How to make your car more stylish, fast and stable? (2022)

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car more stylish, fast and stable

By merely adding a few millimeters to the track width, the vehicle’s appearance is significantly changed; the outcome is noticeably different.

It has a more substantial, steady, and voluminous silhouette. By reading this article, you can learn everything you need to know about increasing the track width.

car more stylish, fast and stable

Nevertheless, not only does increasing the width of the wheelbase affect the external appearance of the vehicle but also additionally, it causes alterations in the ride.

When increasing the width of the track, a few considerations need to be kept in mind since it does not only possess positive attributes.

Tuning is both economical and quick

The beneficial aspect of lengthening the wheelbase is that a sizeable effect can be accomplished with a comparatively small number of means, thanks to this measure.

In the same way that changing a wheel is tough, extending the lenwheelbase length is challenging.

The steps that need to be followed are also comparable. One set of spacers can be mounted in its entirety in as little as 30 minutes.

Nevertheless, it would help if you permanently moved forward with caution, concentration, and the appropriate tools.

What exactly, in terms of its component parts, does the gauge widening kit consist of?

A gauge widening conversion kit’s main part is a set of spherical discs called “spacing plates” that have nine holes in total.

These plates are referred to by their acronym, “spacing plates.”The wheel bearing is positioned inside the large hole in the middle of the hub.

Depending on the application, the eight annularly organized holes may be either threaded or created as through holes.

The screws that are part of the delivery are used to secure the spacer plate to the hub.

After that, the wheel is reinstalled by screwing it into the threaded holes, at which point the track width widening is complete.

The disc’s thickness has a role in determining how far the wheel travels to the outer.

In this article, the advantages and disadvantages of raising the track gauge are covered.

The following are some of the benefits that come with widening the track gauge:

– Increased stability, especially at road bends
– An improved overall visual appeal

The vehicle’s improved bearing squareness is what gives it its higher capacity for curve-gripping stability.

Because the ground contact surfaces are spaced further apart, the vehicle is both more stable and more likely to stay in its lane.

Even if the difference is only a few millimeters in either direction, you will be able to detect it on the very first drive.

The optical impact is enhanced more than it would be without the track widening when wide tires and low-profile rims are used.

Large wheels paired with wide tires that are spaced further apart give the impression that the entire vehicle is much more robust and powerful than it actually is.

When the track width is expanded, the leverage effect on the entire steering system increases, which causes more wear and tear on the various parts.

This is one of the drawbacks of increasing the track width. This change has a substantial effect on a number of parts, especially stabilizers, steering rods, and spherical plain bearings.

The amount of wear on the drive shafts has been found to increase as a result of the track’s widening.

Therefore, the length of time these components can provide reliable service is unfortunately shortened by the wide aspect ratio.

How to gradually increase the width of the track gauge

The following components are required for a track gauge widening:

– One adjustable wrench with a crosshead or a screwdriver with a socket

– 1 torque wrench

– 1 track gauge widening set

– One hydraulic jack or lifting platform, if applicable

– 1 – 2 supports or shims, if applicable

How to make your car more stylish, fast and stable

1. Loosen the bolts that are holding the wheel in place.

First, make sure the engine is turned off, then set the parking brake, and finally take the key out of the ignition.

Next, you’ll want to loosen the wheel bolts using the appropriate tool. When working on a car’s wheel bolts, it is best to do so while the vehicle is still firmly planted on the ground.

When the tires are being unscrewed, this prevents them from spinning around.

2. Raise the car to the desired height.

If a lifting platform is not readily available, an alternative method for increasing the track width is to use a jack.

It is essential to always position the jack at the points that have been designated for this function, as stated in the preceding sentence.

If the jack is not installed correctly, it can quickly cause severe damage to the frame, which in turn can damage the vehicle completely.

When working on the vehicle, you should never put all of your faith in the jack by itself. To begin, let me first say that you are responsible for securing the vehicle to prevent it from moving. Chocksare the best option.

TIP: Accessories available include chocks with an integrated first aid kit and warning triangle.

You will be ready for anything that comes your way with this solution because you will be well prepared for it.

The vehicle is then positioned on a specialized stand before proceeding to the following step. A firm and stable position for the car is provided by these components that are not expensive but are secure.

Car stands have a parking surface that is significantly larger than that of a jack. That way, if necessary, you can work in the car for hours at a time.

3. Take the wheels off the vehicle

Because the screws holding the wheel on which the separation plate is to be mounted were previously loosened, removing the wheel from which the plate is to be mounted can now be done in a matter of seconds.

4. Put together the plate that will act as a separator

It is imperative that the assembly of the separator plate is carried out in accordance with the instructions. The torque that is required to be applied to the screw threads can be found in the installation instructions.

WARNING: Always make sure to tighten the screws in a crosswise direction!

5. Adjust the spokes and rim of the wheel

After that, reattach the wheel and ensure that it is torqued to the specifications.

After fitting – MOT

It is imperative that any increase in the track width be meticulously documented at all times.

The MOT checks the manufacturer of the spacing plates in addition to verifying that the installation was done correctly and that the residual dimension meets the requirements.

As a result, it is imperative that the general operating permit, also known as the ABE, be carried at all times with the installation kit.

Unregistered increases in track width widening mean that full responsibility for the repercussions must be taken on, both in the eyes of the insurance company and the government.

In situations where the available width is insufficient

There is a method that can be utilized in order to increase the track width of a vehicle beyond the limits that are imposed by the bodywork during the manufacturing process.

Nevertheless, this calls for some adjustments to be made. Wheel arch stretching or flanging is the conversion measure for “small,” also known as “smalling.”

In circumstances like these, it is in your best interest to go to a specialized workshop that provides this service.

It is true that removing the wheel arch appears to be a job that requires little effort. However, there is a significant risk that many things will go wrong: This measure has the potential to cause the paintwork to become damaged and, more importantly, the bodywork to become unevenly deformed.

The widening of all four-wheel arches typically costs somewhere in the range of one hundred fifty to four hundred euros when performed by a specialized body shop.

Working with track width increases in the bodywork is something you’ll need to do if you want your flaring to be even more extreme.

This requires a significant amount of work with riveting and welding. In this area, the novice mechanic will very quickly reach his technical limitations.

Aside from that, the increasing width of the track makes it increasingly difficult to legalize these measures, which is another reason why it is becoming increasingly difficult.

Because of this, these robust measures, including wheel spacers that are either riveted or welded, are ideally suited for the sport of rallying.

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