Car Roof Box: How to optimize storage space in the car

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Car Roof Box

Luggage boxes were created so that ski equipment could be transported in small vehicles. Since roughly 25 years ago, people have used this supplement, especially in the winter.

Nevertheless, mistakes made during the installation and loading processes have already resulted in several accidents.

Car Roof Box

We will discuss the factors you should take into account before using roof box roof boxes in this article.

The rooftop storage compartment for large items

For a long time, the only option to expand a motor vehicle’s load capacity was to attach a trailer. There are a number of negative aspects to this, though.

Driving in reverse and maneuvering become noticeably more difficult as a result of the driver having to adjust to considerable changes in the vehicle’s handling.

In addition, for the past decade or so, a specialized driver’s license has been obligatory.

In addition, the luggage box was developed to facilitate the transportation of light but bulky goods using standard automobiles.

This requirement wasn’t present at first because of the ski gear. Even family vehicles had trouble transporting skis and poles because they were cumbersome and delicate, and they needed to be fully loaded before arriving at their vacation destination safely.

Transporting long objects in this day and age has given rise to popularity for using luggage boxes.

One of the demographics this product is geared toward is photographers and cameras.

The luggage boxes are an incredibly convenient place to store and transport camera tripods, lighting, and backgrounds.

But there are certain guidelines that must be observed when mounting and loading. If this is not the case, traveling with just one person can quickly become inefficient and risky.

This article will explain everything you need to know about installing a luggage box and loading it with items.

The structure of a luggage box

An aerodynamic plastic box used for storing and transporting luggage is known as a luggage box. Because of its low cost, its low weight, and the fact that it is waterproof, this material has become the industry standard.

Luggage boxes have a monocoque construction. Even when traveling at high speeds, the hermetic seal is maintained because the upper part encloses the lower part so it cannot be breached.

There is a dependable locking mechanism on one side, and on the other, there are sturdy hinges.

This ensures that it will remain closed throughout the journey. On the luggage rack, the box is secured with brackets explicitly modified for use in that environment.

At this point, it is essential to note that the only luggage racks that can be used are designed to fit the vehicle in question.

Older roof racks that were fastened to the gutter on top of the car are completely inappropriate.

Because it is such a powerful current, a universal roof rack would not be able to withstand it for an extended period if it were generated by a luggage box in the strong wind.

Car roof racks are attached to specially designed anchor points, which are integrated into the static load-bearing structure of the vehicle roof.

As a result, car roof racks are reliably mounted and can carry a significant amount of weight. It is only possible to install the roof box in a secure manner using this particular method.

A proper installation to ensure a secure and economical driving experience

When it comes to the roof box’s structure, two things need to be taken into consideration: The installation kit that corresponds to the device must be whole and unbroken.

Cracks in either the box or the brackets render the system useless and prevent it from being used. Under load, a trial will grow in size irreparably, which will eventually lead to the object breaking.

This can create a hazardous situation, not only for the person doing it but also for other people using the road.

Even if there is only damage to the physical property: In most cases, it is impossible to avoid receiving a hefty fine for the irresponsible use of a damaged luggage box.

The luggage box is mounted on the roof rack in a manner that complies with the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Some manufacturers even include instructions on how much torque should be applied when tightening the bolts. These are things that need to be respected.

In addition, not all roof boxes are compatible with every type of vehicle. Therefore, it is essential to seek careful advice and research before purchasing.

It is also essential that the box be mounted on the roof rack in a straight position to achieve the best fuel economy.

The vehicle will experience more excellent wind resistance compared to the angle at which it is tilted.

It is necessary to assume that having a roof box will increase fuel consumption by approximately twenty percent.

However, if the installation is carried out in a straight line, this value is not exceeded.

Examining the hinges and locks on the luggage box is another step that must be completed before the package can be installed.

Products with poor quality typically fail miserably in this regard. The force exerted by the wind on a luggage box is significantly higher than one might initially believe.

Before putting everything together, you should check to ensure that the hinges on both sides are correctly aligned and that the lock can be closed securely.

Naturally, a container needs to have a lock on it; otherwise, it gives criminals an easy opportunity.

Locks on more expensive products tend to be of superior quality to those on less expensive products, typically manufactured by companies known for their brand names.

It is not superfluous to secure the luggage box with two outriggers, even though the assembly was done correctly and the product selected was high quality.

For this purpose, ratchet tie-down straps are a perfect choice. But use caution because these straps can generate a significant amount of force, which, if applied excessively, could crack the plastic boxes.

A ratchet tie-down strap does not need to be secured until it can no longer be secured using the ratchet mechanism.

It is sufficient to tighten it by hand without completely deflecting it. After the process is complete, you must keep the protruding ends of the lashing straps.

In that case, it risks becoming detached and flapping erratically in the air.

Car Roof Box

Enormous price disparities

When comparing the prices of luggage boxes, it is abundantly clear that there is a wide range.

Here, one must put their faith in the reliability of a well-known brand manufacturer: Not only does an inexpensive product break more quickly, but it also cannot compete with the products of a quality manufacturer when it comes to the comfort and safety of the installation process.

It is typical for models that cost less than 150$ to have chests that open while they are being transported, lack of stability in the hinges and locks, or products that jam entirely and can only be opened by applying extreme force.

The higher quality of a branded product is typically detectable just by touching it, despite its price tag typically being more elevated than 500$.

A running luggage box is an investment that should be made to last because it is constructed with sturdy materials, the appropriate locks and hinges, and a secure and reliable fastening system.

After the purchase has been made, the only thing that is left to consider is the best way to put everything away.

Carrying correctly while ensuring one’s safety

Lightweight items are the only ones that can be transported inside a luggage box. The fact that it is not suitable for carrying heavy goods is due not so much to the fact that it is stable but instead to the unfavorable position of the item.

The car’s gravity center will rise when fully loaded because of the additional weight. At some point, you will become aware of the importance of exerting an outward pulling force on the car around every corner.

This is not only annoying, but it also has the potential to be very risky. Because of this, you should only put things in a luggage box if they cannot be stored in the car’s trunk appropriately.

Items that are long and bulky but not particularly heavy work well for storage in a luggage box.

However, other things can also be stored here, provided they are not too heavy for the space. The following items do not present any difficulties when it comes to storage:

The following is a general rule that might be applicable. Anything lightweight and long can be transported in the luggage box, while the trunk is the appropriate location for transporting anything heavy.

In addition, it is essential to ensure that the luggage carried in the luggage box does not move while the vehicle is being loaded.

Not only can objects that rock back and forth break, but they can also damage the luggage box or even open it if it’s not secured correctly.

Because of this, you should always load the luggage box in a way that ensures everything will remain in its designated spot. The most practical stuffers are cushions, blankets, or towels used in the kitchen.

You must take into consideration both the weight and the volume.

Surprisingly, products with well-known brand names are more stable than boxes sold for a low price and are also frequently lighter.

This is very important, particularly in loading luggage into the vehicle. In most cases, the maximum weight that can be loaded into a chest is fifty kilograms.

A difference of five kilograms represents a load already more significant than 10% of the total. This also applies to vehicles that are loaded while towing. The typical capacity of luggage boxes ranges somewhere between 320 and 380 liters.

Some manufacturers boast a cargo volume greater than 500 liters in their marketing materials.

However, this volume will typically result in a reduction in the vehicle’s aerodynamic performance and an increase in its fuel consumption.

As a result, the individual’s necessities should always be considered when designing the luggage box. It is also beneficial to have additional space when traveling in this manner.

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