How to install a car audio system? (2022)

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Install a car audio system

A good car should have an audio system that is commensurate with its quality. A fundamental requirement for the majority of motorists is the ability to listen to music while behind the wheel.

What started out as basic radios with a single tinny speaker mounted on the dashboard has since progressed to become highly technological.

Install a car audio system

These days, a full entertainment package includes a variety of speakers that are dispersed throughout the cabin, as well as a device that provides a high level of comfort and components that provide a high level of power.

What should be provided by the audio system

Long gone are the days when a car radio was already considered the most advanced technology available.

Radio reception and playback of switchable recording media are no longer the only features included in a modern all-inclusive entertainment package.

Ports for connecting various electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, navigation systems, and so on, are particularly important in modern times.

The once-simple two-button car radio of yesteryear has evolved into a multimedia center that must be capable of performing virtually any task.

What about a retrofit?

It is very difficult to install expansion and adjustment modules due to the complexity of the functions that a complete entertainment system in a car needs to have. These functions include playing music, playing videos, and adjusting the volume.

These days, manufacturers equip their cars with a wide variety of standard features and options right from the factory.

However, these only ever reflect the “current state of technology at the time of installation” (current state of technology at the time of installation).

In particular, the field of entertainment technology for use inside automobiles. The specialized manufacturers consistently make significant advancements, which means that the standard equipment, even if it is extremely sophisticated, will soon no longer be adequate for enthusiasts.

A rise in value is not guaranteed at all times!

Installing a stereo system of superior quality does not always result in an increase in the value of the automobile.

Depending on the nature of the work, it is possible that extensive modifications will be required, some of which may not meet the expectations of the subsequent owner.

In most cases, an “original” is guaranteed to bring in more money than anything “modified” could ever hope to “. For this reason, measurements that can be undone at a later time should always be taken.

The value of a car can be significantly decreased by removing side panels and rear sills, covering spare wheel wells with foam, installing perforated cladding, and modifying its wiring harnesses in an ineffective manner. Therefore, always make informed decisions and get assistance whenever you need it!

How to enhance the audio system with tried-and-true techniques

To enhance the sound quality of an existing audio system, it is advised to follow these three steps:

– The installation of more advanced speakers
– The incorporation of an amplification system
– Installation of a subwoofer system

Speakers set in the typical placement are sufficient for cars in the compact and mid-range price ranges; nothing more is required.

Particularly in older automobiles, grating and rattling noises are frequently heard emanating from the speakers.

To our good fortune, their substitution is particularly straightforward. Pull out the plug that is immediately on the speaker, remove the cover, and remove the four screws holding the old speakers in place. This cable is of the utmost significance!

If you proceed carefully, you can avoid having to do a lot of extra work. Hopefully, speakers made by reputable audio equipment manufacturers have the same plug design. The proper plug can then be soldered into place in that situation.

It might be essential to place an additional spacer in the recess that is already available for the door speaker if the depth of the retrofit speaker is going to be larger than that of the old speaker.

This has been the case in some instances. These parts can be made at home with a jigsaw, some MDF boards, and a drill in addition to being offered in accessory stores.

Most of the time, the following is true: Door speakers cannot be upgraded without matching insulation!

The only kind of door that can emit sound in the desired direction is one that has appropriate sound insulation.

When high-end speakers are installed inside uninsulated doors, the result is the exact opposite.

The loud noise from the vibrating door severely lessens how much you can enjoy the music.

More than just increasing the audio signals’ volume is what the amplifier does.

Additionally, it enhances the timbre and significantly revalues the entire audio system.

Audio amplifiers of today are not the same as the bulky, heavy blocks of yesteryear, which could only be stored in the trunk. In order to reduce space, there are now compact gadgets that may be mounted behind the radio of a vehicle.

It is possible that it will be necessary to install an additional amplifier in order to mount a subwoofer if it turns out to be necessary to do so. Usually, this can be tucked away covertly underneath the driver’s seat.

The subwoofer’s job is to produce audio frequencies that are especially low. This not only serves the purpose of reproducing the full sound spectrum of an audio file, but it also gives your stomach a tingly feeling when there are intense bass solos playing.

Retrofitting solutions have also made considerable strides in the area of subwoofers: those massive, heavy blocks that took up so much room are now a thing of the past.

