High technology in the car rearview mirror (2022)

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High technology in the car rearview mirror

One of the earliest developments to increase passenger protection and convenience in automobiles was the rearview mirror mounted on the vehicle’s exterior.

The fundamental idea was uncomplicated as well. The driver could keep an eye on what was going on behind the vehicle thanks to a rearview mirror featuring movable bearings.

High technology in the car rearview mirror

This allowed the driver to avoid having to turn around and lose their line of sight while driving.

To this day, the fundamental technical principle has not been altered. Mirror glass is mounted on a movable mechanism and then adjusted so that it faces the direction the driver is facing.

To this day, implementing this principle can be made more technically complex and user-friendly.

Equal to the standard amount

In the 1980s, manufacturers faced increasing cost pressure as a direct result of the increased demand for increased levels of convenience and technology.

This was due to the relentless competition from Japan, which offered as standard equipment things that German luxury car owners could only dream of having at their disposal.

Toyota, Subaru, and the company were the first to install electric windows, seat heaters, height-adjustable steering wheels, and even four-wheel drive-in cars priced in the middle-range and lower segments of the market.

Car manufacturers in Italy and Germany came up with a very grand compromise so they wouldn’t be outdone.

Therefore, the right exterior rearview mirror was offered as an optional extra for a supplemental fee for a considerable amount of time.

Consequently, many automobiles of the era had an oddly asymmetrical appearance when being driven.

This was caused by the absence of a rearview mirror on the passenger side. This ridiculous practice was finally put to rest in the late 1980s, and ever since that time, an exterior rearview mirror has been required on both sides of the vehicle.

Functionality and security

Although the ball-and-socket joint on the first exterior mirrors allowed for the desired position to be adjusted, the connection to the frame or door was either rigid or partially movable.

When this happened, the car crashed into a facade, a pole, or the mirror of another vehicle, which led to severe consequences.

In this particular instance, the door sustained frequent damage to the point where it needed to be unscrewed and revarnished before it could be used again.

Different manufacturers in today’s market are pursuing different strategies. A robust plastic housing attached directly to the window frame serves as the standard mounting location for the rearview mirror.

In the event of a collision, it quickly and efficiently collapses, and even if it does break apart, it does so without causing any damage to the door.

The seemingly massive housings for the rearview mirror can be folded down when necessary to make more space.

Since quite some time ago, many producers have offered the capability of automatically folding the exterior mirrors as an optional supplementary feature.

A solution that is more than just clever for busy streets. As a result, you won’t have to worry about a cyclist colliding inadvertently with your mirror anymore.

p Because of this idea, it is now feasible to put mirrors with a more excellent reflective surface. In many cars during the 1980s, the rearview mirrors on the outside were still tiny.

Even drivers of compact cars can no longer legitimately complain that their rearview mirrors provide an uncomfortable viewing angle.

Many manufacturers have added another significant function to the mirror housing: Attaching other side turn signals to the housing’s outer tip and the front of the accommodation is a very effective method.

VAN WEZEL rearview mirrors for the exterior of a vehicle now incorporate cutting-edge LED technology, making them one of the most critical components of the signaling system in every modern automobile.

The highest possible level of comfort regardless of the climate

Standard equipment in modern vehicles includes a rearview mirror that can be adjusted from the vehicle’s interior.

An electrically adjustable system is steadily taking the place of the more traditional mechanical solutions, which have been widely used for a considerable time.

Suppose the vehicle in question has a memory. In that case, this is the primary benefit: If multiple people are operating the car simultaneously, the default setting for the driver in question can be chosen with the push of a button.

The heated rearview mirrors are the only feature not included as part of the general standard equipment.

This function is beneficial in the winter, as it prevents the rearview mirror from fogging up when it is cold outside.

Additionally, there is cutting-edge technology embedded in the glass.

Additionally, the technology used in the production of mirrors has come a long way.

High-quality vaporized mirror surfaces have replaced straightforward mirror glasses every day in days gone by with precisely balanced curvature.

They make it possible to reduce the size of blind spots and even slightly amplify the light still present after sunset or after it has become completely dark.

Don’t be concerned about the damage.

Even though rearview mirrors are high-tech and of good quality, they are still apparent and, as a result, are inherently more precarious than other parts of the vehicle.

