How to properly maintain the air conditioning system? (2022)

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Maintain the air conditioning system

A central air conditioning system is responsible for much more than just additional comfort.

Its ability to generate coolness is frequently required for the driver to operate the vehicle when the temperature outside is high.

Maintain the air conditioning system

The air conditioner’s second effect is equally as significant as the flow of cold air that it produces; it dries out the air already present in the cabin, regardless of whether it is summer or winter.

Functioning damage can be repaired in the comfort of one’s own home.

If you have a well-maintained air conditioning system, you won’t need to worry about frost or moisture wreaking havoc on your windows.

However, it requires attention to continue performing its function over time. A portion of the upkeep work may be completed in the comfort of one’s home.

The inner workings of the air conditioning system in a motor vehicle

The air conditioning system in a car operates according to the “compression and absorption” principle, which can be read as the “compression and absorption principle.”

The heating of gases occurs when they are suddenly compressed. In the opposite direction, a sudden increase in a gas’s volume also significantly reduces its temperature.

The air conditioner has a closed refrigeration system that circulates a liquid quickly vaporize. This liquid keeps the refrigerator cold.

The impermeability of this system is a critical factor in determining how well the air conditioner will function.

A compressor is used to condense the refrigerant before passing through an evaporator, where it is decompressed.

This produces the cold, distributed throughout the cabin using a moving air stream. A belt provides the propulsion for the compressor.

Along with the air conditioning compressor, this belt type drives other components, such as the power steering pump, the cooling water pump, and the electric generator.

Typically, it is either a long-toothed belt or a ribbed-toothed belt.

The closing of the closed cooling circuit is a flaw in the air conditioner that needs to be addressed.

The air conditioner has a closed cooling circuit, one of its weaker points. Because of the extremely high pressure within the ducts, the refrigerant will leak out in small amounts over time.

As the user of the vehicle, you will not have the ability to put a stop to this process. If the power to the air conditioner suddenly goes out, this may indicate an unsafe amount of refrigerant has leaked out.

Despite this, there is no cause for alarm because the air conditioning system can be refilled with refrigerant and closed again.

The cabin has a fan that circulates the cooled air throughout the space. It cleanses the cooled ambient air of any unnatural or foreign particles by passing it through a series of filters to accomplish this goal.

These filters have been refined to a degree over the past quarter of a century and can even keep pollen.

These organic substances cling to the filter and eventually disintegrate while trapped there. When an excessive number of them are in the cabin, an extremely disagreeable smell is released.

Whenever this occurs, the only way to fix the problem is to switch out the filter. Air ducts need to be cleaned and disinfected, which is included in this work.

When viewed from a purely mechanical perspective, any part of the air conditioning system can deteriorate with use over time.

Particularly susceptible to wear and tear is the air conditioning compressor. It is necessary to open up the cooling system to replace it.

Because the coolant is a substance that, depending on the vehicle, can be very hazardous and is disposed of in a recycling plant specifically designed to handle such waste, this task should not be performed in the garage of a private residence.

Lastly, the drive belt also experiences a great deal of wear because it is used frequently.

When a drive belt is torn, the air conditioning system might be the least of the problems depending on the belt.

Suppose multiple components of the engine, such as the valve mechanism, the electric generator, and the water pump, are all driven by the same belt. In that case, a belt tear could result in the engine’s catastrophic failure.

The only thing that can be done to stop this damage from happening is to adhere to the maintenance schedule precisely as it was written.

What components of the air conditioner can be serviced in the comfort of one’s home?

A lot of work needs to be done in terms of maintenance to keep an air conditioning system in good condition.

A significant portion can be completed at home, significantly reducing the amount that needs to be spent on repairs in the workshop.

We will walk you through the most common steps of maintenance so that you can evaluate whether or not you are comfortable performing some of them on your own.

1. Beginner level:

1.1 Maintain the cleanliness of the air conditioning system by regularly changing the filter.

Complete air conditioning system cleaning should be performed at least once every two years.

Always included in this work is the process of replacing the pollen filter, the location of which can be found in the owner’s manual for the relevant vehicle.

Typically, this is a long, skinny box located below the windshield. In most cases, obtaining a pollen filter is not difficult.