Modern subwoofers are so compact and dynamic that they can be surreptitiously packed in the trunk without taking up a lot of room.

One advantage of low-frequency waves is that their source can be established relatively arbitrarily. The bass is a resonating sound that can effectively penetrate other sound layers.

Because of this, it’s still thought that keeping the subwoofer in the trunk is the most practical option.

There are three possibilities to select from:

– Subwoofer that is housed in a separate housing and can be mounted on the inside of the trunk’s front wall
– A subwoofer for installation in the area reserved for the spare wheel
– Subwoofer with a special housing constructed of glass-fiber reinforced plastic for integration into pre-existing cavities (e.g. in the side walls of the trunk).

Making housing from glass-fiber reinforced plastic internally rather than contracting out the task to a third party is, of course, exceedingly time-consuming and costly.

How to install a car audio system

If there are going to be more people talking, there should be more people speaking

Installing additional high-frequency speakers is a common approach to enhancing the acoustic experience. This can be accomplished by mounting additional speakers.

In contrast to the sound produced by the subwoofer, their high-frequency signals must be sent in a direction that is directed toward the driver. In that case, it will lose its effectiveness very quickly.

On this point, however, it is important to note that in order to accomplish this goal, additional holes need to be drilled. holes were drilled in the side cladding.

It is necessary for power to flow.

The following should be kept in mind when putting together a high-quality audio system as a general rule: Every amplifier needs to have its very own dedicated and safe power supply!

A connection in a series ought to stay away from at all costs. Please only use high-quality copper cables equipped with your own safety mechanism for this application.

Mounting an additional battery is required when using an amplifier with a power output of one thousand watts.

The car battery is only responsible for providing the electronic components with their most fundamental source of power. There is the potential for issues to arise if it is overcharged.

A separate battery provides a continuous supply of electricity for the device. The current coming directly from the electrical generator is not sufficient for the operation of an audio system.

Otherwise, there will be interference with the components of the entertainment system. These components require a constant DC current.

It is possible to use power caps in systems with an output of fewer than one thousand watts so that the amount of electricity that is supplied remains constant.

These are known as power capacitors, and they store and distribute a predetermined amount of electrical current.

Calculating and positioning the power caps, on the other hand, requires a significant amount of knowledge in electrical engineering; a task of this nature should not be attempted without such expertise.

Which radio should I pick?

  • Amplifiers and loudspeakers have fallen behind in terms of technological development in comparison to car radios. Radios are gaining not only convenience but also sophistication and cost-effectiveness as time goes on.
  • Radio manufacturers are under enormous pressure. Since the introduction of smartphones, a number of manufacturers of radios with a single function have almost completely lost their market. There aren’t nearly as many retrofit navigation systems, cameras, digital, MP3 players, and other such devices left today as there were in the past. Car radios face competition from even mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Despite this, manufacturers still have the ability to persuade customers thanks to their vast amounts of experience.
  • It is not as straightforward as it once was to upgrade from standard radios to retrofit solutions of higher quality in today’s world. The radios that are installed as standard in vehicles today are not mounted in the standard recess as they were in the past; rather, they are mounted in a generous portion of the dashboard or the center console. It is a rather involved process to get rid of the system that is currently in place and install a new one in its place. In most cases, the manufacturer of the automobile can also be directly contacted to place orders for the necessary trims for new radios.
  • Players for both CDs and DVDs. car radios that were cutting edge only a few years ago are already considered archaic today. Connecting storage media is made much simpler by the availability of USB ports and Bluetooth.
  • It’s possible that I should mention that MP3s are available. is no longer required for any reason, including those pertaining to technology. There is no longer any reason to rely on an audio format that is now considered to be defunct thanks to the availability of USB sticks that have enough storage space to hold a terabyte of data. A renaissance is taking place in the more traditional WAV format. As a result, the file is able to satisfy the requirements of the components of high-quality audio systems as intended.

But watch out for these things: Even the presence of a USB port does not guarantee that any external hard disk will be recognized or that audio files will be able to be played.

In this respect, manufacturers continue to pursue unusual strategies. To connect computer media to the car radio in a seamless manner in today’s world still requires a significant amount of knowledge.

The bare minimum functions that should be included in a retrofit car radio are hands-free calling, Bluetooth connectivity, and a USB port.

A sound piece of expert advice can provide additional information about other options that are currently available.

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