Why install a burglar alarm in your car? (2022)

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Install a burglar alarm

Theft of automobiles remained a common problem throughout the 1980s and especially the 1990s. Overall, there was fewer automobiles present.

The process of “rebadging” a vehicle and giving it a false serial number remained relatively uncomplicated.

Install a burglar alarm

Cars have always been an exciting object to disassemble because it is expensive to retrofit them with radios and other features. But even though many of these justifications are no longer applicable in the present era, other ones have largely replaced them.

The automobile as a potentially exploitable commodity

Car theft, whether of the entire vehicle or particular parts, is mostly driven by the need to maintain accident cars.

These automobiles are purchased by organized criminal syndicates that modify them using stolen components before reselling them.

The front body parts, the windshield, and the airbags are the ones that particularly pique my interest here. If these are triggered, the damaged cars are available for a significantly reduced price.

If a wrecked car is being sold for a price that is thought to be a bargain, maintaining it is just a matter of time and talent.

Even though car hi-fi systems have become so affordable in recent years that stealing one is no longer profitable, cars continue to be an exciting source of parts donors for wrecked vehicles.

It is not sufficient to have a burglar alarm.

The new strategy employed by criminal gangs is particularly audacious: In this day and age, a qualified and well-equipped group of parts thieves can dismantle all of the interesting parts of a vehicle on the spot within a few minutes and sell them on the black market.

The following morning, the owner wakes up to find what was once his car reduced to a boneless skeleton. A GPS or other comparable device is useless in this situation.

The components were missing at first. However, there are solutions to this issue that can stop thefts.

Options for retrofitting older vehicles with newer technology

Nowadays, a car will have a burglar alarm installed as part of the standard equipment.

Luxury automobiles additionally include a system that notifies you if there has been a theft.

Therefore, the employee in charge can lock the vehicle from a distance, ascertain where it is, and call the police.

In vehicles that fall between the high-end and the low-end. Most burglar alarms on the market today still send out signals through sound.

However, they only have a limited amount of use. Before they commit their crime, burglars are typically very knowledgeable about deactivating burglar alarms.

As a result, any burglar alarm created in the present period must include a GPS transmitter.

This transmits continuously or sends signals when the alarm system is activated. It cannot be turned off.

The only definite way to find the vehicle in a short length of time is to locate the one that was stolen. In these circumstances, the adoption of retrofitting solutions is ideal. The owner of the car can choose how to disguise the GPS transmitter’s location.

This puts off many would-be thieves because it makes it more difficult for them to locate the transmitter.

There are burglar alarms available for every budget.

The bait for the false alert that the burglar alarm sets is an affordable but largely ineffective first step in the realm of burglar alarms that can be modified.

This one is straightforward and consists of a small box with a bright LED display. It should act as if it were equipped with a built-in burglar alarm.

This will be sufficient to deter even the most casual of burglars. On the other hand, if a group of experienced car thieves has been keeping an eye on the vehicle, then this solution will most likely not bother them in the least.

On the other hand, installing it is a pretty simple and easy process. The adhesive burglar alarms come equipped with their independent power supply and an integrated solar cell.

Because of this, the LED light will continue to shine reliably for many years. They are fastened using tape with adhesive on both sides; that is all there is to it.

Systems that can be plugged in

Plug-in security systems are notable for their ease of installation and speed. As their name implies, they are made to attach to the cigarette lighter.

In contrast to plug-in alarms, they can potentially have a deterrent effect. They respond to vibrations by activating a warning, which then causes a message to be sent to the owner’s smartphone.

These systems can also be purchased with a camera already incorporated into them. In this way, the owner will always be able to tell who is messing with his vehicle.

On the other hand, their efficacy is only maintained for a few seconds. As soon as a burglar took these devices out of their cases, they would be thrown out the window.

Additionally, it responds when vibrations are applied to it. Depending on the model, any passing truck could set off the alarm. Because of this, using these systems isn’t exactly enjoyable.

Innovative and potent retrofitting solutions

A burglar alarm today must function much better than the systems it is connected to.

The noisy, unpleasant techniques that were common in the past are hardly ever accepted in contemporary society. A modern burglar alarm responds quietly but effectively.

A burglar alarm that has been installed in a residence should come with the following characteristics as standard:

  • Radar sensors for surveillance inside the cabin
  • Pre-warning system
  • Notice sent to the mobile phone in silence
  • Monitoring with a built-in camera in the surveillance system
  • GPS transmitter
  • Notification to an emergency service

In addition, they need to be mounted in a way that prevents them from being turned off or removed without a lot of effort on the user’s part.

Only solutions that are exceedingly complex can deliver all of this. In the case of retrofit alarms comprised of individual modules, the features above are incorporated into the system.

Naturally, the overall cost of the system will increase in proportion to the number of modules installed.

Do-it-yourself solutions are no longer viable options because aftermarket burglar alarms can now be connected to a vehicle’s CAN bus and must be configured.

As a result, retrofit burglar alarms can no longer be installed by the average person. A skilled professional should be brought in to handle the installation of a professional burglar alarm.

The basic kit, which contains the essential pieces of equipment, costs around $300 and takes two to three hours to put together.

Because of this, a total investment of 500 dollars must be considered. The good news is that aftermarket burglar alarms are simple to disassemble and transfer to another car.

A top-notch and complete car burglar alarm can also greatly increase the value of the vehicle.

As a result, it is also possible to keep it on the vehicle and refinance it through the sale price.

Why install a burglar alarm in your car

Module functionality will be broken down in detail

Radar sensors can monitor the interiors of convertibles, sedans, and other closed-family vehicles.

They are very reliable and can pick up on important movements inside the cabin, but most of the time one insect won’t be enough to activate them.

The presence of a larger body, on the other hand, will result in an alert being sent to the owner’s smartphone immediately.

A system that issues warnings if someone begins to tamper with the car sends audible and visual signs that indicate, “Move away from the vehicle, help is on the way,” and it also begins to sound an alarm. This has already prevented a good number of thefts.

Today, the intelligent cell phone is an essential component of the overall safety concept for a car. It performs the functions of a locator and monitor for cameras, but its primary role is that of a receiver for signals sent by retrofit alarm sensors.

Regarding cameras, there are a few basic concepts to remember. It is possible to incorporate existing cameras into the alarm system, such as the camera that monitors the car while it is in reverse. However, in this circumstance, cameras that record the driver are useful.

These items may provide evidence pertinent to the subsequent search for the gangs. Every modern camera system requires a GPS transmitter to function correctly. It is used to determine where the vehicle is positioned in space.

It is independent of the vehicle’s power supply and begins operating as soon as the car starts to move. Even inside a car, the GPS transmitter will continue to send out signals containing information about its location.

Regarding retrofit solutions, GPS transmitters can be positioned so that they are challenging to locate proof of their placement.

It is also possible to immediately notify a service that deals with emergencies. Nevertheless, the benefit of the brand is typically contacted first, and then the authorities are alerted to the situation. The manufacturers have already achieved a high level of success in this market.

Traceability is achieved through the marking of components

Additionally, for several years, there has been the possibility of marking individual parts with a unique identifier.

These are sprayed with a color that has a transparent appearance and is composed of microparticles. Ultraviolet light enables the identification of a component that has been marked.

Using a microscope, one can determine the total number of these microparticles. This is given to a vehicle and the owner of the car.

This marking is analogous to DNA in that it allows for the identification of stolen components and also serves as a deterrent.

Although it won’t stop stealing, this can be the deciding factor in locating the offenders.

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