To open the housing and take out the filter, one needs only straightforward tools or none at all.

You should clean and disinfect the pathways through which the air passes before you replace the pollen filter with a new element.

The specialist industry provides several different options for achieving this goal. There are disinfectant foams and indoor foggers available for your selection.

Pouring the disinfectant foam straight into the ducts that lead to the building’s ventilation system is the first step.

The indoor fogger can be found behind the seat where the driver is seated in. The two approaches each have their own set of benefits and drawbacks.

1.2 Disinfecting with foam used for cleaning

First, you need to dry the evaporator before you can move on to disinfecting the inlet ducts. Because you will not be able to see this component, you will need to rely on the fan and the radiator today.

To accomplish this, turn off the air conditioning system, increase the power going to the radiator, activate the fan on the ventilation system, and let the engine run for approximately ten minutes.

Once this period has passed, your evaporator ought to be dry.

Now, pour a substantial amount of the cleaning foam into each channel visible from the top of the pollen filter housing. Spend the first half of the can in complete secrecy; in this situation, “the more, the better.”

After that, turn the fan to its highest setting and start the engine. Remember to turn off the radiator and the air conditioning before leaving.

Now, rotate the fan in a counterclockwise direction every three minutes. Repeat the process once the floor, headspace, and windshield have each been ventilated for three minutes respectively.

Make use of the remaining cleaning foam, and ventilate each channel again. Install the new pollen filter, then make sure the housing is secure before you call it a day.

1.3 Decontamination busingan indoor fogger

Some manufacturers offer more straightforward solutions, such as cleaning the air channels from the inside rather than doing it outside.

The indoor foggers are kept on the floor behind the passenger seat. A robust piece of cardboard maintains the can’s upright position.

The jet must have the ability to climb. Launch the vehicle’s propulsion system, then put the ventilation system into the air circulation mode and open the damper

Put up all of the car’s windows, turn on the nebulizer and hold it open until the disinfectant starts coming out. Turn off the ventilation but keep the doors locked from the outside.

This should be done for approximately twenty minutes. After that, clear the back of the passenger seat of debris, including the can, cardboard, and other objects.

This method will additionally result in the cabin being thoroughly disinfected.

However, before using it, you should determine whether other materials inside your vehicle can withstand this treatment.

People who suffer from asthma or allergies may also experience difficulties with this procedure.

How to maintain the air conditioning system

2. Skill level for advanced students:

2.1 Component replacement

Before any of the air conditioning system components can be replaced, the coolant must be drained from all of them except the fan and the timing belt.

Only professionally certified workshops are allowed to perform these kinds of services.

If you intend to replace the compressor, absorber, or ducts on your own, you should first have the cooling system entirely removed by a professional service provider.

This is necessary to place any of the components on your own. Before beginning the refilling process, the experts conduct a leak test to ensure that they have completed each step effectively.

As long as the drive belt for the compressor does not also serve the purpose of driving the valve guide, changing it out is not too difficult.

The shape of the belt will be different, and you will be able to tell the difference. It’s probably a timing belt if it’s a flat belt, and there’s a sprocket marking running the length of the entire width of it.

It takes a lot of experience and expertise to replace it successfully, but even inexperienced mechanics can accomplish this task.

On the other hand, they ought to already have a great deal of experience. On the other hand, if the belt has the shape of a wedge, this information is irrelevant for the control of the valves.

This also applies to toothed V-belts, by the way.

In the context of this type of belt, this has another meaning. In this instance, the timing of the V-belt is not used to control the components; instead, it is used to circumvent particularly tight radii.

3. This is strictly reserved for specialized workshops only:

3.1 Charging the batteries for the air conditioner

Draining and filling the air conditioning system can only be performed legally by certified specialist workshops.

Using the do-it-yourself solutions offered on some websites is not recommended because the results cannot be compared to the work done by a professional workshop.


The air conditioning system is a component that provides a high level of comfort and makes the experience of driving more pleasurable.

As a layperson in the field of mechanics, you are perfectly capable of performing the essential maintenance work.

Anyone can perform the tasks of replacing a pollen filter and disinfecting the ventilation system on their own.

You will become more familiar with your vehicle, provide a more sustainable cleaning, and save significant money.

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