The..assembly is responsible for providing the primary support for the center armrest. It is fastened in place using the screw connections that were provided until everything is completely fastened.

The end, as they say. After this, the only thing left to do is give the carpet a thorough vacuuming, and then the next extended trip can get underway.

The solution that is least polluting: Use original parts

Many automobiles include the center armrest as an option that incurs an additional charge.

Those interested in a truly sustainable and environmentally friendly solution should speak with their brand dealer: A complete center console with an armrest as an integrated feature is frequently offered as a spare part.

With this solution, you will have a component that was developed by the factory’s own engineers and that offers an exact fit in addition to a high level of comfort.

There is literally nothing else that could be improved upon. An original part with an integrated armrest, as opposed to retrofit solutions, contributes to an increase in the value of the vehicle.

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