Make your trips more comfortable by installing a TV in the car (2022)

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Installing a TV in the car

If you’re behind the wheel, you won’t have much time to watch television in the car. What about those who are traveling, though?

One of the top concerns for parents when organizing extended vacations is figuring out how to keep their kids engaged.

Installing a TV in the car

A television in the car makes the perfect diversion during these periods due to the variety of channels and shows it offers.

There is a chance that a gaming console will be plugged in almost anyplace there is a television.

And there is probably no activity that can keep a child entertained for longer than playing in front of a screen.

Three paths, one destination

To popularize television viewing while driving. There are three options available to the user:

1. A quick solution: Headrest monitors

2. The most cutting-edge solution

3. The expert remedy is a monitor integrated into the headrest of the vehicle

A headrest monitor update is available for “Plug, Play” and “Lucky.”

Those over 40 will remember clearly when the idea of “in-car TV” was regarded as something between extravagant luxury and far-fetched science fiction.

Since then, a lot has changed: The starting pricing for the in-car television alternatives currently on the market is almost outrageously excessive.

You can get starter kits for approximately one hundred euros, and everyone should have one. The following people assisted in creating this piece:

– 2 monitors

– 1 DVD player (usually integrated into one of the monitors)

– Stands as well as cable spools

– Headphones

The best thing about these low-cost solutions that can be put in place in a short amount of time is that: During the installation process, you won’t need any tools.

The headrest needs to be taken out and modified in order to accommodate the monitor mounting framework.

After that, you will only need to plug everything in as directed in the installation instructions, and you will be finished. The socket that takes 12V supplies the device with power.

Today’s vehicles typically have an extra one in the center console. As a result, the cable that is draped over the driver’s shoulder does not cause him any discomfort.

Those who are thinking about getting a headrest monitor set should pay particular attention to the following features:

– USB port

– HDMI port

– Connectivity-enabled headphones with an infrared port

There is absolutely no need for the integrated built-in DVD player. And one must always be honest with oneself: When buying the complete set for $100, it is not reasonable to have high expectations for the mechanical components.

At this price point, a DVD or Blu-ray player will not be long-lasting. Therefore, select a set that does not include a player if you have the option.

The interface of either USB or HDMI can be connected to a memory stick that has already been created. This ensures that passengers in the back seat can watch their movie uninterrupted, regardless of how bumpy the road may be.

The use of infrared headphones is very hassle-free and risk-free. They watch movies with wireless audio so they don’t have to deal with the annoying wires that, in the worst-case scenario, could cause the child to hurt themselves. This also ensures that the driver is not distracted by the noise of the movie they are watching.

Your trips more comfortable by installing a TV in the car

Televisions Installed Inside Vehicles:An in-dash monitor is a high-end option for do-it-yourselfers to consider

There are various compelling reasons why installing a large monitor within a vehicle’s dashboard makes sense in the modern era.

It is correct that the driver will have minimal opportunities to watch television. It may help display additional screens on a single screen, such as those from a navigation device, a dashcam, and a rearview camera.

On the other hand, installing a dashboard monitor is more complex than installing the headrest monitors discussed in the previous paragraph for rear passengers.

You should not feel excessive fear regarding the procedure as follows: It is, in essence, an installation of a car radio that is slightly expanded in scope.

In this area, in addition to the well-known connectors for the antenna, audio, and power supply, connections for inputs for external multimedia devices have also been included.TV reception can be achieved with a DVBT antenna.

It is true that the majority of car stereos that also include TVs also include an integrated USB port in their design.

However, nobody wants an ugly USB stick protruding from the dashboard. In addition to this, there are connections for the car radio and TV that go into the jacks located in the center console.

These devices have also experienced a price decrease, as seen in the previous two phrases. There are quality radios from well-known brands that have retractable displays and can be purchased for as little as 200$.

The docking of the aftermarket options for in-dash TV screens is one of the aspects that makes these options less appealing than others. In most cases, it is possible to distinguish between a standard integrated model and an accessory attachment.

On the other hand, the retrofitted versions cannot be competed with in terms of cost: Retrofitted equipment is frequently available for only a few hundred euros, in contrast to a complete factory hi-fi system, which can increase the price of a new car by almost half.

It is essential to carry out the installation by the instructions in the letter. This is of the utmost significance to the power supply.

Because of the modern assistance systems in use, it is of the utmost importance that the power supply is always reliable. A car radio that has been improperly installed will inevitably drain the battery.

This was very inconvenient: in newer vehicles, there is a mistake in the OBD-2 fault memory, which, in turn, can cause other issues. One can spare themselves the trouble by ensuring the installation is done correctly.

The group known as the kings: A monitor mounted on top of the vehicle

Even though headrest monitors are already quite convenient, they have one major drawback: They are not very big.

If you want to simulate the theater-going experience while driving, you’ll need a screen that’s significantly bigger than the one you have now.

In response to this need, the market provides monitors that can be fastened to the top of a vehicle and opened as required.

The devices, on their own, aren’t overly pricey either, which is another benefit of purchasing them. Prices begin at 200$, but it is recommended that you buy devices in the range of 1000$ for quality that is even remotely acceptable.

The installation, on the other hand, is not entirely simple:

In contrast to monitors mounted on the headrests and the dashboard, the structure of a folding me charitable roof monitor cannot be undone. To accomplish this, the ceiling must be removed, and the area must be made clear.

Not everyone is interested in the concept of purposefully removing this component from the interior design of the building.

However, if you want to find a solution to this problem, you can’t get around the fact that you have to use the cutter.

If the repair is done correctly and by an experienced professional, the damage to the ceiling covering will be nearly unnoticeable.

This is a small measure of solace. However: This change will not increase the value of the automobile.

In addition, when installing the monitor on the roof, you will also need to run a line for the connection socket used for connecting external multimedia devices. Because this component is typically fastened to the B-pillar, its sheathing is typically also exposed.

Installing a monitor on the vehicle’s roof is very practical in the long run. In general.

Nevertheless, you must always act by the craftsman’s golden rule, which is as follows: “Always triple-check your measurements before cutting. ” If the hole placed is not precisely the right size for the device or the connection sockets, there is a risk of significant accidents.

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