How to buy a cheap car? Step by step guide (2022)

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Buy a cheap car

When viewed through the lens of luxury goods and an insatiable appetite for the thrill of the open road, automobiles can quickly spiral out of control financially.

You can easily spend thousands of dollars on a vehicle when you factor in image, performance, equipment, and appearance. This is because each of these aspects is a significant expense. The issue is that there is no possibility of getting this money back.

Buy a cheap car

It is best not to dwell on the fact that a new car will quickly lose its value. More people would become aware of how expensive and wasteful car upkeep is if that didn’t take place. On the other hand, at the lower end of the scale of car values, there are an increasing number of vehicles that merit a second look.

Low cost and low potential for loss

The most significant benefit that can be obtained from purchasing a vehicle that costs less than 500$ is low risk. In the first year following purchase, new cars often lose between 30 and 40% of their value. That amounts to 3% every month.

With an original price of 20,000$, this represents a loss of 600$ before even one meter of the vehicle has been driven.

However, the value decline is progressive, indicating that it is significantly more severe during the initial few years of the fall.

However, those who go looking with some background knowledge about the topic will be able to find something interesting even in the more affordable price ranges.

There is almost no depreciation for a vehicle that costs between 50 and 500 dollars. Anyone who browses the classified ads in this price range will be taken aback by what they find because.

There are some valuable things among the available options. It’s not uncommon to see cars ready to drive for less than 400$ and come with a half-worth years of MOT.

If the inspection did not uncover any significant flaws, nothing could prevent it from functioning normally until the next MOT.

Suppose you calculate the decline in value of a brand-new vehicle over six months. In that case, you will discover that the cost of ownership for the less expensive vehicle is incomparably higher.

Whereas the new car has already thrown away practically thousands of dollars, the inexpensive car continues to drive joyfully until it can’t any longer.

Be aware of what you are getting yourself into before you set sail.

However, there is one thing that must be made abundantly clear, and that is the fact that a low-cost car requires a driver with experience and care.

In that case, purchasing a low-cost vehicle in its current condition can rapidly turn into a poor investment.

Therefore, before making the purchase, you must thoroughly examine the item to recognize and eliminate potential problems.

However, even if you have already purchased the vehicle, it is still not a good idea to begin working on such a project if you are not confident about starting working on the vehicle’s mechanical components.

A trip to the auto shop can frequently cost more than the vehicle’s value after depreciation. If a car’s problem cannot be fixed at home, the best course of action is to replace it immediately.

Investigate the affordable automobile in great detail

The sale of inexpensive automobiles is typically not very successful. They are not washed and no longer receive any form of care.

Typically, the last time any maintenance work was performed, such as changing the engine oil, air filter, or spark plugs, was also many years ago.

On the other hand, Bargain hunters will see this as an argument in their favor to bring the price down even further. A person shouldn’t let their fear of their appearance prevent them from living their life.

On the other hand, if the car is no longer representative of the owner, it is more likely a sign that the owner wants to get rid of it than that the car is no longer representative of the owner.

As a result, it is an excellent tool for bringing the price down by hundreds of dollars through negotiations.

Do not overlook that if you reduce the price by two hundred dollars, you can avoid paying the fee for multiple technical inspections. The examination will begin in a moment.

The most important thing is that the vehicle has between three and six months left on its current MOT certification. It is tough and expensive to transport a low-cost vehicle that does not have a current MOT. It’s possible that the cost of red plates or towing will exceed the vehicle’s value.

During the inspection, the hood is opened, and the inspector looks inside the coolant tank. If the water is dark, oil is in the cooling system.

This can be determined by looking for it. and there is a problem with the head gasket. It is also important to examine the cap that is located on the oil filler.

If a brownish-white foam has accumulated there, then it is easy to determine what caused it.

For those willing to take the risk, it is possible to repair a faulty head gasket at the cost of materials ranging from 200 to 300$. And the job is typically completed throughout the weekend. However, this is an excellent method for cutting costs by a couple of hundred dollars.

1. Is the engine turning over?

If the engine turns over, it indicates that many other things, including things that would be very expensive to fix, are functioning as they should.

The electric generator, the battery, and the timing belt continue to function properly.

The driver will leave the engine running for a bit now that the car has stopped. Any of the following signs could appear:

– Heavy steam and smoke formation accompanied by the emission of blue smoke from the exhaust pipe

– Temperature rise

– Bloating of the hoses that carry the coolant

In this scenario, the engine will suffer damage. In most cases, such damage can be repaired; however, doing so requires expertise and practical experience.

2. The starter motor is engaged, but the vehicle will not begin to move.

At least the timing belt hasn’t broken down yet, which is a relief. Several factors contribute to the engine not starting.

If lucky, the only broken part is the wire connecting the ignition coil. This is something that is easily fixable now.

3. The engine is unresponsive at this point.

If the lights are on but all you hear when you start the vehicle is a ticking sound, there are two potential causes: the starter motor or the timing belt is broken.

If this is the case, one option available to you is to try to start the engine by pushing the vehicle. If it locks, the timing belt will be torn, and the vehicle will be rendered nearly inoperable.

If it can be moved, the damage is repairable and fixed with some practice. If it cannot be made, the damage cannot be repaired.

4. Verify the clutch’s functionality.

Every vehicle will eventually need to have its clutch replaced because it is a component that wears out over time.

To test it, you must keep the handbrake engaged and “slip” the clutch pedal while the gear selector is in the third position.

The clutch is operating correctly if the engine can be turned off without delay after it has been engaged. On the other hand, the linings will become worn if it continues to run.

Replacing a clutch by hand will take a layperson approximately one day. But before we get to that, I kindly ask that you look through all of the available tutorials.

5. Ensure that the bodywork is accurate

Even if a car has been welded, the technical examination will fail if it lacks an MOT and has rusted bearing parts. On the other hand, a novice can fix the light to moderate damage. putty to repair rust damage on the door frames and wheel arches.

6. Make sure you check out the surrounding area

It is expected that the electrical system on board will perform as expected. Any disruption to the electrical system poses a significant risk and is typically not something that should be repaired.

When negotiating the price, the tires could be a good argument if they are old or have reached the end of their useful life (‘look at the DOT number). Used tire sets are typically available at a very reasonable price.

Be extremely cautious if you notice any fluids leaking from the area. There are a lot of flaws that can be easily fixed, but there are also a lot that needs expensive repairs.

It’s possible to profit from undesirable individuals, pricey vehicles, and even unfortunate occurrences

There are a lot of automobiles that live up to or even exceed their reputation, while others are nothing but a letdown.

  • The Fiat Although they finish relatively quickly in the budget segment, cars in this category are still representative of their class and can be repaired.
  • On the other hand, the Volkswagen Cars that fall into this category have typically already outlived their usefulness to their owners.

In addition to that, Luxury automobiles end up happening every once in a while. Despite this, one must always consider the possibility of making larger investments.

The fundamental characteristics are still customarily purchased. Mercedes and BMW.

Even when rare cars like the Lancia Y10, Daihatsu Charade, and Hyundai Atos are available, one shouldn’t automatically discount the notion that they have importance.

To be more specific, hidden among such unattractive automobiles might be genuine deals offering extended MOTs and low mileage. The need to cut costs inevitably arises when one considers these automobiles.

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