Convertible car hoods: Everything you need to know (2022)

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Convertible car hoods

A distinctive type of open-top car is the cabriolet. Driving with the top down is a sensation that is unmatched.

When driving a convertible, you get more sunshine, fresh air, and overall happiness. This component requires special attention for the cabriolet soft top to be enjoyed to its utmost potential.

Convertible car hoods

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the convertible top in detail and tell you everything you need to know about it.

Two classifications, one purpose

Two distinct categories of soft tops have been in direct competition: The convertible hardtop with a soft folding top and the soft top of the vehicle.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these methods.

1. The vehicle with the soft top that folds

When folded into its closed position, the soft folding top transforms into a rigid roof made of sheet metal or plastic.


– You Can Use the Vehicle Throughout the Entire Year

– Very comfortable

– Excellent defense against the elements, especially the wind and the weather

– Sturdy and resistant to wear and tear usual -typically endures the entirety of the vehicle’s lifespan

– Renders unnecessary the use of a hardtop

– Increased precautions are taken to prevent theft


– An extremely high construction cost

When folded, it takes up a significant amount of space in the trunk.

– Is susceptible to being harmed by even the slightest carelessness (loaded trunk).

In addition to contributing significantly to the automobile’s overall usefulness, this construction makes it possible to use the vehicle throughout the year.

To fully enjoy a convertible with a soft top that retracts into the car, a fairly intricate roof system is necessary.

Even though this variation will invariably result in a significant increase in construction costs, it provides an exceptionally high level of comfort.

The complex folding soft tops have either a hydraulic or an electromotive aid, which makes it easier to open and close the top: Depending on the type of car being utilized, it might even be feasible to open and close the convertible top while traveling.

On the other hand, putting together a folding roof is time-consuming and expensive. It takes up a minimal amount of room in the storage compartment when folded.

If one forgets to take large goods out of the trunk, it could result in substantial damage to the soft top that folds down.

The following are examples of well-known cabriolets with a retractable hard top:

  • Mercedes SLK
  • Peugeot 206 CC
  • Ford Fairlane (1955 – 1959)
Convertible car hoods ➡️ Everything you need to know

2. The fabric-based, soft-top sweater

A single or double layer of plastic covers makes the fabric soft. The term “impregnated fabric” refers to the fabric traditionally used for this purpose and is where the time “impregnated soft top” originates.

These days, a wide variety of materials are used for this purpose, including Genuine leather, synthetic leather, vinyl, coated fabrics, and even fibers. Fiberglass is some of the materials that can be used. Has already been incorporated into the production of soft tops for convertible automobiles.


– A substantial discount compared to folding soft tops in price
– When folded, they take up less space than when they are unfolded
– Decreased weight, which results in reduced fuel consumption


– Limited service life

– There are no safeguards in place to stop theft.

– Extremely defenseless, especially to vandalism

– The only way to use it throughout the year is to install an expensive hardtop

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