How to change the particulate filter of the car? Step by step guide (2022)

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Change the particulate filter

All automobiles are equipped with diesel particulate filters of the highest possible quality, which regulate the release of gases.

As time passes, this component deteriorates to the point where it can no longer perform its filtering function effectively.

This article will walk you through changing the particulate filter at home and provide additional information about this component.

Change the particulate filter

Because soot particles emitted by automobiles pose a significant threat to the natural world, environmental zones have been established in a substantial number of German cities.

According to this point of view, diesel-powered automobiles pose a more significant threat to the natural world when compared to gasoline-powered cars.

The information fundamental to the replacement of the diesel particulate filter

In this highly specialized field, you cannot replace a filter with any old model you buy. It will be noticed at the upcoming general inspection, at the very latest, and the filter will need to be replaced with one that is more appropriate.

For the most part, you will need to rely on products manufactured by well-known brands if you want the particulate filter to fit perfectly in your vehicle and perform its function as effectively as possible.

Even though prices at online retailers are typically lower than those at local auto parts stores, purchasing the correct component for your vehicle is of the utmost importance.

The need to change the diesel particulate filter is something that will be automatically signaled to you by all modern construction series vehicles.

When an adjustment needs to be made, the dashboard’s instrument panel will illuminate, and there will also be a simultaneous display of some kind.

If a message of this kind appears, the adjustment should not be put off in any way, regardless of whether it is carried out at one’s residence or in a workshop.

If this does not occur, the subsequent damage can be costly and severe, mainly if the vehicle is used frequently.

Should you replace the particulate filter, or would it be better if you cleaned it?

The need to replace the particulate filter is not necessarily indicated whenever a warning message is displayed.

A thorough and professional cleaning of the filter can often eliminate the need to replace it, which saves time and money.

Do not undervalue the amount of work that is required for this project. It is unnecessary to replace the filter to eliminate the warning message that appears when it is time to do so; all that is required is a professional cleaning, which must be performed with extreme care not to damage the filter.

It is essential to remember that even cleaning will not be able to repair the damaged filter already in place.

It will wear out significantly quicker than a brand-new soot filter. In the not-too-distant future, you will receive appropriate cautionary messages.

Therefore, cleaning the filter is more of a way of delaying the necessary change that needs to be made.

Caution: After being cleaned, the soot filter must be idle for at least forty-eight hours before it can be returned to service.

This ensures that the vehicle will not sustain any damage. A significant drawback compared to installing a new filter, which takes only a few hours of work and immediately returns the car to its previous condition.

Modifying the Particulate Filter: Here Are Some Suggestions and Guidelines to Follow

The simple justification for choosing cleaning versus a complete replacement is as follows: It can be difficult to replace the filter at home.

The vast majority of construction series vehicles’ diesel particulate filters must be disassembled because of how they are positioned on the vehicles.

Access to the filter must be available from above and below for it to be safely replaced. No trick would work in this situation.

Changing the filter can be completed in a couple of hours by a trained professional with access to the appropriate equipment, but for an amateur, it can take the entire day.

Therefore, before you jump in, give some thought to whether or not you want to do it yourself.

Utilize the proper tool and make sure the location is accurate.

The required tools can be challenging, which adds to the difficulty of changing the soot filter. So make sure you have all the necessary tools in the right sizes before you begin.

The worst-case scenario is that you do not have a wrench with the appropriate width on hand, and this is especially likely if you use the long nut to loosen the screw.

Usually, the diesel particulate filter is placed in an area of the engine compartment that the driver can quickly access. When in doubt, consult the directions to find it exactly where it should be.

It will be glaringly apparent to you immediately that several other components are located in the area around the filter.

Check this section to see if you can take apart the components on your own without using any specialized equipment.

You should get in touch with a specialized workshop if you have any questions regarding anything. A subpar replacement can lead to a variety of problems, from a flaw to the engine shutting down entirely.

How to change the particulate filter of the car

Replace the soot filter by removing the old one.

Technically, changing the filter is a straightforward task. After uncovering the component in question, the filter housing is connected at both ends with two or more screws, each of which needs to be carefully loosened to remove the element in question.

The particulate filter is fastened to the car in question using an additional fastening system that consists of other screws coupled to a bracket on the car.

In most cases, the only way to access this bracket is from below. When you are disassembling the other parts, you should think ahead about a strategy that will allow you to access the housing, and you should pay attention so that you do not get confused with the screws, clamps, and other components.

It is not possible to disassemble the car into its parts because doing so might cause obstructions.

It would help if you exercised extreme caution in this area so that you do not cause any damage. Consequently, you will have a tough time disassembling components such as the lambda sensor, which might obstruct the process of dismantling the box straightforwardly.

Move through this area with extreme caution and precision so that you don’t cause any additional damage to the vehicle.

If the old diesel particulate filter and the housing were attached with bolts, you would need to apply the same level of care and attention to the installation of the new model.

Considering the neighboring components, all that is required to secure it is the use of the screws that are located on the vehicle and connected pipes.

The same rule applies to all other components, which were previously taken apart and now need to be reassembled in their precise original locations.

Putting the car’s newly installed air filter through its paces

If the filter has been adjusted properly, you won’t see any warning messages on the dashboard once again.

As soon as you use the vehicle again after the filter has been replaced, you will be able to determine whether or not the new filter satisfies all of the environmental requirements.

The engine compartment must then be inspected, with special care paid to the locations where the bolts are secured.

If soot is coming out of the filter or if you can see other colorations, it has not been installed correctly.

This can happen if the part in question is not the original, and the replica is either a few millimeters larger or smaller than the original.

This might not be picked up during the general technical inspection, but it has the potential to affect the values that are measured significantly.

Additional guidance regarding the diesel particulate filter

According to the research presented earlier, it is recommended that before completely replacing the filter, you should first choose to clean it.

Remember that your vehicle must sit unused for a few days, and make sure that your calculations account for this.

In addition, do not put off cleaning the filter for any longer than is necessary as soon as you are notified to do so by the electronic system in the vehicle. To accomplish this, you must demonstrate intelligence and tact in your actions.

It would help if you didn’t undervalue the importance of relying on a replica for assembly.

This point cannot be emphasized enough. Suppose you want to save the money that you would otherwise spend on an authentic original part. In that case, before making an online purchase, you should properly familiarize yourself with the item’s dimensions.

You should measure the items to the nearest millimeter once you have them in your possession.

Even the most minor errors in the product description can be grounds for a complaint regarding something as significant as this.

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