Second-hand parts and scrapping the car (2022)

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Second-hand parts

At some point, the useful life of every vehicle comes to an end. This may be because the car is damaged beyond repair, has rusted away, or was involved in an accident.

If the cost of repairs is higher than the vehicle’s replacement value, then your days of free driving are over.

Second-hand parts

Despite this, it is not necessarily the case that there is no longer a chance of earning some money with the car.

If you have the appropriate spare components, you can still profit significantly from the car even if it cannot be mended, prepared, or sold anymore.

The scrapping and dismantling of an old vehicle is, in principle, a job for certified automotive recycling companies.

Scrapping and dismantling an old vehicle is a job for certified automotive recycling companies.

We are scrapping the car: expired MOT

The general inspection is the turning point. In most circumstances, placing the appropriate sticker on the item will result in a value boost of up to 1000$.

However, if the car fails the general technical assessment, its value would drastically decline.

However, this does have some advantages.

These automobiles are representative of an older generation, and their repair is no longer economically feasible.

It makes sense that cars from the same generation would age together. This is especially true for cars manufactured within the last 20 years.

The Volkswagen Beetle and other models’ extraordinarily long production cycles are practically unachievable in the manufacturing climate of today.

Because of this, once the vehicle’s MOT has expired, many thousands of cars of the same model are subject to the same consequences. And each one of them has the potential to become a customer.

If the damage can no longer be justified, the first thing that starts bringing in money is the bodywork.

Doors, front ends, mirrors, and windows are in great demand, depending on the model. This is especially true for automobiles noted for their unique tendency to oxidize.

Mercedes-Benz cars produced between 1992 and 2015 are particularly noteworthy in this regard.

The C-class (W202), which is regarded as being almost unbreakable, has been heavily implicated in this controversy.

Some dependable, beautiful, long-lasting vehicles have been slowly deteriorating due to rust for many years.

Anyone who can damage one of these cars while leaving the fenders, doors, and trunk lid intact will undoubtedly find a market for their creation. There is now a substantial market for older models of Mercedes-Benz automobiles.

The front end of almost every vehicle is a demanded section: grill, headlights, bumpers, turn signals, hood, and front fenders.

Advice: Sanding, smoothing, and priming substantially raise the resale value of these parts.

Also in high demand are interior components such as the cooler and the bracket that secures it to the vehicle’s body.

The rationale behind this trend is deceptively straightforward. In the event of an accident, these delicate filigree parts are consistently the first to become damaged.

If the frame has not been extensively twisted, these spare parts can be placed to undertake repairs on a vehicle with only little damage.

The lamps are one of the vehicle’s flaws. Clear glass headlamps, which became popular about 15 years ago, have a severe flaw after being used for some time, and that flaw is that they cloud over.

Tip: As long as the glass is not broken, scratches and clouding can typically be removed with a brightener. This, however, depends on the type of vehicle and its age.

Sometimes even something as simple as toothpaste and paper towels will do. In extremely severe circumstances, a polishing set designed for professionals is required.

These headlamps are fully transparent, flawlessly polished, and sell for very high prices despite this.

This is especially true of extremely pricey xenon headlamps. Their assembly and subsequent replacement is not a straightforward process.

Despite this, they are in high demand and are simple to sell, especially when packaged in pairs.

Second-hand parts and scrapping the car

To the point

The engine does not have to be disassembled in order to sell engine components.

It is a small box of cast iron suspended from the ceiling by two thick wires. In most cases, the starter motor mounting requires only four screws.

It frequently needs to be extracted from under a significant quantity of plastic and various other components to disassemble it.

The electric generator is just as easy to disassemble. Once it is disassembled, it can be stored effectively until you find a buyer.

It is in a prominent location and is secured with three screws in its current position. This component can be identified by the protruding wires and the drive belt connected to it.

Older models had a V-belt, which greatly simplifies the disassembly procedure. The belt could also be cut to move more quickly.

If the electric generator in question utilizes a flat belt, it is strongly suggested that the tensioner be removed. The package already has this.

On the other hand, the cables should not be cut on the starter motor and the generator. Always make sure that the full connection cable is still attached to the component, as this will increase its value.

The control device is the next component that is easily accessible. The next component that is easily accessible is the control device. Behind the bulkhead is typically where you will find it.

This component is a box made of aluminum that is connected to multiple plugs. Given how expensive the turbocharger is in brand-new condition, some purchasers might also be interested in it.

Unfortunately, looking through it won’t reveal the mileage. As a result, people looking to purchase used turbochargers are typically not very generous.

Despite this, it might be worthwhile to give it a shot. Even though the AGR valve and intake system are simple to remove, they need to be thoroughly cleaned before being put up for sale.

Containing residue and finding a buyer for this component is highly challenging. The same is true for the injection pump, as it is for the turbocharger. They are in high demand, but purchasing them carries a substantial danger.

However, if you are going to destroy the vehicle anyway, you should also take the time to disassemble that component. If you have the time and the inclination, you can also disassemble the cylinder head.

It is now possible to think of it as an investment if it is a model that is in demand. A polished, flat-surfaced, properly reconditioned cylinder head that has had its valves changed can cost hundreds of dollars.

Despite this, a complete market analysis is required before starting. On the other hand, taking apart the cylinder head gasket is a much simpler process than taking the engine out entirely.

The heart: the engine block

It is not at all simple to find a buyer for a used engine block.

The transmission: the transmission

The transmission is the part of the vehicle that transmits power. If the transmission and drive system can be sold, the model heavily influences that decision.

Another element that makes the situation worse is the inability to test such a component once it has been disassembled. On the other hand, while the engine is dismantled, maintaining the engine seals and clutch is easier than at any other time.

The worth of the passenger compartment should be taken into account before dismantling it. A leather set is more expensive than a plain pair of chairs.

The passenger compartment

When scrapping the passenger compartment, the important thing to consider is its value. The sale can be made much simpler with a complete cleaning and a pre-determined shipment strategy (palletized shipping and carrier).

If, on the other hand, it has not been damaged, is spotless, and shows no signs of wear, then you might be able to negotiate an attractive price for it.

In this situation, shipping becomes a bigger issue. Typically, only a shipping company is permitted to be used.

Demanded but dangerous: airbags

No one can stop you from removing the airbag from your car. But this is a risky job that can result in deadly injuries.

Airbags are necessary but harmful. We advise consulting with an experienced mechanic in this situation.

Because new airbags are so expensive, there is a considerable demand for old ones. However, it is strongly advised against installing a used airbag because it is a crucial part of the safety system.

However, this is the buyer’s responsibility, not the seller, as long as the seller does not sell the used airbag as a new part.

Wheels and radio

With the stereo and wheels, you can also make some money.

Tires and wheels

Tires and The only issue with the wheels are that the absence of them renders the vehicle inoperable. For this reason, it is important to acquire inexpensive spare wheels from a junkyard initially. After all, a trailer must first be used to load the car.

The car and the rest are being scrapped.

Even if you successfully sell everything at a good price, there is still the rest. The problem is that the majority of scrap dealers won’t accept an automobile that has been free-dismantled.

In most cases, an automobile that has already been dismantled will incur a one hundred euro scrapping fee.

However, by selling the parts, this amount might be swiftly recovered.

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