In the event of a collision or rear-end collision, the exterior rearview mirrors are typically the first things to be damaged or broken.

They are constructed so that, as was just mentioned, they break apart before causing any damage to the bodywork.

However, a mirror with a split should not be thrown away in one unbroken unit. Because of the level of technical complexity it possesses, this part is ideally suited for use in modular construction.

This indicates that the aftermarket provides options for purchasing each component of a rearview mirror separately.

Therefore, if the only broken components are the housing, the mirror, and the anchor plate, it might be a more cost-effective solution to replace only those components and recycle what’s left of the old mirror.

The broken mirror glass should be replaced as soon as possible. This is written on a bracket to which it is affixed permanently using glue.

The holder for the mirror glass is taken out of the housing, and the mirror glass itself. In most cases, a wide screwdriver is necessary for this task.

You can also try to clean the glass residue up now if you want to. On the other hand, switching out the mirror and the bracket is a lot simpler. In most cases, this factor does not affect the cost.

It is best practice to comprehensively inspect everything before disassembling the housing. Any scratches present can be filled and covered with varnish if necessary.

Given that the housing needs to be watertight, it is recommended that any cracks be repaired with sturdy plastic glue if they appear.

The electronic and mechanical components inside can immediately begin to rust and suffer damage beyond repair.

High technology in the car rearview mirror

The feature that has the potential to inspire creativity

In addition, rearview mirrors are excellent locations for adding personal touches to the vehicle that draw the eye.

The tuning and aftermarket industry offers a diverse selection of products for the rearview mirrors of every vehicle, including complete mirror replacements and specialized color coatings designed to complement the vehicle’s exterior styling.

After a collision, not only can the damaged component of the rearview mirror be swapped out for a brand new one using this method, but the overall functionality of the mirror can also be improved.

However, the possibilities are restricted to a certain extent because of the vehicle.

Modifying and modernizing an existing rearview mirror on an exterior wall

It is typically not too difficult to change out the rearview mirror on a vehicle. To begin, a cushion or a blanket that has been folded is positioned on the ground directly below the mirror.

The exterior mirror anchor, which is used to attach the mirror to the door and the electronics, can be concealed behind a panel in the front frame of the glass.

You’ll need a wide screwdriver to remove this panel, so ensure you have one on hand. If one is available, place a cloth between the tool and the material to prevent the device from scratching the plastic used for the door and housing.

You can access the pins and the three screws behind the panel. If one is present, the electrical adjustment pins should be loosened first, followed by the heater.

The three screws are then taken out of their holes. You don’t need to be afraid that it will come out. The mirror is not yet removed from its hiding place. It is not supposed to come loose.

If it does fall, it will land on the blanket placed underneath it, and no damage will be done. The assembly is carried out in backward order.

The connection plug may need to be modified to use a retrofit mirror. In this particular scenario, however, we advise utilizing an adapter or constructing it independently.

The plugs can be altered if they have the correct shape but do not have slots that are compatible with one another.

But before cutting the cable and constructing a solution with only averagely effective clamps, one should ensure that all professional precautions have been taken.

Attaching a heater to a rearview mirror is not recommended because, in most cases, this will not produce the desired results.

The necessary alterations to the vehicle’s electrical system to accommodate this is not very easy and call for protection, among other things.

In theory, anything that can be imagined can be done. In this particular scenario, a qualified auto electrician ought to be contacted for assistance.

The same principle applies to exterior mirrors that can be adjusted electrically. Because the recesses for switches and other components in the side panels also need to be milled out, retrofitting this feature is not a job that untrained individuals should attempt.

In most cases, solutions that are made by hand leave a lot to be desired, which is why you should rely on the expertise of a professional service provider in this situation.

Ensuring that the rearview mirrors on the vehicle are adjusted appropriately

The positioning of an exterior rearview mirror determines how useful the mirror is. Only a mirror that has been correctly adjusted will provide an optimal view to the rear. It is necessary for drivers who want to react appropriately to events behind their vehicle, such as passing other cars.

After the driver’s seat and steering wheel have been moved into the appropriate positions, the driver will adjust the rearview mirror outside the vehicle.

When the driver has the rearview mirror set up correctly, they will see the wheel corresponding to the back of the vehicle at the bottom of the glass.

The remaining portion of the mirror then looks back at the vehicles approaching from behind.

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